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Source: Thailand Medical News  Feb 13, 2020  3 years ago
BREAKING NEWS! Massive Blunder! US Health Authority Shipped Faulty Coronavirus Test Kits Across America And Elsewhere!
BREAKING NEWS! Massive Blunder! US Health Authority Shipped Faulty Coronavirus Test Kits Across America And Elsewhere!
Source: Thailand Medical News  Feb 13, 2020  3 years ago
Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases and who is also a senior official disclosed that said a huge  number of coronavirus test kits sent out by US health authorities to labs across the country to diagnose the deadly Covid-19 coronavirus are faulty.

Accordingly, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) began shipping test kits nationwide on February 5 to speed up the diagnosis of US cases of COVID-19 coronavirus, which currently number 14 in the United States.
However the labs reported that while performing a verification procedure they realized the kits were returning inconclusive results, meaning neither positive nor negative, said senior CDC official Dr Nancy Messonnier.
She added, "We think that the issue at the stage, can be explained by one reagent that isn't performing as it should, consistently," she said, referring to one the substances used in the kit. "And that's why we are remanufacturing that reagent."
She said that now all further testing for all patients and suspected cases specimens will revert back and be carried out at the CDC's headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.
The same test kit apparently had also been US is shipped to 36 countries that had placed orders, and each kit can be used approximately 700 to 800 times. The US CDC is making necessary arrangements to rectify the issue.
It was not clear how many kits were flawed. Of six US state health departments that responded to Thailand Medical News requests for comment, half of them, including California and Georgia, said they were waiting for a replacement component for kits to make them work.
Other states, such as Illinois, said their own test kits had produced accurate results and they were now doing their own testing.
There are many diagnostic test issues coming up as scientists from the United States and other countries even China are saying that diagnostic flaws are allowing many infected to be tested as false negative and allowed to go out and infect many.
As of late January, the CDC has rushed to distribute the kits to allow states to do their own, faster testing rather than ship all samples to CDC headquarters in Atlanta.
The issue of accelerating the speed of coronavirus detection tests, which can be delayed by days if sent to Atlanta, is important given the agency's expectation the coronavirus at some point is likely to start spreading within US communities.
Many are also saying that if all the health experts and organizations cannot even get the right diagnostics and detection protocols and standards into place for the coronavirus epidemic, its going to be a massive disaster in the making.
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