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Source: Monkeypox  Jun 30, 2022  1 year, 8 months, 17 hours, 7 minutes ago

PRIDE Month 2022 Ends With Gays/Bisexuals Spreading The Monkeypox Virus To The Vulnerable In The General Population, Creating An Emergency Global Health Crisis!

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PRIDE Month 2022 Ends With Gays/Bisexuals Spreading The Monkeypox Virus To The Vulnerable In The General Population, Creating An Emergency Global Health Crisis!
Source: Monkeypox  Jun 30, 2022  1 year, 8 months, 17 hours, 7 minutes ago
Many of the irresponsible Western gay and bisexual men who had helped cause the spread of the monkeypox virus to the vulnerable among the general population such as young children, pregnant women, those who are immunocompromised and the elderly with existing comorbidities as a result of engaging in unprotected and communal sex during the events and fringe activities held to commemorate PRIDE month 2022 should be very ‘proud’ of themselves!

The disease has now spread to more than 53 countries outside the African continent and has now affected children, pregnant women and the elderly largely due to the recklessness of the Western gay and bisexual vectors.
As a result of caseloads still increasing due to many gay and bisexual gay men still not taking preventive actions and are still engaging in unprotected communal sex in gay saunas, gay dungeons, gay sex parties and in cruising joints plus the fact that the disease has now spilled into the general population possibly by airborne transmissions, the WHO is holding an urgent meeting on Saturday to review classifying the monkeypox outbreak as an emergency health crisis and declaring it a pandemic.
As of the last one hour, the total number of global monkeypox cases has now risen to 6,217 with the United Kingdom leading with 1213 cases.
Spain now has 1193 confirmed cases, Germany 969 cases, France 440 cases, Portugal 390 cases, United States 351 cases, Canada 278 cases, Netherlands 257 cases, Italy 159 cases, Belgium 117 cases, Israel 38 cases and Ireland 31 cases.
Turkey became the 52nd country to have monkeypox on its soil after a gay man was identified with the disease while Estonia became the 53rd country with a single case just identified.
The majority of those infected ie about 96 percent are all gay men but it has been reported than more than 8 kids have now been infected along with 3 pregnant women and 7 elderly adults who are not gay. It is not known if the kids were victims of sexual abuse or if their fathers were bisexual men or if they contracted the disease through contaminated materials or via airborne transmissions.
The rest of the 4 percent are basically men who refuse to divulge their sexual identities.
What is interesting is that many of those infected do not have their conditions resolving yet with many still having skin pustules, rashes or lesions that do not seem to be healing despite being weeks into the infection.
Also, many of the newer infected besides reporting rashes and lesions in the genital areas, are now reporting of lesions and sores that enlarge in the rectal areas and rectum.
Although the monkeypox belongs to a new strain that contains more than 50 mutations compared to the two previous strains in the African continent, , researchers believed that the virus is still mutating rapidly as many new mutations are being found in the newer specimens that were sequenced.
It is also believed that tens of thousands of people globally could be carrying the virus asymptomatically as it is believed that the virus was already in circulation s ince late 2019.
Some believe that the COVID-19 induced immunodeficiency and even the COVID-19 jabs could be somehow a driving force in the evolution of this new strain of monkeypox but there is no scientific evidence to date of these allegations.
Current diagnostics and assays are taking too long to diagnose the disease and many physicians are also missing out identifying the disease as some may present only mild symptoms or even rashes and lesions that resemble other infections.
Current emerging data shows that the virus has been detected in the body fluids of those infected including semen, saliva, and even nasal snot and rectal mucus.

In Thailand, the gay commuity should take precautions since the government is being reckless and is opening the country to all international travelelrs including many sex tourists from high risk United Kingdom and Germany and even Singapore. Local gay venues in the country should take extra precuations and measures to prevent such foreigners from bringing the disease here.
By late Saturday, it is believed that the Monkeypox disease will be declared a global pandemic or an emergency health crisis thanks to the gay community and the PRIDE month 2022 activities in Europe.
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