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Source: COVID-19 Questions  Oct 19, 2020  2 years ago
COVID-19 Questions: Why Was SARS-CoV-2 And Also SARS-CoV-3 Viruses Mentioned In Published Study In 2008 That Was Catalogued By U.S. NIH?
COVID-19 Questions: Why Was SARS-CoV-2 And Also SARS-CoV-3 Viruses Mentioned In Published Study In 2008 That Was Catalogued By U.S. NIH?
Source: COVID-19 Questions  Oct 19, 2020  2 years ago
COVID-19 Questions: In the last few days as we were perusing more studies and emerging data, some things really are not adding up and perhaps some other media, researchers or experts can help us with a few answers please.

First, a study dated 2008 makes mention of SARS-CoV-2 and even of a SARS-CoV-3 and this study though was conducted by Chinese researchers in Beijing was catalogued by the U.S. NIH which has a very strict criteria of cataloguing studies that are only credible and things that staff at NIH knows. The study was published in peer-reviewed journal of the American Society of Microbiology.
Line eight of the abstract mentions of these respiratory viruses along with further mentions in the study.
Reading the study in detail, it seems the SARS-CoV-2 and a SARS-CoV-3 strain was already in existence since 2008!
We could not reach the Chinese researchers who mysteriously disappeared after migrating to America and we cannot get hold of anyone who reviewed the study and the NIH has declined comment.
Next we wrote today a study by IBM, a reputable company that says in their study that they found co-infections with more than one strain was a common occurrence of late. On further checking we found out that the WHO, NIH and CCDC is aware of this since April! So why was this not made public earlier? It changes the course of the treating COVID-19, research, drug and vaccine research.
On almost the same topic, we have mentioned the growing emergence and prevalence of various antibody resistant strains but WHO, CDC and NIH has not made any comments of these growing occurrences.
Also its emerging that the nasal swab PCR test are not reliable as it is now found that the virus can  actually remain in parts of the body ie the intestines etc and cannot be detected by the current testing methods used. This has implications for so called millions of ‘recovered’ patients.
We have covered how the SRS-CoV-2 virus is able to prime itself for long term stay in the human host and we have covered on how the virus is mutilating both bone marrow cells and CD 4 cells. Why is no one talking about this or at least proving us wrong ?,-the-sars-cov-2-manipulates-human-host-immune-system-to-facilitate-its-long-term-stay,-this-time-by-la-jolla-institute-for-immunology-shows-that-cd4-cells-are-affected-by-sars-cov-2-coronavirus
Why are studies showing that AAV (Adeno-associated virus) vector vaccines are not safe but yet most of the candidates in the phase three trial of COVID-19 vaccines expected to be authorized for public use soon are using these same vector platforms.
Why are we still going ahead with vaccines when studies are showing incidences of reinfections and the fact that antibodies provide a short time span of protection? Also could not these vaccines cause problems when we are re-infected with different SARS-CoV-2 variants or strains?,-increasing-covid-19-severity-
We have so many questions including as to why so many cheap generic drugs that have gone through repurposing studies and found to be effective are not being a chance whereas expensive drugs like remdesivir were given EUA status despite not having any efficacy? Drugs llike famotidine, invermectin, colchine, niclosamide etc are being denied further studies through various means and the same goes for a variety of supplements and herbs.

The WHO and The filthy Trump administration really needs to answer a lot of questions.
The trump administration that controls the CDC, NIH, FDA and along with various pharma giants and billionaires like Tom Cahill and Mike Spence’s Aide Nick Ayers needs to be fully investigated.
Trump should not only be voted out of this coming election but the American public should make sure he is never accorded the status of an Ex-American President but rather he along with his family and cronies and inner circles are sent to rot in prison!
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