Source: COVID-19 News  Nov 12, 2020  2 years ago
COVID-19 News: New Record Of 10,218 Global COVID-19 Deaths In Last 24 Hours! Hospitals Overflowing! Is SARS-CoV-2 Spread By Winds And Is In The Air?
COVID-19 News: New Record Of 10,218 Global COVID-19 Deaths In Last 24 Hours! Hospitals Overflowing! Is SARS-CoV-2 Spread By Winds And Is In The Air?
Source: COVID-19 News  Nov 12, 2020  2 years ago
COVID-19 News: A new record of 10,218 Global COVID-19 deaths was recorded in the last 24 hours bringing the global death tally to 1,285,944.

At the same time number of total Global COVID-19 infections reached 52,208,810 with more than 613,840 new Global COVID-19 infections in the last 24 hours.

In America sadly the numbers are fast rising with total number of COVID-19 infections now reaching 10,403,150 and the total number fo Americans who have sadly died from the COVID-19 disease have now reached 241,912.

It was reported that after several weeks of rapidly rising coronavirus cases, hospitals around the United States are once again overwhelmed, forcing local authorities to take new measures to cope with the pandemic.
Just on Wednesday alone a record 65,385 people were in the hospital with COVID-19 across the country, marking the second day in a row and second time ever that the tally passed the 60,000 mark, according to the COVID Tracking Project.
Statewide around America, health officials were scrambling to staunch the spread.
It was reported that In New York state, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that any establishment with a liquor license, including bars and restaurants, would have to close at 10:00 pm beginning Friday. The rule will also apply to gyms.
The city of New York was the early epicenter of the nation's coronavirus pandemic, but hotspots have since popped up across the country, leaving practically no geographical region unaffected.
A terribly hit American locale is the border city of El Paso in western Texas, a state where coronavirus cases have now exceeded one million. There are not even enough morgues to handle the daily deaths.
Currently More than 1,150 people are hospitalized in the county of El Paso alone, a substantial portion of the state's nearly 6,800 hospitalizations.
Dr Ogechika Alozie, chief medical officer at the city's Del Sol Medical Center, told media on Wednesday, "These are dark times. I think the biggest word is just fatigue. And there's frustration."
COVID-19 cases are so high that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has requested a military medical center be converted for intake of non-COVID patients in order to free up space in hospitals. County officials, meanwhile, have requested additional mobile morgues.
The COVID-19 situation in El Paso is typical of the difficulties local governments are facing in the United States, where President Donald Trump has downplayed the epidemic and left handling of the health crisis to state, county and city officials.
In October an El Paso County judge ordered non-essential businesses closed for two weeks, a measure fought by El Paso's mayor and the state attorney general.
Outgoing American President Trump has placed much of his hopes of fighting the coronavirus pandemic on rapid development of a vaccine.
But in reality most of these vaccines are most likely not be able to offer proper long term protection.
With no vaccine at present, the US is facing troubling circumstances.
The total number of deaths each day is still far from levels seen in the spring, however the US recorded more than 1,350 fatalities in 24 hours on Wednesday.
The COVID-19 death rate has "declined since the spring partly because hospitals and staff were so overstretched back then. As cases take off across the country, we will increasingly start seeing those limitations again," said emergency medicine specialist Craig Spencer on Twitter.
Interestingly the US contamination curve has undergone three notable waves: a first in the spring with an epicenter in New York, a second in the summer that hit the US south particularly hard, and a third since mid-October with records being set in the Midwest.
It was said that in North and South Dakota, more than one in 2,000 residents is currently hospitalized with COVID-19, according to the COVID Tracking Project.

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum this week authorized health workers who test positive to continue working in COVID units in order to cope with the "enormous pressure" on the state healthcare system.
Meanwhile in Minnesota, Governor Tim Walz ordered bars and restaurants to close at 10:00 pm and placed a 10-person limit on gatherings.
More restrictions are popping up beyond the Midwest as well, such as in Utah, where wearing a mask in public is now mandatory statewide.
American President-elect Joe Biden pleaded Monday once again for Americans to wear face coverings, telling viewers in a televised speech that "a mask is not a political statement, but it is a good way to start putting the country together."
Biden has pledged to tackle the health crisis from day one of his administration, which begins January 20.
Meanwhile a new controversial hypothesis that was once ridiculed by the ignorant media as being fake news and misinformation and even challenged by certain researchers with vested interest is now gaining momentum with hopefully new published research data being available soon. The new hypothesis claims that SARS-CoV-2 is not just airborne and spread by aerosols but that it can withstand environmental conditions and can be spread by winds for long distances over time with the help of minute size fomites including dust particles.
Before anyone starts making accusations, its best we wait for the studies and findings after all from day one we have stupid ignorant professionals and so called fact checkers (Basically individuals who are failures in life) claiming that the virus was not spreadable from human to humans or that it was not airborne. Fast forward now 11 months later, look at the mess we are in and what we have learnt. Yet no only has taken any legal actions against those so called experts who fed us the wrong information and put numerous lives at stakes and worse many of these charlatans are still holding their positions , jobs or even medical licenses! It is best that we be paranoid but safe.
It also interesting to note that many Heads of States have also mentioned this hypothesis in some of their speeches. (America-Trump-in recording with Bob Woodward, Kim Jong-Un-North Korea- to national media, Brunos Covas-Sau Paulo-Brazil Mayor- to local media etc). Perhaps they know something that we do not know yet.

Furthermore studies showing cooler drier weathers and air pollution can help spread the novel coronavirus plus the fact that the virus is able to use its 'shape shifting' capabilities to withstand certain adverse conditions could all add weigh to this hypothesis.

It is best that we wait till what scientific studies tell us on this hypothesis as to whether it is valid or not.
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