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Source: Thailand Medical News  Jul 04, 2019  4 years ago
New Study Shows That Triclosan Also Causes Osteoporosis Besides The Many Other Health Dangers It Is Associated With
New Study Shows That Triclosan Also Causes Osteoporosis Besides The Many Other Health Dangers It Is Associated With
Source: Thailand Medical News  Jul 04, 2019  4 years ago
Triclosan is an antibacterial and antifungal agent present in lots consumer products, including toothpaste, soaps, shampoos, mouth wash, hand sanitizers, detergents,even toys. Due to the risk of antimicrobial resistance that it causes and also its association with disrupted hormonal development, the US FDA banned its usage in consumer products in September 2017.However,in Asia, many health regulatory entities failed to follow up with these, hence triclosan is still found in many products in Asia. It is sometimes labelled with the abbreviation TCS in the list of ingredients found on product labels.

Triclosan has also been shown to be associated with increased food allergy in humans and also toothpaste containing triclosan has been identified with higher incidences of adverse cardiac events.

A team of researchers from China recently conducted a study published, in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, to explore the risk of triclosan.They utilized data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey to examine 1,848 females and then assessed the link between triclosan and bone health.

The results of the study confirmed that females exposed to triclosan were more likely to develop osteoporosis.

Professor Yingjun Li, coauthor of the study in a phone interview with Thailand Medical News commented "Past Laboratory studies have demonstrated that triclosan have the potential to adversely affect the bone mineral density in cell lines in animal models. However this is the first human study to link the relationship between triclosan and human bone health. This is the first epidemiological study to investigate the association between triclosan exposure with bone mineral density and osteoporosis in a nationally representative sample from U.S. adult women."

This study adds to the growing number of health risk triclosan has been associated with. Other studies in animal models showed that long-term exposure to the triclosan increased the risk for skin cancer. Another  suggested that exposure to triclosan may disrupt some reproductive and developmental processes in infants. 

Its really advisable for consumers not only in Asia but also elsewhere to shop diligently when purchasing household and personal care products


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