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Diets And Nutrition
A new category dedicates to all about diets and also nutrition.
Source: Diets  Jun 18, 2020  2 months ago
Diets: Medical Researchers from the Australian National Phenome Centre at Murdoch University and collaborators from Imperial College London have made a major breakthrough in comprehending how individuals can have different reactions to the same diets.   General assumptions about diets and expected standard response from masses about such diets are no longer valid as every individual respons...
Source: Gut Microbiome  Jun 10, 2020  2 months ago
Gut Microbiome: According to a new study by researchers from Augusta University-Georgia, females especially those with untreated hypertension would benefit by reducing salt intake to what is considered a healthier level as it will help maintain a healthy  gut microbiome and also normalize their  blood pressure.   The study was published in the AHA’s journal: Hypertension. ht...
Source: Weight Loss  Jun 09, 2020  2 months ago
Weight Loss: New research findings in a study lead by Monash University’s Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) that also included researchers from University of Kiel-Germany, University Of Melbourne, University Of Sydney, University Of New South Wales and University Of Copenhagen, have provided a new understanding into the roles two essential amino acids (threonine and tryptophan) play in m...
Source: Intermittent Fasting  Jun 08, 2020  2 months ago
Intermittent Fasting: Medical researchers from Nottingham Trent University and Loughborough University have discovered why certain people do not lose weight while on an intermittent fasting program.   The study was published in the medical journal: Science Direct https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0195666319315636?dgcid=author   Typically intermittent fasting is a w...
Source: Diets And Nutrition  May 25, 2020  3 months ago
Ketogenic Diets: Medical researchers from the University of California-San Francisco in a small cohort  study demonstrated that low-carbohydrate, high-fat ketogenic diets helps in lowering inflammation, promoting weight loss and heart health and also impacts the microbes residing in the human gut in a positive manner.   The researchers also conducted research in animal models (mice) th...


Source : Thailand Medical news
Feb 05, 2020  6 months ago

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