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Source: A Letter To Thailand Medical News  Sep 12, 2021  2 years ago
This Is Getting Stupid! Passports And Mandates! Legal Actions Required Along With Revolt! Americans Want Senile Dictator Biden Kicked Out!
This Is Getting Stupid! Passports And Mandates! Legal Actions Required Along With Revolt! Americans Want Senile Dictator Biden Kicked Out!
Source: A Letter To Thailand Medical News  Sep 12, 2021  2 years ago
A Letter To Thailand Medical News: The world is getting crazy day by day all because of those controlling the COVID-19 narratives. I am all for vaccines but vaccines that fully work and are 100% safe. Not vaccines that cannot stop the spread of a disease. Not vaccines that allow breakthrough infections. And certainly note that vaccines that cannot stop disease severity, hospitalizations and mortality caused by emerging immune evasive SARS-CoV-2 variants. I am also not for vaccines that have not been tested the traditional safe ways with shortcuts or manipulated data. I am not for vaccines that cause adverse reactions such as clotting issues. I am not for vaccines that can trigger paralysis or even death no matter how low the risk of that occurring. That fact that such events are possible in a percentage of the population, even how low that percentage might be is enough for me to avoid such vaccines. It is my life! I have a choice.

If only a truly 90% effective and 100% safe vaccine was around to eradicate the COVID-19 pandemic by effectively stopping the spread of the virus and also preventing breakthrough infections with no adverse effects, I am sure more than 99 percent of the global population would voluntarily take the vaccines fast.

Stupid ignorant garbage that have been vaccinated but claim that the unvaccinated are causing surges should have their heads pulped!
Enough lies that the unvaccinated are the problem or that the unvaccinated have higher risk of dying as published by certain garbage mainstream American and British media that are being paid by those with vested interest in the vaccine programs.  I cannot for the life of me understand why only now the COVID-19 mortality risk for the unvaccinated is being peddled as between 11 to 30 times more  by various media and researchers when prior to the debut of the vaccines, COVID-19 mortality rates were promoted as being relatively low! Stop manipulating figures and data!
Also it is very clearly scientifically proven that it is the vaccines that are driving the mutations and emergence of immune evasive variants. Stop with the bullshit talking otherwise.,-more-antibody-resistant-sars-cov-2-virus-strains-would-emerge
Although I do not promote that people should avoid the vaccines as there is a certain degree of the vaccines reducing disease severity and mortality risk especially when in context of the current variants that are predominant in circulation(Not the new Delta sub-variants or the Mu or C.1.2. variants which have yet to become predominant yet. Those will change the dynamics of the pandemic in about 6 to 12 weeks’ time and by then we will see how redundant the current vaccines will be hence my dire calls for more effective second or third generation vaccines), I am strongly against the idea o f making vaccines mandatory. People have a right to what is being done to their bodies.
The Democrats and Biden have overstepped their authority and by behaving like dictators and enforcing vaccine mandates, the only solution besides legal re-clause are violent revolts to get these dogs out! The last election was a big mistake as Americans had to choose between two inept candidates. And unfortunately most chose a geriatric senile candidate that is being controlled by certain ‘black demon’ who is a former president. I am not a bigot or a racist but notice that in this COVID-19 pandemic, another black, the director general of the WHO also fumbled the whole control of the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus from Wuhan-China to the rest of the whole. (I let readers make their own assumptions based on these observations!) Many Americans did not realize that they would end up being governed by a dictator and their freedom restricted and their personal rights taken away by them by senile dictator Biden.
A lot of stupid European leaders are also going with Vaccine Passports and Vaccine Mandates and those leaders too should be voted out in the next elections or at least be forced out now.
Matryrs are desperately needed to rid the world of some of these garbage enforcing such draconian measures.
Americans should not merely keep quiet and let a senile dictator control their lives and their bodies and the lives and bodies of their loved ones. A revolt is needed. America needs a coup. Biden, Obama and the rest of the garbage such as Fauci and Gates need to be dealt with.
Though I am not a supporter nor a fan of Trump, it can be clearly seen that because of his incompetency in the field of American politics, the Democrats lead by Obama planted and also bought over some of those close to Trump or that were advising him on policies including the cunning Fauci so as to make Trump look stupid and for Americans to turn against Trump during the elections.
Soldiers in the army, healthcare workers and factory workers and all that are being forced by Biden’s vaccine mandates should rebel. In fact soldiers should orchestrate a coup with the help of the public to oust Biden and the Democrats.
In South-East Asia, one or two countries are also planning to start restrict the public access to shopping malls, supermarkets etc should they not be vaccinated despite the corrupted and incompetent leaders in those countries not being able to get sufficient vaccine supplies in the first place as many are still wanting to get vaccinated. Come 1st of October, a group of lawyers have already been assembled to help the public who cannot access certain public areas as result of not being able to get vaccinated to make legal cases against those who implemented such stupid measures and also against establishments that deny service to the public. It is going to be fun time ahead for sure in those countries as well.
Maybe the best solutions would be a proper segregation ie business entities that want to only serve the unvaccinated should be allowed to do so. Similarly unvaccinated nurses and doctors can serve only the unvaccinated.
Lets pray (Even without prayer, that scenario is definitely on its way of becoming a reality) that certain Delta and Mu sub-variants quickly become the dominant circulating variants and also ADE becomes more apparent. Then things will change and there will be fun times ahead.
A TMN Reader

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