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Source: Medical Journals  Aug 06, 2020  3 years, 8 months, 1 week, 1 hour, 54 minutes ago

WARNING! Medical Journals: Numerous Manipulated And Faked COVID-19 Research Studies Appearing In Various Journals

WARNING! Medical Journals: Numerous Manipulated And Faked COVID-19 Research Studies Appearing In Various Journals
Source: Medical Journals  Aug 06, 2020  3 years, 8 months, 1 week, 1 hour, 54 minutes ago
Medical Journals: In the last seven months, as result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the amount studies, research and clinical trials has greatly accelerated as scientist around the world are rushing to find more about the  SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, its genomic elements, its pathogenesis, treatments and cures.

Unfortunately while have lots of honest and credible researchers and research institutions, we also have unethical ones who can be bought by those with their own personal agendas (pharmaceutical giants and governments.)
While we at Thailand Medical News have to peruse through hundreds of studies and press releases and materials sent to us daily and in some cases we actually work with research intuitions to actually propel research into specific directions, we were shocked in the last few months to see that the whole research industry and the medical and scientific journals are being tainted by the influence of greed, money and power.
Although it is mandatory for researchers to declare any conflict of interest, we found that this can be easily concealed in a variety of ways. For instance, pharma companies can ‘donate’ money to a research intuition for another cause while in reality the institution has already been manipulated to redirect those funds for a particular research with expected results! We have researchers who are being paid with direct payments through off shore accounts. There are actually so many ways that the pharmaceutical companies are manipulating researchers and institutions (including many famous and so called credible ones.)
There are a few famous American medical institutions that have one of the worse track records for faked and manipulated studies but yet a lot of research from them is still being published in various famous medical and scientific journals.
Reverting back to medical journals, it may come as a surprise to some that most of these medical journals are actually owned by private companies and not medical organizations or government entities. And now for a bigger surprise, in the last 6 months most of these various companies including a few prestigious American, British and European medical publishing houses have had heavy investments and new investors all from China!  (Most of the time via third party entities such as venture capital groups, funding houses etc.)
One Dutch entity is literally controlled by the Chinese and are more inclined towards Chinese interest as a result of their heavy investments in the country ie medical literature and references for universities and teaching schools, CDS (Clinical Decision Support System) platforms for hospitals etc.
As a result of the Chinese influence, many also have to follow the Chinese unethical greed strategies to ensure profitability.
Hence we were shocked to see certain journals that have very prestigious titles carrying some of the most ‘garbage-like’ research findings in them!
Contrary to what most people think, peer reviews can even be bought these days and critics silenced thru a variety of ways (all using money off course!).
We were shocked to see for instance a unprofessional study by so called ‘researchers’ from a holistic center in America on Lactoferrin published in a prestig ious medical journal. Further investigations revealed that it cost them only US$15,000 for them to get their research published in that journal including a ‘peer review’ etc! Their reasons for doing so were that they could use it in their advertising and PR materials to get more customers into their holistic center for the ‘crap treatment protocols’ they were selling!
Then they were examples of three medical institutions with researchers whose credentials were dubious but whose manipulated ‘study findings’ were trying to fill in gaps that were missing or were being questioned about a particular drug that is was being approved to treat COVID-19. Interestingly enough, we found out that one of the universities concerned had received a US$1.6 million donation from the pharma giant whose drug was being studied about 8 weeks prior!
There are cases where credible research papers actually do not get published due to powerful lobbying by the pharma giants. One case in point is studies on ivermectin to treat COVID-19. Numerous credible papers could not even get into preprints forget about journals as many pharma giants have vested interest to ensure that it does not compete with their own overpriced drugs that have literally no proven efficacy let alone safety studies except claims that it shortens hospitalization stays!
Note that many of these online preprint servers are actually owned by the same medical publishing houses or universities that are indirectly controlled by the pharma giants.
In some cases, actually credible and reliable research studies can be found on some preprint servers but they often again do not make it to the journals due to lobbying or lack of funds to pay off the right people or to pay for a proper peer review!
It fact these days some of the preprint research findings are more credible than the so called peer reviewed studies found in prestigious journals.
We at Thailand Medical News, have a network of experts, scientists, doctors and researchers in the US and Europe that we ask to vet through all articles before publishing them. We do not use so called doctors or experts from third world countries like India, Philippines, Russia or some Eastern bloc countries to review our works unlike other fraudulent medical sites.

Though our English and writing skills might not be great, we ensure only credible and properly researched information and data on all of our sites.
If we do not cover certain research studies or discoveries or trending news that other medical sites or mainstream media do, it most probably due to the fact that we do not consider it credible.
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