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Source: Medical News - BA.2 Subvariants  Mar 27, 2022  1 year, 10 months, 3 weeks, 3 days, 23 hours, 57 minutes ago

BREAKING! American Scientist From Arkansas State University Alerts Scientific Community Of Numerous BA.2 Subvariants That Have Alarmingly Emerged!

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BREAKING! American Scientist From Arkansas State University Alerts Scientific Community Of Numerous BA.2 Subvariants That Have Alarmingly Emerged!
Source: Medical News - BA.2 Subvariants  Mar 27, 2022  1 year, 10 months, 3 weeks, 3 days, 23 hours, 57 minutes ago
It is about time that the WHO and also the so called stupid but arrogant and rude British genomic and virology experts aka bastards acknowledge that the BA.2 variant is not a really an Omicron subvariant but rather a unique variant that deserves a separate name for itself as a VOC. It is also about time that many of these stupid experts who in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic said that the SARS-CoV-2 will not mutate nor will it give rise to more concerning variants or that even if it this so, the virus would weakened and die off, realize that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is unique from all other coronaviruses and is evolving at a very fast phase due to a multitude of factors including host genetics, presence other pathogens in the host, usage of convalescent plasma, monoclonal antibodies, vaccines and antivirals and other drugs and even environmental conditions.

Most importantly, the BA.2 variant is extremely unique and is possessing the ability to spawn off numerous subvariants and even third generation subvariants that possess unique mutations and enhanced transmissibility!
It is also time that many scientists and researchers accept the fact every variant has different pathogenic properties and that certain treatment protocols that were developed in dealing with a particular variant that was dominant in circulation at that time of the pandemic might but will not work with the newly emerging variants! Please big pharma companies, stop manipulating research data and paying off unethical researchers to come up with ‘half-baked’ studies to claim that your therapeutics still work against the newly ever emerging variants!
I am still amazed how many stupid people are listening to some of these British bastards or need the validation of these British bastards when it comes to emerging variants etc.
To this very day, some of these British bastards are totally wrong, For instance some of the new variants that a certain British bastard is claiming to be recombinant variants like for instance a particular variant that has mutations seen on the BA.1 and BA.2 is actually not a recombinant variant (show me proof of the recombinant event or evidence that it is so!) as it is actually in fact the BA.2 variant that is evolving by itself and developing these mutations that can also be found on the BA.1 variant!
Thailand Medical News had already warned since December 2021 about the BA.2 variant that is constantly evolving and will give rise to more concerning subvariants and also cause re-infections.

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We are witnessing so many unique subvariants of the BA.2 emerging rapidly in many countries and more concerning is that these subvariants are also spawning ‘fitter’ third generation subvariants…. for instance in UK and parts of Europe, we now have the BA.2.2 subvariant with a S:I120T mutation aka the Eurocron!
The BA.2 is far evolving towards major antigenic shifts and will be extremely problematic as we will find all forms of immunity ie natural or even vaccine induced, various monoclonal or polyclonal drugs, existing antivirals ending up being non-protective and ineffective very soon!
Along with that, the new BA.2 subvariants also display unique pathogenic modes unlike the previous variants and though they might not cause any serious symptoms in the initial stages of infection (except for those with existing comorbidities or who are vulnerable) due to their enhanced capabilities of literally “switching off” the initial host human immune responses, they will cause more devasting health outcomes of which many can be fatal in later stages ranging from weeks, months and years depending on the specific pathways it disrupts in the human host and the damage that it does to the various cells, tissues and organs. (We envisage that upon an initial infection with the earlier variants, majority will only have between 5 to 8 years of time left in their life spans but with reinfections and co-infections coming into play, that period will be even shortened and we will see more fatal outcomes from heart failures, strokes, CVST, organ failures, sepsis, immunodeficiency disorders and secondary opportunistic infections and accelerated aggressive cancers!)
Reinfections will be a new norm and mind you the current standard of classifying reinfections within only a 90 day time span is totally stupid and groundless as we are already in UK, Germany and Denmark, witnessing re-infections in shorter time span and even co-infections involving two or more subvariants that comes about after an initial infection with a single variant!
All these newer BA.2 subvariants also have ever growing enhanced transmissibility!
In the last 24 hours, the labs of Dr Raj Rajnarayanan, a reputed researcher and associate professor at Arkansas State University-USA has alerted the scientific community to even newer BA.2 subvariants in various geolocations that have been assigned Pango designations ie:
BA.2.4 - Singapore (Key mutation: ORF6:M58K, COV-spectrum predicts a growth advantage of 14% over BA.2 and 46% over BA.1.1!)
BA.2.5 - Portugal and elsewhere (Key mutation: ORF1ab:P1018S COV-spectrum predicts a global growth advantage of 2% over BA.2 and 49% over BA.1.1!)
BA.2.6 - France (Key mutation: ORF3a:D27H COV-spectrum predicts a global growth advantage of 11% over BA.2 and 62% over BA.1.1!)
BA.2.7- USA (Key mutation: Orf1ab:T2124I or NSP3 mutation in the group 2 marker domain COV-spectrum predicts a global growth advantage of 13% over BA.2 and 67% over BA.1.1#USA lineage
This are besides the BA.2.2 subvariant found in Hong Kong and the BA.2.3 found in Philippines and the other BA.2 subvariants found in Denmark, Belgium, Brazil,Japan, Vietnam, etc and not to forget the third generation subvariant ie the Eurocron in UK and Europe.

