Source: COVID-19 In 2021  Dec 25, 2020  1 year ago
Forget About All the Optimistic Predictions For 2021. COVID-19 Third Wave Will Involve A Variety Of ‘Sub-Pandemics’ Involving Various Emerging Variants
Forget About All the Optimistic Predictions For 2021. COVID-19 Third Wave Will Involve A Variety Of ‘Sub-Pandemics’ Involving Various Emerging Variants
Source: COVID-19 In 2021  Dec 25, 2020  1 year ago
As the year comes to an end, we have been having so much “garbage” spewing from the mouths of individuals who either have no clue what brewing with regards to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus or are maybe are just trying to inject in some optimism to prevent social unrest.

In mid of 2020, we had so called authorities who said that tourism and businesses will pick up at end of the year but have now changed their tunes and are now saying that it will pick up in the mid of next year. What is their basis on making these statements or the scientific rationale to back these statements we have no clue.
We are not here for fear mongering rather its best that people know what the actual scenario might be so that they can better prepare themselves in all aspects be it health wise, economically etc. For those that are not able to bear the truth and suffer anxiety issues etc, do not read this article but do make preparations for your demise just in case as a result of not being prepared.
THE COVID-19 vaccines that were most probably conceived and promoted for monetary greed and also as a means to pacify large proportions of the populations everywhere so that there will not be major social unrest if people really know the pessimistic truths, will work but only to a limited extent.
Whether if truly helps to prevent disease severity and mortality or prevents reinfections or whether it might backfire through ADE (antibody dependent enhancement) or if it can deal with the rapid evolving mutating variants, remains much to be seen the next few months.
But with the emerging variants so far and the preliminary emerging data of the mutations and what they are capable of creating and doing in the human host, coupled with past data we have on the previous coronaviruses including SARS-CoV, Thailand Medical News expects a very bleak future ahead that will most probably be due to mankinds own doing ie approaching the COVID-19 pandemic with the wrong strategies ie vaccines and antibody therapeutics instead of prophylaxis, drugs, antivirals and pharmaceutical-based therapeutics.,-more-antibody-resistant-sars-cov-2-virus-strains-would-emerge
What Thailand Medical News predicts is that the current second wave that is ongoing will be far worse than the initial stages of the pandemic and more deaths and infections will occur in the next few months peaking around April before the third wave actually also starts to sets in.
By then we can see besides the existing strains being prevalent, more SARS-CoV-2 variants will likely emerge with some being so totally different yet prevalent and more serious that w e will be witnessing ‘concurrent sub-pandemics.’
We expect newer symptoms to materialize and newer clinical manifestations coupled with the fact that we will see more asymptomatic cases suddenly developing secondary and more serious conditions (an example is the MIS-A condition or multi-inflammatory syndrome in adults).
We expect to witness more of the real effects of Long COVID and also the effects of viral persistence in many.
We also predict that the first cases of viral induced cancers will start emerging next year. Unlike certain viral induced cancers by the HPV virus or HIV virus or even Herpes that occurs over time, simply perusing the various pathways that are affected by the SARS-CoV-2 viral proteins and also looking prematurely at the time frame of some of these effects, we strongly believe that such occurrences will be observed next year with more becoming apparent.
Various Chinese research teams are expected to publish studies and also case studies about this in early January next year. (Call us crazy or fake, but time always proves us right as what has happened with all our predictions since the start of the pandemic and which are documented on our site with time and date listings.)
Our general advice to readers is: try to focus on your health to avoid developing conditions like being overweight, having diabetes or hypertension or heart issues. Healthy diets, exercise and even meditation are important. Take necessary supplements and also various herbs and certain repurposed drugs that we have mentioned on our site as prophylactics but first check with a doctor and always wear a mask, wash your hands and maintain extreme hygiene standards and practice social distancing, all this helps.
We hope that in the next few months better and more accurate COVID-19 testing will emerge to be able to detect viral persistence in recovered COVID-19 patients or in asymptomatics.
We hope that more research efforts will be focused on human genetic variants and also on the various evolving strains.
Hopefully more efforts and resources will be spent on cheap supplements, herbs and repurposed drug as therapeutics to treat COVID-19.
We wish all our readers a Merry Christmas And A Happy But Challenging New Year and hope that all of your will make it through to face the Fourth and Fifth waves.(Yes COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon even in 2021.)


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