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Source: Europe Coronavirus News  Feb 26, 2020  3 years, 9 months, 1 week, 1 hour, 49 minutes ago

Europe Coronavirus Crisis: Almost Every Country Has Cases Of Coronavirus Now. EU And ECDC Had Been Pressuring Governments To Conceal Cases.

Europe Coronavirus Crisis: Almost Every Country Has Cases Of Coronavirus Now. EU And ECDC Had Been Pressuring Governments To Conceal Cases.
Source: Europe Coronavirus News  Feb 26, 2020  3 years, 9 months, 1 week, 1 hour, 49 minutes ago
The Europe coronavirus situation became a turning point yesterday when the Spanish government decided to go public about the coronavirus situation unfolding at a hotel resort in Tenerife despite objections by the EU and ECDC.

It has come to light that Spain had prior cases of coronavirus infections since the past two weeks but had been pressured by the EU and ECDC not to go public by citing certain technicalities involving classification of cases. It has since come to light that certain other countries in the EU zone have also been under such constraints despite having confirmed coronavirus cases in their country. Some are claiming that after the Italy crisis erupted, the EU and ECDC were trying hard to suppress public information about the spread and magnitude of the coronavirus situation in Europe to prevent an economic fallout. It is despicable that considering the fact that while most of the world was criticizing China for already doing such cover up acts, that the EU and ECDC of all entities, would themselves be indulging in such unethical acts. It would also be interesting to know if WHO knew about this as some of its staff are also in the ECDC.
After, Spain declared cases of coronavirus yesterday, other countries are now doing so in Europe. There are now confirmed coronavirus cases in Austria, Switzerland, Greece and Croatia joining previous countries with reported cases such as France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Finland and Italy. It is most highly probable that there already cases in the Netherlands, Slovenia, Portugal with major crisis-like situations waiting to be erupted in countries like Romania.
Italy has seen more 4 deaths over the last 18 hours three in Lombardy and one in Alto-Adige region. All described as elderly patients. The death toll is now 11 with 19 other patients in critical situation. 94 new confirmed coronavirus cases were identified bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 323 while the spread is now registered as being in all 20 administrative regions in Italy as cases have been identified even all Southern regions including Sicily. It is  said that there are about 32,170 suspected cases all over Italy now pending testing and as far as the government’s intention to contain the spread,it has failed as  the whole of Italy is now exposed.
In Spain, the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases is now 9 with 2 in critical situation. There are now about 4,950 suspected cases in Tenerife in the Canary Islands and also in Mallorca (Balearic Islands).
Austria confirmed 2 cases of the coronavirus yesterday. An Italian female and her husband. The hotel that she worked at, the  108-room Grand Hotel Europa in the center of Innsbruck, a tourist hub and push-off point for major Alpine skiing competitions in the surrounding mountains has been put under lock down and quarantined along with 148 individuals including hotel guest and staff.
"No one can get in and out of the hotel to make sure that if other infected people are staying in the hotel, the coronavirus won't be spread," Interior Minister Karl Nehammer told a press conference.
"All these measures have one purpose  to stop the virus and its spread. There is no reason to panic," he said, adding that Austria was prepared for such a case.
Switzerland reported its first coronavirus case on Tuesday in canton Ticino in the south of the country which borders Italy. 
PCR tests carried out in Geneva uncovered a coronavirus case in canton Ticino, authorities said on Tuesday. The Federal Office of Public Health told media in Bern that the male patient was in his seventies and had been infected in the Milan region of Italy during an event on February 15. The first symptoms appeared two days later, explained FOPH director Pascal Strupler.
The patient has remained with his family ever since. He is now in isolation at a clinic in Lugano, canton Ticino, but is said to be doing well. Those who have been in contact with him will be tested and placed in quarantine to monitor their condition over the next 14 days.
Germany reported two new cases yesterday; bring the total number of coronavirus cases to 18 with one patient still in critical condition.
The new cases were reported in North Rhine-Westphalia, the state health ministry said initially a 25 year old man there was admitted to hospital on Monday afternoon with symptoms of severe pneumonia.
“The patient is in a critical condition and is currently being isolated in the intensive care unit,” the ministry said.  
“The patient’s wife is also being treated as an in-patient with symptoms of a viral disease. Her condition is currently stable.
Both have tested positive for the coronavirus.
Stores, schools and kindergartens in the Heinsberg district of North Rhine-Westphalia, where the man is from, will remain closed on Wednesday as a precaution, the ministry said. 
Belgium has only reported case of the coronavirus so far as  while there are about 17  suspected cases being investigated and tested.
France confirmed two new coronavirus cases yesterday bring the toll to 14 and one death so far. However as of yesterday, there are about 2137 suspected cases being investigated.
There were no developments reported from Sweden so far that that has had only one case so far.
Similar to Sweden, Finland has only one reported coronavirus case so far with no new developments as yet.
Croatian officials announced on Tuesday that a man who recently returned from Milan in Italy has become the first confirmed coronavirus case in the country.
“Today at 11.50 we got test results for a Croat who was staying in Milan. He shows milder signs of the illness,” Health Minister Vili Beros told a press conference.
He also said that another nine Croatians who were working at a factory in Italy where 20 people were infected were admitted to hospital in the city of Rijeka overnight and placed in precautionary isolation because they might have been exposed to the virus.

Two cases of coronavirus have now been reported in Greece. One of the patients is hospitalized in Athens’ Aghia Sofia Children’s Hospital. Another was rushed to the Greek capital’s Attikon Hospital.

Europe Coronavirus Situation In Crisis
It is expected that within the next three weeks, the coronavirus situation in Europe is likely to worsen due to a variety of factors. It also highly suspected that many figures and the magnitude of the spread and seriousness of the crisis is being concealed and downplayed by the EU and ECDC.
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