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Source: Thailand Official Fake COVID-19 News  Mar 12, 2022  1 year ago
Thailand Official Fake COVID-19 News: Officials Say Only 24,592 New COVID-19 Cases And 68 COVID-19 Deaths In Last 24 Hours! Death Reporting To Change!
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Thailand Official Fake COVID-19 News: Officials Say Only 24,592 New COVID-19 Cases And 68 COVID-19 Deaths In Last 24 Hours! Death Reporting To Change!
Source: Thailand Official Fake COVID-19 News  Mar 12, 2022  1 year ago
Thailand Official Fake COVID-19 News: As per the norm in the land of scams where truth is never prevalent, local officials reported that there were only 25,592 New COVID-19 Cases (As confirmed by PCR tests and only if one was able to get access to these test!) and a mere 68 COVID-19 deaths in the last 24 hours despite local doctors and various social media platforms painting a totally different and far more worrisome scenario!
According to Thailand Official Fake COVID-19 News, another 20,385 positive ATK (Rapid Antigent Test Kits) were also recorded, bringing the cumulative total to only 44,977! 
Many locals are claiming on social media platforms that many hospitals in Bangkok city and also in various provinces are now turning away individuals seeking COVID-19 PCR tests and literally most hospitals are already full in terms of hospital beds for COVID-19 patients and the same goes for ICU wards.
To make matters worse, many ATK test kits that are being used in the country are not really reliable especially when it comes to the newly emerging BA.2 subvariants. There is also a brand that is being used extensive here in Thailand despite the US FDA issuing a warning about the brand being unreliable. You also have many online sites selling and organizations distributing unauthorized ATK test kits!
It was also claimed by many that private hospitals in Bangkok and also upcountry are also seizing the opportunity to fleece as many as possible by charging exorbitant rates for COVID-19 test, substandard meds and also for hospitalization beds and worse, stupid foreign travelers who come here and get tested positive are in for the big scams by these hospitals and are expected to be overcharged for every detailed service or product used!
Certain stupid local doctors are insisting that the Omicron variant that is predominant and the BA.2 which is just starting to becoming dominant, are all mild and that people can merely recuperate at home for about 10 days and are advocating taking the single herb andrographis panniculata and to take warm drinks of honey and lemon! (Mind you this is the type of medical advice being dished out by a very senior public health official! They do not even comprehend the long COVID or even about the other long-term effects of the SARS-CoV-2 infection or about viral persistence etc)
Meanwhile it was reported that the health officials are planning to start revising the reporting of COVID-19 death rates next week as the already manipulated low rates of between 55 to 70 deaths a day is still raising concerns among the elites with interest in the hospitality industry and also causing foreign governments to issue travel advisories about visiting Thailand. https://www.thailandmedical.news/news/united-states-centers-for-disease-control-and-prevention-cdc-issues-warning-against-travelling-to-thailand-many-countries-to-follow-suit
Hence to resolve these issues and also to get more stupid unsuspecting foreign travelers into the country, the local officials want to revise COVID-19 death reporting to exclude all those who died but had existing medical comorbidities such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart issues, cancer, HIV etc. (maybe they might even exclude out all those who were old and died! Lol!)
Expect the daily reported COVID-19 figures to look even much better starting next week.
Let’s pray that the surge becomes worse and that more lethal variants appear and that all those managing the crisis and developing stupid strategies along with their loved ones succumb. It will also be great to see more local stupid physicians who are making stupid unscientific comments also perish in these coming surges.
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