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Source: COVID-19 Help  Oct 11, 2020  3 years, 4 months, 1 week, 6 days, 12 hours, 1 minute ago

COVID-19 Help: COVID-19 Pandemic Being Approached Wrongly! Emphasis Should Be On Multi-Drug Treatments and Genomics Not Vaccines And Antibodies

COVID-19 Help: COVID-19 Pandemic Being Approached Wrongly! Emphasis Should Be On Multi-Drug Treatments and Genomics Not Vaccines And Antibodies
Source: COVID-19 Help  Oct 11, 2020  3 years, 4 months, 1 week, 6 days, 12 hours, 1 minute ago
COVID-19 Help: While tens of thousands are getting infected daily and thousands are dying each day, millions elsewhere are worried and are trying to find ways to help themselves and their loved ones and the only thing that stupid health authorities and incompetent corrupted governments around the world are doing are giving false hopes by an anticipated COVID-19 vaccine that many think will solve the whole COVID-19 pandemic! The dependence of vaccines and antibodies is not going to bode well and the world will end up paying heavily for this as time will tell.( Note we are not against vaccines and in fact we support vaccines and in the coming cooler seasons we are actively advising people to have their influenza vaccines to prevent a more serious outcome if they were to contract both the influenza and also COVID-19, especially those in the vulnerable groups)

In the first place till today, about 10 months since the  pandemic started,originating from China, we still do not have a whole total perspective about how the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus actually affects the human body and the immune system. Every day there are new studies coming up with a new hypothesis or a new proven facet (But not the whole complete picture!) and many new studies are superseding older theories and concepts. For example the ‘Cytokine Storm’ concept is now being replaced by the ‘Bradykinin Storm’ hypothesis. We know that that existing comorbidities, age, sex, ethnicity, human genes and even having being infected previously with other viruses plays a role in how the human body is affected by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.
We are learning that the SARS-CoV-2 has a multitude of ways to not only evade the human immune system but even incapacitate it and suppress certain parts of the immune system and in some cases to even literally mutilate certain key immune cells,-infects-monocytes,-macrophages-and-can-cause-fibrosis-in-post-covid-19
We are only about 5% in terms of knowledge and learning about the whole genomic structure of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus , the epitopes and its various viral proteins.
Despite the fact that scientist and researchers are ill equipped with sufficient knowledge about the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus, they are still putting so much emphasis on vaccines and antibody treatments.
How Did We Get Here?
The main culprits in this whole mess would be a few charlatans that really deserve to be judged by a public court of law and sentenced to public hanging if found guilty.
We start with none other than the black Ethiopian national who is heading the WHO or World Health Organization, the incompetent Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus who shamefully still refuses to resign and who from day one mislead the world with so many false statements and misinformation such as the virus was not transmissible between humans, the virus was not airborne, was busy persuading governments to not impose border closures and travel bans and has even at one stage said that mask were not useful! etc. He and his team failed to stop the global spread from China and have the blood of the 1,072,000 who have died from the COVID-19 on their hands and millions more that will soon die from this ongoing pandemic. Tedros five children should be proud to have him as their father! (when we emphasize the word black here it is not meant with racial undertones but rather to reflect how he has failed to serve his own ethnic groups as it is most blacks of african ethnicity that are facing the severe effects fo the COVID-19 disease in the  U.S and U.K.)
It was this same incompetent black Ethiopian and his team that from day one that started to emphasize on vaccines developments and antibody protocols despite they themselves not having a full perspective of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. They were merely making assumptions based on what little they knew from SARS and MERS without bothering to first focus on more detailed studies on the virus itself and its effects on the immune system of the human host.
Interesting however, the WHO started to back track on vaccines and antibodies along the way (perhaps they already know what we know now…which we will cover soon.)
Subsequently it was the Americans that led the drive stupidly as to how the COVID-19 should be approached and many stupid countries took the cue from them.