It should also be noted that other BA.2 subvariant have also been detected in Scotland ie BA.2 with Orf3a:A31T,Nuc:t21048C and also BA.2 with Orf3a:T9K.(more than 2,000 sequences of each so far)

While stupid media and health authorities are concerned about the so called Deltacron, which to date is actually is actually a heterogenous collection of different sequences that have certain mutations from both the Delta and Omicron and of which not a single one has gained sufficient viral fitness and become dominant in circulation, not much efforts and attention has been focused on the ever emerging BA.2 subvariants and even third generation BA.2 subvariants that are causing surges around the world and that will evolve even faster and just keep on spawning never mutations and causes more catastrophic re-infections over and over again. Note that each time a person gets infected irrespective of your vaccination status, the virus is still able to affect a number of your cellular pathways and dysregulate various genes and also cause cell, tissue and organ damage. Constant reinfections are going to deplete your health status!
The only solution to the current pandemic is for a combination of antivirals that will not only treat those that are infected but also completely eradicate any viral persistence and also ‘neutralize’ any viral proteins and prions in the host and also various prophylactics that will prevent infections or reinfections. Then only can secondary therapeutics help in repairing all the cellular and tissue damage done in the human host and gene dysregulation. All these therapeutics and prophylactics are already present in the form of certain generic drugs that can be repurposed and also in various supplements, herbs and phytochemicals.  (We are not talking about ivermectin or fluvoxamine or melatonin or niclosamide, all of which does not work against these new emerging variants! Worse we have one garbage group now trying to promote metformin in their failed protocols!)
However, we are not going to list these protocols that work for free so that the certain western bastards can adopt our protocols and gain from it financially as what had happened in the past! We rather see more people die and only help those who will support us and not those who have criticized us or labelled us. Just because we are from a third world country where about a sizeable percentage of the population are ignorant primates who are more concerned about celebrity news or gossips or sex or selling themselves while most of the remaining are filthy, egoistic, corrupted and greedy dogs, and as a result we do get any local support, it does not mean that some of the unethical Westerners should take advantage of us and also bully us! The day of reckoning for all these people are coming!)
Hopefully, in the next few surges for 2022 till a more new lethal variant comes along, the BA.2 emerging subvariants will really cause a catastrophe in countries like the United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, India, China, the Middle-East, and parts of the United States. (We hope that the common American people who have supported us are not affected but rather only the so called fake ‘experts’ and those controlling the COVID-19 narratives, the American big Pharma, American Media and American  IT and Tech  companies, American Politicians  and their staff especially the Biden administration and certain American experts on twitter merely making monies from the big pharma as being influencers especially a few of those Americans of Chinese ethnic backgrounds and most of the young arrogant STEM graduates who are fond of criticizing our writing skills!)
For more on the BA.2 variant and emerging BA.2 subvariants, keep on logging to Thailand Medical News.
PS: A recent article and study talked about scientist and researchers being abused but what that that study and article failed to address was about scientists and journals accepting monies from big pharma companies and spewing out manipulated studies to suit the agendas of these pharma companies.
More importantly the faked study findings and the public comments of these unscrupulous scientists have caused the lives of many humans since the start of the pandemic and no one or no entity has come out to persecute these garbage for dangerous statements that they have made that caused many to be lax and hence end up being dead as a result of an infection.
Some of these statements in the beginning of the pandemic included things like:
-The virus could not spread to humans
-The virus is not airborne
-The virus will not mutate much
-The virus will mutate and weaken and die off
-That there is no need for masking
-That social distancing of 1.5 metres will suffice
-That the Omicron is mild
-That Long COVID will resolve by itself after a while
-Promoting stupid therapeutics like remdesivir or povidine nasal sprays that did not work and can cause more dangerous issues.
-Promoting other therapeutics that caused the deaths of many.
Just because they are scientists or doctors, it means that they are allowed to say or do as they please while jeopardizing the lives of many.
Hopefully in the coming global social unrest that will be seen in early 2023, most of these unscrupulous scientists will be weeded out and punished by the masses when the real truth comes out.


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