Source: Taiwan COVID-19 News   Sep 18, 2022  8 days ago
BREAKING! Taiwan Experiencing Anomalous COVID-19 Surge! People Are Getting Re-Infected With Same Variants ie BA.2.3 and BA. (BF.16)!
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BREAKING! Taiwan Experiencing Anomalous COVID-19 Surge! People Are Getting Re-Infected With Same Variants ie BA.2.3 and BA. (BF.16)!
Source: Taiwan COVID-19 News   Sep 18, 2022  8 days ago
A strange phenomenon is being observed in Taiwan that is getting scientist around the world baffled. A new surge barely a couple of weeks from the last is getting daily COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations up. But what is strange about this new surge is that physicians are seeing many that were infected weeks ago getting re-infected again and what adds more to the confusion is that it’s the same variants that they were infected with in the last surge that is driving the re-infections irrespective of their vaccine status!

Taiwan started witnessing a drop in daily infection starting around the 28th and 29th of May 2022 till the 15th of August 2022.
The BA.5 and BA.4.6. initially caused the surge but later the BA.5.2.1, BA.5.2.16 (BF.16) and BA.2.3, BA.2.3.7 sub-lineages played a dominant role in the last few weeks of that surge.
However, since the 16th of August 2022, daily infections are climbing back steadily with almost 40,000 New cases reported on the 17th of September and 40 deaths.
What surprised researchers was that among those reported to be re-infected, new genomic sequencings of samples collated and and past records showed that the same variants are at play in most of the cases.
The BA.2.3, BA.2.3.7 and the BA. or BF.16 sub-lineages were observed to be causing the reinfections in many.
Furthermore, the BA.2.3 variant is continuing to cause disease severity in young children and worse in the new recent cases of re-infections.
Taiwan COVID-19 News outlets are also reporting that hospitalization rates are also increasing across the country in the last 4 weeks and ICU wards are almost full with many requiring ventilators being a common occurrence again.
Typically, it was assumed that a previous infection with a specific variant or sub-lineage would protect one from a re-infection with the same variant especially if the interval was short.
Some researchers are d isputing that perhaps it is not re-infections but rather the virus reactivating itself after a few weeks or lying ‘dormant’ in the human host.

Various teams of researchers from Taiwan’s National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) are studying this anomalous occurrence and more details are expected in coming days.

Till the study data comes out, many scientist are still skeptical that the same varianst are causing re-infections and insist that the data needs to be properly checked and validated.
Its an irony, that COVID-19 cases are increasing in many parts of the world including the United States, France, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, India and even in the many other countries in Europe while idiots at the  WHO a few days said that the COVID-19 pandemic end is near!
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