Dr Anthony Fauci the head of the infectious unit at the NIH whom unfortunately many stupid Americans look up to is but another sneaky scammer who should be tried just as Tedros. He has an affinity of making statements and then quietly being whitewashed from it and sometimes simply sitting on the wall and waiting for when the time is right to make himself look good. This sneaky scammer is also responsible for making President Trump look stupid on many occasions (not to say that Trump had any brains himself when it comes to managing the COVID-19 crisis or medical issues!)
Just for interest, the New York Times should do an investigative exposure on the drug patents that Dr Fauci has and also his personal assets and bank accounts (including off shore) and his dealings with pharma and biotech companies despite being in public office for a long time and using tax payers monies!
Dr Anthony Fauci was another character that influenced many to look at vaccines and antibodies despite lacking full studies but later himself started on the tone of cautions!
Then off course we have the ‘Dumb Trump’, the supporter of the white supremacists movement who after his failed attempt to kills hundreds of Americans with his lethal chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine protocol to  treat to COVID-19,  started based on Dr Anthony Fauci recommendations and also influenced by Mike Spence and Nick Ayers who were in turn being controlled by a group of clandestine businessmen lead by Tom Cahill, to focus on vaccines and provide Americans and the rest of the world a false hope, while various groups profited immensely! (There are trillions of dollars at stake! in the vaccine and antibody platforms)
Joining on the platform to focus more on vaccines was none other than Bill Gates who despite having no medical training was trying to lead medical policies etc simply because he had tons of monies from his monopolistic software business.
Along with numerous medical research labs and medical institutions in United States and also the United Kindgom that are controlled by the various pharmaceutical giants and biotech companies who are in turn aided by groups of billionaires like Tom Cahill and unethical politicians like Mike Spencer and Nick Ayers who are indirectly controlling the U.S.FDA, the U.S. CDC and the NIH etc, controlling information and research and manipulating the trend towards vaccines and antibodies, we are at a position where there has been an over emphasis on vaccines and antibody treatments with very little being focused on drug development, drug repurposing, herbal studies etc.
What worse is that in the drugs area, we have so much control by certain clandestine groups that even existing cheap generic drugs that have supporting studies not being considered or pursued more if they did not benefit certain groups hence we are stuck with overpriced toxic ineffective drugs like remdesivir that Fauci, the NIH, Tom Cahill etc have a vested interest  and certain new drugs that are being peddled by the same groups that have little or no efficacy but all have something in common ie they are super expensive!.
Coming back to the COVID-19 vaccines that are mostly  led by two countries ie the United States and the United Kingdom, fortunately the same two countries that are most badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of having high number of infections and death rates due to the incompetent way that the crisis is being managed there, unknown to many, most of the vaccines that are in the third phase of vaccines trials are based on an untried platform which is known as rna vacines and even worse is the fact that many are based on what is known as AAV or adenos associated virus vector platforms and strangely the  possible long term adverse effects from these type of vaccines are being downplayed or even censored!
We also have numerous emerging studies that now show that antibodies produced as a result of the SARS-CoV-2 infection can lasts for about 3 to 4 months only and even then they can offer optimal protection for about 10 weeks upon manifestation. The same goes for any antibodies elicited by vaccines or also synthetic antibody therapies.
There is no confirmed study that shows any antibodies can offer any protection longer than that so far!
Certain preprint studies recently claiming that antibodies from past human coronavirus infections or even influenza can offer protection have either been retracted or deemed as false by peer-reviews.
So are the vaccines and expensive antibody treatments only going to last for about 10 weeks or 3 months? That defeats the whole purpose! Does everybody have to keep on taking vaccines every 3 months? Not much difference from lock downs! , except a few people making billions from it.
Worse almost all of the vaccines under development or in phase 3 trials were based on the initial SARS-CoV-2 strains from the various lineages detected in Wuhan and no one is taking into consideration that we now have so many mutated strains that are more prevalent now. When asked about this, many vaccines developers simply say that these mutations will not have much effect on their vaccines despite not providing any proper supporting studies and not some ‘half-baked ‘mice or ferret model studies that were manipulated.Worst we have some Australians with their silico studies claiming that the vaccines works on the D614G strains! I personally challenged them to try the actual test on themselves and their loved ones!
