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Source: Vaccine News  Nov 04, 2020  2 years, 10 months, 3 weeks, 5 days, 21 hours, 24 minutes ago

Vaccine News: WTF! Now Dr Anthony Fauci From NIH Says That COVID-19 Vaccines Might Only Prevent Symptoms, Not the Virus!

Vaccine News: WTF! Now Dr Anthony Fauci From NIH Says That COVID-19 Vaccines Might Only Prevent Symptoms, Not the Virus!
Source: Vaccine News  Nov 04, 2020  2 years, 10 months, 3 weeks, 5 days, 21 hours, 24 minutes ago
Vaccine News: As an individual that has been observing with skepticism the vaccines and therapeutic programs initiated in America under the corrupted and incompetent Trump administration and Dr Anthony Fauci with so many other scammers in play including a group of clandestine businessmen and billionaires headed by Tom Cahill and Nick Ayers, an aide of Mike Spence, it shocking to see that the trillions of dollars that has been poured into operation warp speed is simply going to be a waste of tax payer’s monies while some of these scammers have greatly profited from it. (No one has ever opened a detailed investigation into this including money trails)

We are Thailand Medical News although being supporters of various vaccine programmes were skeptical of vaccines for the SARS-CoV-2 virus for a simple fact that many past vaccine and antibody research and treatments for coronaviruses have never worked for a variety of scientific based reasons.
To even take the skepticism one notch up, most of the COVID-19 vaccines currently under development  were based on the RNA protocol which is a new protocol, untried and to date there is not a single vaccine that has ever been approved based on that approach. To also make matters worse, many of the COVID-19 vaccines under development are also based on the AAV platform (Adeno Associated Virus) which studies have already showed can be dangerous.
There were already speculations from day one that most of these vaccines will not work but the greedy pharma and biotech companies, corrupted governments like the Trump administration and unethical researchers, medical journals and American media and social media platforms were trying to benefit from the COVID-19 crisis as a result trillions of dollars that are at play.
Also it is emerging that that many of the phase three trials underway were meant to produce results that could be misleading but will allow them to be approved anyway.
It is also interesting to monitor to dates, time lines and public statements in this COVID-19 pandemic. The WHO (World Health Organization)who initially advocated the need for vaccines in the early part of the COVID-19 crisis  later in May and June started to downplay on the importance of vaccines and even started to stay away from it but instead emphasized on testing and other non- interventional methods to control the pandemic while also calling for the dire need of drug and therapeutic research to develop possible  antivirals and medicines that can help control not cure the COVID-19 disease.(Certain individuals already knew that vaccines would not work and that there will never be an actual cure for COVID-19 due the dynamics and kinetics inv olved in mutations, strain circulations etc)
Despite many failed attempts by these biotech companies in using unethical researchers and medical journals to come up with studies ‘trying to extend the life span of SARS-COV-2 coronavirus specific antibodies’ in the human host, the fact still remains: COVID-19 antibodies only have the optimal effects of being able to possibly fight the coronavirus and only last and is effective for about 10 to 16 weeks the max! We can forget about help from the T Cells as the SARS-CoV-2 virus will either inhibit some of their productions by disrupting certain immune pathways or it would cause them to be altered and in some cases even attack certain types of T Cells. (Kindly refer to numerous studies in the last few weeks on TMN)
Hence even if some of these vaccines work, they will only provide short term protection. Booster shots down the road could lead to complications based on so many mutated strains and variants emerging and circulating leading to the possible ADE (Antibody-dependent enhancement ) effects not to mention other complications. To make matters worse some of the AAV vaccines can also lead to reactions due to antibodies created to deal with the adeno antigens itself.
It is also scary to see start-ups like Moderna with no prior experience or track record in the field of vaccines being one of the biggest players to supply the bulk of the world COVID-19 vaccine supplies.
Now instead of admitting the mess in the vaccine programes and trying to find solutions to enhance the second and third generation vaccines being researched and under development, we now have stupid statements coming out from those responsible for the mess.
Dr Anthony Fauci of the US NIAID has not only dramatically lowered the bar for measuring success of COVID19 vaccines but has also caused confusion. All of sudden, COVID19 vaccines are only expected to prevent symptoms, not prevent transmission. Vaccines are meant to prevent infections not treat symptoms!!!!!
According to a report filed Oct 27, 2020  “Dr Anthony Fauci cautioned that early COVID-19 vaccines are focused on preventing symptoms of the virus – not blocking it! – during Yahoo Finance’s All Markets Summit last Monday.
Preventing symptoms is a "primary endpoint" in the vaccine development process, Fauci said. Getting rid of the virus altogether is considered a "secondary endpoint."
"What I would settle for, and all of my colleagues would settle for, is the primary endpoint to prevent clinically recognizable disease," he said. "And that's what we hope happens, and if we do, that will go a long way to diffusing this very difficult crisis that we're in."
With reduced severe symptoms, the coronavirus would pose a lower threat as a pandemic. Then scientists could focus on developing a solution that would reach the full goal of preventing initial infection.
I am damn hell confused!
So far Dr Fauci is behind keeping away all the identified cheap generic meds that can be repurposed to treat COVID-19  ( )as he in bed with numerous big Pharmaceuticals and his department was the one that poured millions into remdesivir research and scam.

Fauci’s statements undercuts the “greater good” argument of vaccines if it is only to reduce the severity of the illness and not to prevent transmission.
There are already speculations the vaccines may in fact make COVID19 much, much worse in many people. Many people who are vaccinated against COVID19 will likely suffer from “Disease Enhancement”, caused by “Pathogenic Priming” of the immune system to attack any of dozens of tissues in the human body following vaccination once they acquire the real viral infection. This is such a serious threat to public health. People could end up dropping like flies” due to pathogenic priming.
Also time will tend to hide causal immunological relationships between vaccination and more severe disease. The fact that some people might be receive their second exposure to the viral protein until weeks, months or a year following their priming exposure (from the vaccine) will tend to obscure recognition of the causal relationship between the vaccine and the severe COVID19 cases. Those serious cases, up to 18 months following the onset of the vaccine program, will likely be blamed on a “more virulent strain”. Either way, the vaccines will appear to be very ineffective.
 Also it seems likely that the lack of efficacy will be blamed on waning immunity, and second booster shot each year will be recommended.
Vaccine mandates to reduce the severity of the disease will not make sense since most people are asymptomatic already anyway. If the vaccine only makes the symptoms milder, and produces carriers, and most people who can be infected are not likely to experience serious illness already, the vaccine will not be seen as reducing severity in most people. The disease enhancement seen in animals in prior coronvirus studies (back when we used to use animals, not people, as guinea pigs for risky viral challenge studies) was more severe in older animals. We can fairly well surmise what is likely to happen if the M.O. for this vaccine is “vaccinate those at risk”.’

Also note that interestingly despite knowing for many months that the PCR tests are faulty and not accurate for COVID-19 testing, its only now that the US FDA warns that these tests are not accurate and strangely only focussing on the false positives and not the false negatives as well which has a higher rate of occurence!

Its seems to have something to do with the coming vaccines programmes!

America came up with the hydrocholoroquine scams, remdesiver scams and now the COVID-19 vaccine scams.
Lets hope that Donald Trump loses this elections and is thrown into jail along with his cronies and family. Dr Anthony Fauci also perceived as an adversary of Trump is no better and should also be investigated and removed and if possible thrown into jail as well. America and the world needs honest and competent professionals to manage this COVID-19 crisis. However should Trump win the elections, America is doomed.
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