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Source: World COVID-19 News  Oct 24, 2021  1 year ago
World COVID-19 News: Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Croatia And Slovenia, All Reporting New Record COVID-19 Infections And Also Deaths!
World COVID-19 News: Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Croatia And Slovenia, All Reporting New Record COVID-19 Infections And Also Deaths!
Source: World COVID-19 News  Oct 24, 2021  1 year ago

World COVID-19 News
: COVID Rate Hits Highest Level Since May For Germany

It was reported that Germany's seven-day coronavirus incidence rate reached 100 infections per 100,000 people on Saturday for the first time since May, following a surge in cases in recent weeks. The number hit 100 after rising from 68.7 just eight days ago, the Robert Koch health institute (RKI) said.
The new milestone comes a day after the German health ministry warned that "we are seeing an escalation of the situation".
The alarming upwards trend "became visible in almost all age groups over the past week and it is to be expected that the increase in case numbers will pick up speed in the further course of autumn and winter," health ministry spokesman Oliver Ewald said.
According to official figures, Germany recorded 86 new COVID-19 deaths on Saturday, with the country's total toll rising to 95,077.
Alarmingly as well, there were also 15,145 new infections recorded over 24 hours, the figure having risen 31 percent over the last eight days.
German health officials said on Friday that the spike in cases had not yet led to an "increased dynamic" in COVID patients needing intensive care.
However, Germany's DIVI intensive care association voiced alarm.
Dr Christian Karagiannidis, senior DIVI expert wrote on Twitter that there was a "very close correlation" between incidence rates and new COVID hospital admissions.
He tweeted, "The real fourth wave is beginning now and is gathering speed.”
To date, more than 66 percent of the population of Germany, a country of some 83 million people, is fully vaccinated against COVID.
More than 70 percent have had a first dose.
World COVID-19 News: Ukraine Witnesses New Record High In SARS-CoV-2 Deaths And Infections
It was also reported that Ukraine's coronavirus infections and deaths reached all-time highs for a second straight day Friday, in a growing challenge for the country with one of Europe's lowest shares of vaccinated people.
Health authorities in Ukraine reported 23,785 new confirmed infections and 614 deaths in the past 24 hours.
Officials in the capital, Kyiv, shut schools for two weeks starting Friday, and similar measures were ordered in other areas with high contagion levels.
Health experts have blamed surging infections on a sluggish pace of vaccination in the nation of 41 million. Ukrainians can freely choose between Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Sinovac vaccines, but only about 15% of the population is fully vaccinated, Europe's lowest level after Armenia.
To date, the country has registered over 2.7 million infections and about 63,000 deaths.
The alarming steep rise in contagion has prompted the government to tighten restrictions. Starting Thursday, pr oof of vaccination or a negative test is required to board planes, trains and long-distance buses.
In the city of Rivne, 300 kilometers (190 miles) west of Kyiv, the city hospital is swamped with COVID-19 patients and doctors say the situation is worse than during the wave of infections early in the pandemic that severely strained the health system.
Dr Valentyn Koroliuk, head of the hospital's intensive-care unit told media, "The course of the disease is certainly more severe and more aggressive than last year. The patients have become younger. Unfortunately, those patients who are in our department are not vaccinated."
The city hospital is near capacity and doctors worry the wave of patients will grow.
An ER physician Dr Tetiana Pasichnyk commented, "What if there are even more patients? What if we don't have enough oxygen? This is constant stress."
Shockingly a black market for counterfeit vaccination certificates has blossomed amid the restrictions, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy chaired a meeting earlier this week on ways of combating the illegal practice.
The Ukrainian Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky said police have opened 800 criminal cases concerning the use of such certificates, adding that the ministry deployed 100 mobile units to track down their holders, who would face severe punishment.
The minister also said that a former lawmaker, Nadiya Savchenko, produced a fake proof of vaccination as she returned to Ukraine Friday.
Authorities said they suspect workers at 15 hospitals across the country of involvement in issuing false vaccination certificates.
In order to encourage vaccination, authorities have started offering shots in shopping malls. As infections soared, skeptical attitudes began to change and a record number of more than 270,000 people received vaccines over the past 24 hours.