Already reinfection cases are showing a different picture.
Forget about the mutated D614G strain that is now prevalent,
we have so many new mutations emerging that is being concealed by the various stakeholders and we also have a lot of media paid by these stakeholders to have some stupid journalist with no medical or genomic background to write articles saying that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is not mutating or that even if it is mutating there is nothing to worry about while quoting some stupid American virologists who are looking for their 5 minutes of fame but are not involved in any major research or studies!
For an interesting portion of this article, lets talk about the new emerging mutated strains.
We have already covered about the advent of the V483g strain.
This strain is antibody resistant and is more potent and infectious but what is worrisome is that it is becoming more prevalent in the United States. In May 2020, the V483A strain exceeded 0.1% in frequency of all of which were found in the United States, with 28 sequences reported as of May 6, 2020, and 36 up to July 3, 2020.
However sources are reporting that this frequency has now increased to 3.7 percent in September 2020 but the U.S.CDC and U.S. NIH are concealing data despite many parties asking for clarifications of this.
If we were to use existing modeling platforms, this strain could be a major prevailing strain in the United States by as early as mid-December! , accounting for 50 percent for all new infections!
Imagine the repercussions of antibody strain being prevalent and the implications of the vaccines and antibody treatments under development or clinical trials.
Another mutation the A475V strain that is also antibody resistant strain also had an initial frequency of more than 0.1% in both UK and The US in May 2020 and is also increasing in circulation.
Interestingly both the V483G strain and A475V strains will not be the only threat. We have more than 10 other identified new mutations that are also antibody resistant and what worse is that the current D614G strains are now having new variants and lineages with additional mutations on them  for example the D614G strain with a I472V mutation on it that is also fast growing in the United States and Europe. This strain is not only more antibody resistant and infectious but there are now studies underway that indicate that it might also resistant  to T Cells!
This is just one D614G variant, we have identified 17 such variants emerging including one in India that has emerged in the state of Gujerat that has been found to be highly lethal. ( A D614G mutation variant with 2 other mutations on it!)…we will covering details on this in a separate article this coming week as we obtain more information)
It should be noted that as we had mentioned in our previous articles, India, U.S and UK will be the birthplace of numerous new mutations and variants based on what we are already witnessing as trends.
(more links will be added on this)
We have numerous studies that the virus is indeed evolving fast to not only evade human host immune response by antibodies but also by T Cells and there  are more such strains emerging which Thailand Medical News will be covering in a separate article by itself.
Interestingly it is speculated that some of these antibody resistant variants emerging have been expedited by half-baked antibody trials involving convalescent plasma and even various synthetic monoclonal or cocktail antibody treatments! (In other words, we humans are the driving force for these new mutations!)
We have not even touch on Antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) or even about drug resistant strains emerging including remdesivir resistant SARS-CoV-2 strains and other antiviral resistant strains that have emerged. There is a lot to cover on this which will be covered in a sequel to this editorial.
There is a growing urgent need to look at multidrug treatment protocols to treat COVID-19 along with more emphasis on drug research and drug development, drug repurposing and herbal approaches.
To date there a no single treatment for people who show early signs or mild symptoms of COVID-19. It is important to develop treatments that can help prevent disease progression or even to stop the new Multi-Inflammatory Syndrome that is now also occurring in adults.
There is also an urgent need for drugs or therapeutics for asymptomatic and mild COVID-19 patients to be treated early so that they will not be subjected to the growing list of long-term health effects of COVID-19 such as myocarditis, kidney issues, neurological issues etc.
We will be continuing this article in the following Sunday including with a guide of drugs, supplements and herbs that everyone needs to standby to deal with the coming months.
We truly hope that readers will help us by donating to help sustain this site and also our research initiatives and more so on our research on herbs as we are almost at wits end as we are desperately trying to raise an additional US$71,000 to fund certain smaller research studies also to fund a small randomized trial. Please help in whichever you can or help pass the word around.
For more on COVID-19 Help, please keep on logging to Thailand Medical News.


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