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Source: Help Needed  Jul 26, 2021  2 years ago
Please Help! Support By Buying Artworks Or Donating!
Please Help! Support By Buying Artworks Or Donating!
Source: Help Needed  Jul 26, 2021  2 years ago
Thailand Medical News has been trying to rasie funds to purchase COVID-19 rapid antigen test kits, oxygen concentrators, high flow nasal oxygen machines and various drugs for migrant workers in Bangkok and Maesot province and also for Thais in Bangkok. Despite numerous appeals, we did not even get one buyer or even one donor! We have tons of readers from around the world but no support.(Off course one can forget  about Indians, Mainland Chinese and Muslim readers! But we are amazed at the lack of response from our other readers.)

Our goal is to raise funds through the sale of these artworks by Kittie Bruneau  who is a famous RCA accredited Canadian artist whose works are currently available throughout museums in various parts of the work. Kindly goggle to know more about her. She passed away at the age of 91 in April this year and her works are expected to raise in value tremendously in coming years. Note when comparing prices of the worth of her paintings online, some of the low priced items are simply prints or items sold in the late 1990s. At the moment her works are being sold in art galleries in Quebec for a between US$6,000 to US$30,000k depending on size and year.

The collection of acryclic on canvas paintings we feature are the only ones that come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artists herself and are a special selection of works.

We will not put a price on the paintings but welcome individuals to place a bid for the paintings at prices that they  can contribute and we will respond back. (All bids start a minimum of US$2,500.) Please email with the number of the painting selected and the price bid and ur contact details to:

Those who prefer to support us with smaller donations, can donate via the link.

1.Cat No: 135
Title: L’eclatante lumiere detes jambes
Size: 178cm by 155 cm
Year: 1996

2.Cat No: 153
Title: L’ephemere
Des choses
Size: 205cm by 173 cm
Year: 2003

3. Cat No: 263
Title: Man from Bangkor Market
Size: 172cm by 134 cm
Year: 1986

4.Cat No: 167
Title: Les flames de Parvati
Size: 87cm by 116 cm
Year: 2003

5.Cat No: 437
Title: Reve de Norvege r /> Size: 85cm by 121 cm
Year: 2007

6.Cat No: 089
Title: Bouc a la forme de coeur
Size: 74 cm by 68 cm
Year: 2010

7.Cat No: 073
Title: Les chemins de la mer
Size: 172cm by 169 cm
Year: 1997

8.Cat No: 155
Title: Les erables ont fini de saigner
Size: 220cm by 180 cm
Year: 1996

9.Cat No: 267
Title: Mandala neshwari
Size: 93cm by 83 cm
Year: 1998

10. Title: Sans Titre
Size: 104cm by 129 cm
Year: 1987

11.Cat No: 541
Title: Vogue la galere la licorne
Size: 201cm by 178 cm
Year: 1996

Please do help us with our project in whichever you can. Thank You.



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