World COVID-19 News: COVID Spike Persists in Russia, Setting New COVID-19 Death Record
Russia is also reporting a record high number of coronavirus infections and COVID-19 deaths as the country approaches a week of nonworking days aimed at stemming the sharp surge in cases.
The Russian national coronavirus task force said Saturday that 1,075 people had died from the virus in the past day and that 37,678 new infections were tallied-the largest single-day numbers of the pandemic.
It was reported that the daily death toll is about 33% higher than that recorded in late September and infection cases have risen by about 70% in the past month.
To date, only about one-third of Russia's 146 million people have been vaccinated, frustrating officials and placing a strain on the country's health-care system.
President Vladimir Putin has responded to the worsening situation by ordering Russians to stay away from work between Oct. 30 and Nov. 7.
Numerous Russian regions are imposing additional restrictions, including closing gyms, theaters and sit-down service at restaurants or restricting them to customers who can show QR codes confirming that they are fully vaccinated.
Russia has recorded about 8.2 million cases of coronavirus infection and 229,528 deaths, according to the task force. However, that toll counts only deaths attributed directly to the virus; the national statistics service Rosstat has reported tens of thousands of deaths in which the virus was considered to be a contributing factor.
It was the first country in the world to authorize a coronavirus vaccine, launching Sputnik V in August 2020, and has plentiful supplies. But uptake has been slow, blamed in part on conflicting signals from authorities.
Interestingly while extolling Sputnik V and three other domestic vaccines, state-controlled media often criticized Western-made shots, a message that many saw as feeding doubts about vaccines in general.
President Putin has deplored Russians' vaccine hesitancy, saying that "there are just two options for everyone-to get sick, or receive a vaccine. And there is no way to walk between the raindrops."
When asked if Russia could make vaccines mandatory, Putin said this week he believes they should remain voluntary.
World COVID-19 News: COVID-19 Surge Persists In Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia
It was reported that Serbia on Saturday is set to launch partial COVID-19 passes while Croatia and Slovenia reported high daily rates of infections, as countries with low vaccination rates grapple with a persisting virus surge.
Sadly, Serbia has seen thousands of news cases daily for weeks now and recorded more than 50 deaths each day, in the country of 7 million where about half of adults have been fully jabbed and tens of thousands have received booster doses.
Yesterday, (23rd October) authorities reported an additional 6,748 new infections in the past 24 hours and 60 fatalities from COVID-19. The Balkan nation has confirmed more than 1 million infections since the start of the pandemic and nearly 10,000 deaths.
Medical professionals have harshly criticized the government decision to introduce COVID-19 passes for indoor spaces only from 10 p.m. They said the move was too little too late and that stricter measures are needed to curb the raging virus.
Retired epidemiologist Dr Zoran Radovanovic told media,"It's scandalous and far too late."
The Serbia's government initially was reluctant to impose any measures, urging people to get vaccinated instead. Face masks have been obligatory indoors in the Balkan country but there have been no limits for gatherings or work at nightclubs, bars or restaurants.
However, starting Saturday evening, visitors will have to provide COVID-19 passes showing evidence of vaccination, a negative test or that they have recovered from the disease in the past seven months.
Officials said more than 2,000 inspections will control whether the new rules are being implemented.
The COVID-19 situation has been alarming also in other countries of Central and Eastern Europe where vaccination rates are lower than the European Union average. Romania has approved the tightening of rules from Monday as hospitals filled up and infections soared to record numbers.
The country of Slovenia on Saturday said the number of confirmed daily cases has reached a nine-month high and a positivity rate of about 30% in the country of about 2 million people.
Slovenia has fully vaccinated 53% of the population of 2 million. Just over 5,000 people have died of COVID-19.
Croatia is also reporting a surge in daily new cases to more than 3,500 over the past days, the daily number of confirmed cases has risen by 1,600 since last weekend, health authorities said.
The Croatian government so far has imposed COVID-19 passes for the health and social service workers, but not the general population. Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic on Saturday called on citizens to vaccinate-Croatia's vaccination rate also stands at around 50%.
He said, "Vaccination is seen globally as the best solution and we must all help those citizens who still have doubts to decide in favor of it.”
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