Source: Thailand Medical News  Oct 19, 2019  3 years ago
Project Save Cancer Kids Initiated Two Hours Ago
Project Save Cancer Kids Initiated Two Hours Ago
Source: Thailand Medical News  Oct 19, 2019  3 years ago
In response to the acute shortage of  cancer drug Vincristine for children in the US, Canada and elsewhere, we have launched project  #SaveCancerKids to help hospitals and parents facing the problems. The drugs are available in India from 5 reputable and credible generic pharma companies, for more info refer to updates section of our previous article:,-an-only-drug-for-children-with-cancer-causes-outrage

The drug is only abour 160 Indian rupees or US$4.5 for 4 ampoules enough for a childs whole treatment  cycle and also needed is an Indian doctor prescription paper to hand carry the drug that weigns about 4.5 grammes only to the US. For the initial period for project SaveCancerKids we are praying for well-wishers from India planning a trip to the US to  buy and the drug and get the document and hand carry carry it to recepients across the US. We are want no money to be involved but as a platform for humans to help humans.

We already have the first few Indian volunteers and also are getting more queries from hospital and parents in the US.Please send all emails to and also please help to dessiminate awareness of the project and if you can help in any other ways except money.  We do not want money!

Thailand Medical news is in touch with the US FDA to get them to fasttrack approvals for actual larger shipments.We are also checking on the situation in countries like Canada, Australia and Britain. Hospitals facing shortages of the cancer drug for children are advised to contact us as soon as possible.


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