Source: U.S. Medical News  Dec 19, 2021  6 months ago
United States Expected To Witness A Viral Blizzard In Coming Weeks As Omicron Is In Already In 44 States Now Plus New Delta Subvariants Emerging!
United States Expected To Witness A Viral Blizzard In Coming Weeks As Omicron Is In Already In 44 States Now Plus New Delta Subvariants Emerging!
Source: U.S. Medical News  Dec 19, 2021  6 months ago
U.S. Medical News: A total of 44 states in America now has the Omicron variant with Montano, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Indiana and Vermont being the only six states where the new B.1.1.529 variant has yet to be found.

COVID-19 cases, deaths and hospitalizations have all surged in the country, with many parts experiencing high levels of community transmission, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
The current daily average of COVID-19 cases is about 128,000, a 17-percent increase in the last 14 days.
The average daily deaths is about 1,296, up 9 percent from the prior 14 days.
On the 17th of December, a total of 62,616 Americans are in hospital due to COVID-19.
The latest data emerging from the U.S. NIH and U.S.CDC are that 6,321 new COVID-19 hospitalizations were recorded in the last 24 hours.
As of the 18th of December, a total of 16,052 Americans are in ICU due to COVID-19!
Real reliable data showing how many of these in ICU are double vaccinated and how many are truly not vaccinated are not available despite claims by experts and American mainstream media that many that are in hospitals are unvaccinated! U.S. Medical News will be providing more updates on these in coming days.
There is no proper data on the number of actual number of Omicron cases identified in the United States at the moment as the Biden administration is suppressing this data along with the number of breakthrough infections caused by both the new Delta sub-variants and also the Omicron variants!
Americans are not being told the real scenario nor about the dangers ahead.
The U.S. CDC is merely saying that the Omicron variant represents about 3% to 3.5% of COVID samples analyzed in the U.S.! Full breakdowns like that in Europe are not being provided.
So called top U.S. infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci said the Omicron variant is going to be dominant in the United States, given its doubling time. There is "virtually no" protection against the Omicron variant without getting booster shots, he said to garbage American mainstream media on Friday.
However more emerging studies are showing that the booster shots might not also work. by-stellenbosch-university-shows-that-omicron-variant-is-still-breaking-through-booster-shots-despite-claims-by-the-west">
Despite the increased attention for Omicron, Delta continues to be the main variant circulating in the United States. For the week ending Dec. 11, the Delta variant accounted for 96.7 percent of circulating SARS-CoV-2 variants, according to the U.S.CDC.
However, what the U.S. CDC stopped short of mentioning was that a variety of new Delta subvariants are at play here and some are even more concerning than the Omicron as they too are causing breakthrough infections but once again the Biden administration is suppressing such data.
Heavy holiday travel has already begun amid Omicron concerns. The U.S. Transportation Security Administration expected up to 21 million Americans will fly between Dec. 23 and Jan. 3. These travel traffic will help to spread the virus even more.
Co-infections with two variants or more are expected to be a new common phenomenon soon in the United States just like in the UK and more worrisome variants are expected to emerge as a result of recombinant events.
Despite all the false hopes given by the various politicians and so-called health experts, the COVID-19 surges are expected to cause more deaths and also long-term health issues in millions of Americans.
Already as of the 18th of December, more than 827,206 Americans have died from the COVID-19 disease and more than 51,629,205 Americans have already been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus that is expected to cause a range of health and medical conditions.
Hilariously despite two bad years and more to come, Americans are still listening to charlatans like Anthony Fauci and the rest of the so-called American experts and the paid American mainstream garbage media are still quoting them!
Hopefully in 2022, Americans will wake up and start doing something about the elites, pharma giants, politicians, mainstream media, social media platforms and search engines trying to control the COVID-19 narratives.

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