Source: Coronavirus News  Mar 03, 2020  2 years ago
WHO Announces Collaboration With Tik Tok For Coronavirus Information. Can They Even Get Any Lower?
WHO Announces Collaboration With Tik Tok For Coronavirus Information. Can They Even Get Any Lower?
Source: Coronavirus News  Mar 03, 2020  2 years ago
The World Health Organization, a ‘paper tiger’ organization that many are wondering  if it is ‘owned‘ by China, has now announced that it now collaborating with a social media company that is based in China called Tik Tok to disseminate information on the coronavirus.

Many have described the platform as being only for the ‘intellectually challenged’ that have short attention spans and have a 'fetish' for  ‘garbage content’. (Countries that have the highest followers also reflect the educational levels and backwardness of certain segments of its populations,). India was one of the proactive countries that banned it in April 2019 on grounds that that site sometimes promotes indecent content, pornography and misinformation while a few other countries have also followed suit. Strangely WHO seems to be wanting to assist the Chinese company. It was not mentioned if any monetary payments are involved to either side.
Though there has been lots of fake news and misinformation by miscreants with regards to the coronavirus which in some cases can even endanger lives, Facebook, Twitter, Google etc have been trying their best to curtail such information online with the help of various fact checkers and also the AFP newswire agency.
Many countries are also using their government agencies to monitor such information with laws in place to prosecute the offenders. In Thailand, the Ministry of Digital Economy and the Thailand Internet Police have been working diligently overtime to stop the spread of such fake news and misinformation which could spread panic, endanger lives and affect national security.
WHO decision to use TikTok to dessimnate coronavirus information is raising a lot of eyebrows and questions especially considering that as an entity it has so far failed to help stop the spread of the coronavirus from China to the rest of the world while till date, still keeps on praising China.
Many media as a sign of protest have already stopped covering any press briefings and coverages or announcements from WHO.

The general public all over the world are angry with WHO and China for causing the global health and economic mess that every other country is experiencing today and many every politicians worldwide have stopped listening or supporting the WHO. It has only been a handful of some European nations and that has been supporting WHO.
WHO wrote on it first post, "We are joining @tiktok to provide you with reliable and timely public health advice! Our first post: How to protect yourself from the coronavirus."
On Tik Tok, in a new video, Benedetta Allegranzi, the organization's technical lead of infection prevention and control, explained how people can slow down the spread of coronavirus. She also directs viewers to the organization's website for more resources and information, which has already been a source of some misinformation itself in the past. For instance in documented and recorded proof, their site in the past said that the coronavirus can only live outside on surfaces only a couple of hours while already at those stages, past studies showed that coronaviruses can remain “active” for long periods outside of a host on surfaces. They have since revised their website but we cannot ascertain how many lives could have been affected by this to date.
They also indirectly advocate the use of mask on their website whereas in the US, medical experts say that it is not really preventive. They also downplay the spreadibility of the coronavirus via airborne modes on their sites.
The new collaboration has raised more anger online with various online petitions now asking not only for the Director-General to resign but also for the  for the rest of the teams at WHO to resign.
Change org is just one of the many online platforms with online petitions reflecting that. The site has so far garnered 430,000 sign-ups.


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