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Source: COVID-19 Alerts  Nov 07, 2020  3 years, 3 months, 2 weeks, 6 days, 14 hours, 17 minutes ago

COVID-19 Alerts! Forget about Culling The Minks, We Might Need To First Expose The Media And So Called Experts Claiming That The New Mutations Are Not Serious!

COVID-19 Alerts! Forget about Culling The Minks, We Might Need To First Expose The Media And So Called Experts Claiming That The New Mutations Are Not Serious!
Source: COVID-19 Alerts  Nov 07, 2020  3 years, 3 months, 2 weeks, 6 days, 14 hours, 17 minutes ago
COVID-19 Alerts: The world is really entering a dangerous phase and people should start facing the reality of what  is coming. Rather than accusing sites that expose the truths of being fear mongers, while all that they are doing is to warn organizations, entities and people so that everyone is better prepared for what is to come, people should be praising these sites for the advance warnings.

In the beginning when we said that the virus was able to spread from humans to humans, that the virus was airborne, that social distancing of 3 meters was not useful, that the virus could attack the reproductive organs of males, that vitamin D was crucial in COVID-19 management, that melatonin helps, that the virus as mutating, etc we were deemed as fake news by certain unqualified American, Italian and French media, social media and fact checkers. We never got a letter of apology from any of them and we have taken 2 to court with plans for more soon. (we have been right in everything to date with supporting scientific studies and data)
How many people in the Europe, South America, United States, Canada, India, Iran, Brazil are prepared or even have the basic medications on standby to help them with basic symptoms or pain or sufferings when their public health systems fail and the hospitals are overflowing. Already that scenario is starting to become a reality in some countries. In certain places even basics like aspirin, paracetamol are now scarce and have become controlled items.
It is also time that governments and the big pharmaceutical companies that are really aware of the truth stop lying to the public and reveal the real facts even if it is going to cause panic and chaos. (You will be surprised how much data and facts some of these big pharma companies have on the virus but are not releasing the information publicly)
While countries like America reported yet another record of more than 128,000 cases in the last 24 hours and another 1252 Americans died in the same time sadly, we are still facing a lot of cover ups and lies. On the global level, we also reached a new record high since the pandemic started with more than 623, 260 new infections recorded in the last 24 hours and a new record of 9,125 deaths.(source: Worldometer)
Meanwhile a new threat is unfolding in Denmark with the emergence of new mutated strains as a result of minks infected by humans passing the virus back to humans.,067-covid-19-deaths-in-last-24-hours-as-new-mutated-sars-cov-2-strains-found-in-minks-pose-a-new-potential-terror
At the same we now have a major media conspiracy taking place right before our own eyes.
There were seven identified clusters of such infections taking place in Denmark, all showing mutations. But in cluster 5, the infected individuals numbering almost 32 (not 12 as reported by some media) according to local sources exhibited severe symptoms with suspicions that those strains could have already infected another 214 by now.
The Danish health officials have already confirmed in local media that these strains were not inhibited by neutralizing antibodies suggesting that there were antibody resistant strains. Local genomic specialist also made preliminary reports that the mutations seen on these strains were many and unique but are still studying them.

The Danish health authorities released numerous genomic sequences of these new strains in the last 36 hours on numerous open access SARS-CoV-2 genome tracking online platforms.

Preliminary data is showing some of the mutations, some of these include mutations on the spike and RBD proteins, more are being uncovered.
"The mink mutation Y453F (encoded by A22920T) increases affinity of the RBD for human ACE2."
The Danish health authorities (SSI) report that viruses have had the following changes in amino acids: H69del / V70del, Y453F, I692V and M1229I.
The WHO has also send warnings on the situation especially on the fact that the new strains could derail all existing vaccines and drug developments efforts if the virus starts to spread rapidly.
However a wire news story released by a certain news agency that was picked up by most stupid mainstream media that did not fact check said that the new virus is harmless!!!!!! (mind you this wire agency is also one of the fact checkers that has been giving problems to numerous other news sites that do not use their paid services!)
This story was picked up by at least 43 mainstream media. My question is who are the scientist that said the new mutations are harmless and on what basis did they do so when the detailed sequencings were only released in the last 36 hours! (it takes time for even real genomic scientist to analyze these sequencings in detail)
"Initial observations suggest that the clinical presentation, severity and transmission among those infected are similar to that of other circulating SARS-CoV-2 viruses," the WHO statement said on Friday.
"However, this variant... the 'cluster 5' variant, had a combination of mutations, or changes that have not been previously observed. The implications of the identified changes in this variant are not yet well understood," WHO warned.
The UN agency said preliminary findings indicated this mink-associated variant has "moderately decreased sensitivity to neutralizing antibodies".
WHO called for further studies to verify the preliminary findings and "to understand any potential implications of this finding in terms of diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines in development".
At least WHO is for once reporting on observed facts but why are some European wire news agencies and Western media trying to downplay the seriousness of this new development.
Should this mutated strain spread fast and become prevailing, we will be having two pandemics to deal with due to the different nature of the viruses. Already there are reports emerging that certain existing PCR testing platforms will not be able to detect these new mutated strains. (The infected in cluster 5 were identified due to the fact of their symptoms and severity). Again there has been a cover up on this with some media claiming that they only experienced mild symptoms.
It is also now being reported that Denmark is not the only country with the humans infecting the minks and other humans getting infected  by these minks. The United States are among six countries that have reported new coronavirus cases linked to mink farms, the World Health Organization said.
Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden are the other nations to have discovered SARS-CoV-2 in minks, WHO said in a statement just in the last 16 hours.

Denmark has imposed strict measures on the north of the country after warning that a mutation of the virus had jumped from minks to humans and infected numerous people.
Copenhagen has warned the mutation could threaten the effectiveness of any future vaccine and has ordered the slaughter of all the estimated 15-17 million poor innocent minks in the country.
What is emerging however is that Spain and United States already had cases with minks passing the virus back to humans with new mutations already identified as way back as September but there was no news about this nor were those sequencings ever submitted to public online SARS-CoV-2 genome sequencings repositories. WHY?? It is only as a result of Denmark was being transparent that we are hearing about other countries also having the same issues of reversal zoonotic transmissions.
Meanwhile UK has announced that it is banning all entry from Denmark after COVID mink outbreak with immediate effect today.
It is reported that many EU countries will be following suit in the next few hours.
Now if the mutations were not as serious as claimed by certain media, why are countries leader panicking and banning all entry by travellers from Denmark?
The abrupt ban by Britain was announced by the Transport Department overnight shortly after 0200 GMT, and took effect at 0400 GMT.
Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said on Twitter, "This decision to act quickly follows on from health authorities in Denmark reporting widespread outbreaks of coronavirus in mink farms. Keeping the UK public safe remains our top priority. "
Under the British ban, UK citizens and permanent residents returning directly or indirectly from Denmark will now need to self-isolate for 14 days, along with everyone else in their household. No other foreigners can come in to Britain from Denmark.
Thailand Medical News will be continuing to report on this development as an official announcement is expected within the next 48 hours by WHO and also 3 other research entities with regards to the mutations found on these emerged strains and also on the status of the individuals infected.
For more COVID-19 Alerts, keep on logging to Thailand Medical News.


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