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Source: Thailand Coronavirus News  Jul 17, 2021  2 years ago
Thailand Coronavirus News: It Will Be Catastrophic If Country Does Not Take The Bitter Pill And Impose A Full Lockdown For At Least 28 Days!
Thailand Coronavirus News: It Will Be Catastrophic If Country Does Not Take The Bitter Pill And Impose A Full Lockdown For At Least 28 Days!
Source: Thailand Coronavirus News  Jul 17, 2021  2 years ago
Thailand Coronavirus News: It is hard being the Prime Minister at the moment as whatever decision is taken, there are always going to be people that are not happy and going to kick up a ruckus. However at the same time the Government has to accept responsibility that due to poorly made decisions in the last few months, the COVID-19 situation deteriorated badly.

Thais who are homeless and low-income residents receive food donations from
volunteers as the Covid pandemic worsens in Bangkok. 
Photograph: Lillian Suwanrumpha/AFP/Getty Images

However we are now at a critical juncture and instead of throwing blame at each other for mistakes made in the past, everybody…and I repeat everybody need to come together and work together and come up with solutions and not try to profit from the situation in any way.
The COVID-19 figures reported today for the country stands at 10,082 new infections and 141 deaths in the last 24 hours. Everybody knows that these figures are far from accurate as thousands out there have not being able to get tested and many deaths were never examined properly and tested for SARS-CoV-2.
It is time the government come clean about everything from vaccines, hospital beds, oxygen supplies, drugs and the actual situation. Thais are somewhat forgiving and if the restart buttons need to be pressed, so be it.
The rich Sino-Thai conglomerates, the Amnart, politicians, government servants, private hospitals, doctors and medical suppliers trying to profit should stop and think twice. Trying to procure blood money from the middle classes and the poor is ultimately going to backfire if the situation becomes catastrophic which it will at the rate the way the COVID-19 crisis is being managed. Social unrest is bound to occur and while the poor and desperate Thais are committing suicide at the moment, a time will come when some will get smarter and decide to become martyrs by taking along those that are making things tough for them or have exploited them etc.
It is disgusting reading about scions of a greedy Thai-Chinese conglomerate talking openly about arranging funds to take over distressed SMEs and assets!
Also It is disgusting reading about Thai-Chinese owned Insurance companies trying to backtrack on their commitments and only focus on their profits.
The COVID-19 situation in Thailand is particularly vulnerable as due to a low vaccination rate and the presence of so many different SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern (VOCs) in the country coupled with other factors such as the prevalence of diseases and medical conditions in the population such as HIV, Herpes, HPV, tuberculosis, diabetes etc all makes a possible scenario emerging even more frightening.
The country has already discovered a number of cases of co-infections with two or more variants and it is really concerning as Thailand seems a good fertile breeding grounds for more emerging variants more so a ‘Super Omega’ variant!
Already the health system has collapsed. Many hospitals are turning away patients for non-COVID-19 treatments while some have actually closed down due a sizeable amount of their staff getting infected.
 < ;br /> We are now hearing of stories of some private hospitals owned by the Sino-Thais demanding ‘cash donations’ of Bt 100,000 just to secure a bed space for those infected with COVID-19!
The poor and middle class are paying dearly for mistakes made by the politicians and the rich especially the ‘Hiso Thonglor Whore Clubs’ incident  that lead to the countrywide  outbreak.
The only solution to the current situation although it might have a huge economic impact is to impose a full lockdown nationwide and initiate door to door testing, mandatory isolation and proper treatment. A 28 day lockdown is ideal considering data about the incubation and viral clearance periods of the new variants.
‘Half-baked’ lockdowns will not help. People are getting infected at trains, buses, offices, supermarkets etc. Many Thais lack self-discipline and are still breaking rules and not following proper social distancing protocols. Yes they might wear a mask but that’s not enough. Try waiting at a check out counter of a supermarket, the Thai person behind is most probably so close to you! They simply do not see the markings on the floor or understand the concept of social distancing still!
Not wanting to spread warnings that will cause panic (We are based in Sydney anyway!), if nothing is done fast, the situation in Thailand will quickly deteriorate and will end up being far worse than India, Brazil or Indonesia in a coming month or two.
Wake up Thailand!
Thailand Medical News on our part are donating a total of 200,000 therapeutic tea sets via our site to those who want it for free but only limited to residents in Bangkok only.. There are more sets being distributed free by other groups in various other parts of the country. Details will be made online via our site and only poor and middle class Thais with social welfare cards are eligible for the free teas.
In the meanwhile, for the latest COVID-19 News, keep on logging to Thailand Medical News.


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