Source: COVID-19 Insights  Oct 06, 2020  2 years ago
Questions And Insights From Trump’s Supposedly ‘COVID-19 Infection’ And ‘Recovery’
Questions And Insights From Trump’s Supposedly ‘COVID-19 Infection’ And ‘Recovery’
Source: COVID-19 Insights  Oct 06, 2020  2 years ago
COVID-19 Insights: President Trump ‘sudden recovery’ and his stunning appearance at the White House  and removal his mask along with his gibberish speech that he has learnt a lot about COVID-19 and that one can fight the disease easily  reminded many of the conman potrayed by Steve Martin in the movie ‘Leap Of Faith.”

His announcement that he tested with COVID-19 on Friday and then making ‘recovery’ on Monday along with all the information given by his ‘doctors’ Sean P Conley and Brain Garibaldi has defied everything that medical scientist and researchers have uncovered in the last 9 months. It also questions a lot that the WHO, U.S. CDC, NIH etc have been telling us about the COVID-19.
We at Thailand Medical News have penned down a list of questions and points that perhaps American researchers, scientists, relevant agencies, media and maybe even WHO can perhaps answer.
1.Did Trump really contract the COVID-19 disease or is it all some deliberate hoax? Perhaps an elaborate political ploy?

2.If he did contract COVID-19, when he actually contract COVID-19? 

3.Is he really recovered? 

4.Can be a person go through all stages of COVID-19 and recover in a time span of less than 4 days? 

5.Is there any viral shedding after 4 days of being infected? 

6. Is it ok and safe  to expose others to an infected person on their third day or fourth days of infection with only facial mask as a protection? 

7.If he was infected earlier and covering it up, was he not committing a crime of deliberately affecting other but not isolating and taking precautions? 

8.So now remdesivir which is being investigated for safety issues due to possible causing acute kidney injury can now be used for mild cases as well? 

9.Will the U.S. FDA now grant approval for usage of remidesivir for all mild to moderate patients as well? 

10.The president was said to be given a total of 5 doses of remidesivir that cost about US3,600 for 5 doses….will this now become a standard for all common Americans experiencing mild to moderate conditions as well? 

11.Will the Trump administration be buying more remdesivir at inflated prices? 

12.Who will be benefitting for these new deals if it goes through? President Trump, his relatives, his cronies?Will individuals like Tom Cahill, Nick Ayers etc make windfalls as they were behind many of this orchestrated drug usages and approvals according to American media reports. 

13.Is there any prove that Regenerons antibodies worked on Trump? If so will U.F FDA also be granting them EUA or other regulatory approvals soon? 

14.How much is a single dose of regenerons’ a ntibody treatment? Speculations are that it will cost about US$5,200 per single dose. 

15.Will all Americans now also get a single dose of Regeneron therapeutics if they contract only mild symptoms of the COVID-19 disease? 

16.It will be interesting to see who benefits from the deals if Regeneron is approved and Tom Cahill's group? 

17.Has Trump been paid for indirectly endorsing Regeneron’s therapeutics? If so how many billion would he stand to gain?(with speculations that his private business is on verge of bankruptcy once he loses the elections, can easily understand his reasons for doing any such things) 

18. Will Dexamethasone a now be prescribed for all mild cases? 

19.Will quarantine and isolation for any COVID-19 infected cases now be only 4 days? 

20.Will President Trump be monitored for any neurological complications considering that about 80% of COVID-19 patients experience these. 

21.Will Trump be fit to be President considering that most COVID-19 patients are bound to have neurological issues and is he mentally deemed fit to hold the position? (has he been tested in the past already as he is showing to have certain mental issues and whether he had developed any other previous viral infections such as herpes, hpv or even bacterial  STDs such as Syphilis etc etc that could have already affected his neurological functions considering past rumours and speculations about his past notoriety for being a womanizer with a penchant for upmarket Russian whores.) 

22.Was the SARS-CoV-2 strains that ‘infected’ Trump ever sequenced and identified? If not why? 

President Trump’s ‘infection’ and ‘recovery’ has opened a pandora box and many questions need to be answered.
Many are also waiting for his briefing in which he has promised to reveal a lot of new insights about the COVID-19 disease which he is now claiming to be easy to defeat!

In the meanhwhile, the number of COVID-19 infected cases in America has now reached almost 7.5 million and more than 210,200 Americans have now died from the COVID-19 disease. Almost all never had the privileged of getting the kind of treatments that President Trump was getting. Will all Americans who are now infected with COVID-19 be also accorded the same drugs and treatment protocols as what President Trump got? If not why?
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