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Source: Thailand Medical News  Sep 24, 2019  4 years, 5 months, 4 days, 4 hours, 2 minutes ago

Express Your Feelings Or Risk Having A Stroke

Express Your Feelings Or Risk Having A Stroke
Source: Thailand Medical News  Sep 24, 2019  4 years, 5 months, 4 days, 4 hours, 2 minutes ago
Expressing your real feelings is not only healthy for your mental health, but it could also be critical for your physical health. A new study from conducted by researchers from University Of Pittsburgh associates selfsilencing (inhibiting one’s self-expression) with greater carotid plaque buildup which could ultimately lead to a stroke and other cardiovascular problems or even death.

New Study shows Self-silencing may lead to increased risk of stroke
Individuals engage in a range of behaviors to maintain close relationships or social image, some of which may be costly to their own health. One such behavior is self-silencing, which is sometimes used to avoid conflict or relationship loss. Although self-silencing has been linked to worse mental and self-reported physical health in women, it has not been previously examined in relation to women's cardiovascular health.
Researchers from the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh, studied 304 perimenopausal and postmenopausal nonsmoking women, researchers tested whether self-silencing was associated with carotid atherosclerosis. They found that greater self-silencing was related to increased odds of plaque independent of socio-demographics, CVD risk factors, and depression.

The results were based on women's self-reporting on a range of factors such as how often they expressed anger or put someone else's needs before their own. Ultrasound imaging was used to quantify carotid plaque.
Dr Karen Jakubowski, Ph.D., lead author commented in an interview with Thailand Medical News "Given increased public health interest in women's experiences in intimate relationships, our study results suggest that women’s socio-emotional expression may be relevant to their cardiovascular health.”
Dr. Stephanie Faubion, medical director for NAMS (North American Menopause Society) further commented, “Studies like this are valuable as they indicate the importance of understanding how a woman's emotional disposition can affect her physical health. These results should encourage healthcare providers to take into consideration socio-emotional factors when outlining a preventive care plan for their patients."
The Study results will be presented during The NAMS Annual Meeting in Chicago, September 25 to 28, 2019.
While this specific study focused on women, previous studies have also indicated that men too suffer the same faith as women if they were to suppress their worries, stress and other emotional feelings. Finding outlets for one to express their disappointments, anger, frustrations and other negative build up emotional issues is a must for all if not the health costs are highly detrimental
It is always good for all to express to others that are causing them undue emotional stress and to either talk it out or seek professional counselling but never to suppress these feelings. Additional activities after expressing oneself like meditation, yoga and other stress relieving methods are also advocated to enhance ones wellbeing.

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