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Source: Thailand Medical News  Feb 18, 2020  3 years ago
Thailand Ask It Citizens To Avoid Travel To Japan And Singapore Because Of Coronavirus
Thailand Ask It Citizens To Avoid Travel To Japan And Singapore Because Of Coronavirus
Source: Thailand Medical News  Feb 18, 2020  3 years ago
Media reports are emerging that  Thailand's Public Health Ministry has advised Thais planning trips to Singapore and Japan to postpone their visits, citing the rising number of people infected by the coronavirus in the two countries.

It was reported that permanent secretary at the Public Health Ministry in Thailand, Dr Sukhum Kanchanapima said that the coronavirus outbreak in the two countries had reached the third stage where local people who have no record of contact with Chinese people are found to be infected.

Singapore has so far 77 confirmed cases of the coronavirus with hundreds of suspected cases being investigated.

Japan meanwhile has 66 cases of the coronavirus infections with another 454 cases from the cruise ship, Diamond Princess that is docked at Yokohama port.

However there are speculations that Japan could emerge as an epicenter of the coronavirus outside China as there are many Japanese travellers either as tourists or or business travellers who have been visiting high risk countries besides China such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and even Thailand. Also Japan also received as many as  570,000 Chinese travellers during  the months of December 2019 up to January 24th 2020 with about 6.5 per cent from Wuhan city alone! This was just before the official lockdown of Wuhan.

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Thailand rose to only 35 on Monday (Feb 17) as another Chinese patient had  tested positive.

Thai nationals who have visited Japan and Singapore in the past 14 days, and displaying  fever or related symptoms, have to meet doctors at government hospitals to receive treatments free of charge, said Dr Sukhum. (he did not mention what drugs were being given out or used and whether these have been approved by WHO protocols or were they experimental drugs or treatment protocols.)

Dr Sukhum said the situation in Thailand is at the second stage, but it must brace for the advent of the third stage.

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