Source: COVID-19-2022  Aug 18, 2021  1 year ago
Opinion: 2021-The Year Of Variants, 2022-Year Of ADE, Deaths, New Chronic Health Conditions From Long COVID-19, Social Unrest And Baseball Bats!
Opinion: 2021-The Year Of Variants, 2022-Year Of ADE, Deaths, New Chronic Health Conditions From Long COVID-19, Social Unrest And Baseball Bats!
Source: COVID-19-2022  Aug 18, 2021  1 year ago
The COVID-19 pandemic is indeed the best thing that has happened to the world so far. Yes, sympathies to the families of those have died and also those that are suffering economically as a result of the pandemic but then we also have to look at the bright sides of the health crisis.

Deaths From COVID-19 Will Be A Common Sight In 2022
The COVID-19 pandemic is waking us up to the realities of how big pharmas, big corporations, unethical researchers, physicians, institutions of learning are manipulating science to further their greed or agendas. We are witnessing around the world how governments are corrupt and incompetent. We are seeing how American and British social media platforms, search engines and mainstream media are trying to control the COVID-19 narratives. We are witnessing how unqualified fact-checkers and journalists with no medical backgrounds are able in a slight of their hands, destroy valid scientific research. We are witnessing how certain British and American elites are trying to control the world indirectly.
But who is to blame? Yeap…the common people for not fighting back and claiming back your rights and letting all these individuals get away with all that they are doing. The internet for instance should be a platform of expression of free speech for all. The internet should not be controlled by a few American technocrats or those in Governments anyway around the world. We should not be controlled in terms of what we can read and we should be given the right to judge for ourselves.
The COVID-19 pandemic will also serve society in that it will sieve and segregate the truly capable and smart people while the lazy, stupid, ignorant, incompetent, selfish, hypocritical and greedy individuals will be exposed and hopefully perish in the pandemic one way or another. The world is overpopulated anyway and maybe it is just nature’s way of eradicating the garbage. (Mind you I am not supporting the proponents of eugenics or human genocide.)
But coming back to the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be regarded as one of the worse managed health crisis in the history of mankind. We off course have to first blame all the buffoons at the WHO and the U.S. CDC of course.
It is still shocking however that despite advances in the sciences and technology and even in the education levels of the masses and even among researchers and physicians, we have so many stupid protocols that are still being used while correct approaches as to how to deal with the crisis are not being deployed.
For instance nasal swab PCR tests to test if a person has been infected or has recovered…seriously! It is shocking that even 20 months since the SARS-CoV-2 crisis first started, many countries are using these tests! Some studies have shown that the new variants do not linger in the nasal airways anymore but rather start hiding in reservoirs and replicating in the bronchus or deeper in the lung regions. In some cases, we have the virus now entering via the mouth cavities and entering the saliva glands etc. Numerous studies have shown that in so called recovered patients, there are still reservoirs of the virus in the organs and deeper tissues. The virus has been found in the kidneys, testes, intestines of so called recovered individuals who were tested by the nasal swab test. A nasal swab tests is not able to detect the virus reservoirs in other parts of the body.
The way that testing, relea se of results, isolation and treatment protocols in various countries are being executed is really laughable. In some cases some of these measures are actually helping to cause the further spread and even give rise to newer variants. So called field hospitals in some South-East Asian countries are literally breeding grounds for new variants and also are places where those who were asymptomatic or had only mild conditions can have their conditions worsened by constant exposure to the virus! Some of these countries also have ridiculous lock down measures where there is no scientific rationale to their selective measures. Some of the treatment protocols in these countries are even totally bewildering as drugs (Some teratogenic) that are not approved by the WHO or US FDA or CDC and in which numerous clinical trials have shown that they are not effective to treat COVID-19 are being used by and so is unproven herb. (Only proven by their substandard local researchers!). It is amazing that so called ‘doctors’ these countries are not even questioning anything. It just reflects their stupidity.
Daily reportings by various countries on the COVID-19 situation is so misleading. We need more than just the number infected and the number dead. We need to know how many are reinfections and how many are breakthrough infections. If possible, we need to know how many are truly asymptomatic and how many are symptomatic. We need data to see how many of those hospitalized when on to develop ARDs or if their conditions deteriorated through other ways. We need to know how many died from heart failure and we need to how many were put on what drug regimens etc.
Thailand Medical News would like to warn all about the concept of viral priming! For example, in surge, a substantial percentage of the population could have been exposed to a particular strain and yet many were asymptomatic and many were not tested but the virus can still disrupt certain critical parts of the immune system ie priming you for further exposure to newer variants in the next surge in which case you will, most likely develop more serious conditions after a while and it could too late by the time your body starts reacting to the internal damage done. Reinfections are becoming a very common occurrence and no research teams are focusing on these patterns of the immune system changes with newer strains at each surge.
Forget even about surges with newer identified VOCs for a while.  A person in a community where many people are infected will constantly be exposed to the virus constantly and it should be noted that the virus while in a human host, will still mutate but very slightly. Thus in an environment where infection rates are high for example in current Thailand, a person might be constantly be exposed to ‘new minor variants’. How would such a person’s immune system react eventually in such an environment is anyone’s guess!
Thailand Medical News had already made the predictions last year that 2021 will be the year of more mutations and SARS-CoV-2 variants emerging. We made the prediction of the Delta variant emergence and spread from India, the ongoing surge that started in July and the coming year end surges and the arrival of other strains of concern including the Lambda, Mu and Nu variants. Infection and death rates will continues but at a disappointing rate! (We had prepared 9 boxes for the death figures on our home page but for the last few months, we are only still using only the last 7 boxes!)
We are predicting that 2022 will be the year of phenomenal increased deaths from COVID-19 as a we will see a number of things at play such more transmissible and immune evading variants being dominant in circulation, ADE will be manifested more commonly by these new variants, more people will exhibit totally dysfunctional immune systems a result of viral priming and more people will also develop secondary opportunistic infections. In terms of LONG COVID-19, we will witness more newer medical conditions arising because of newer pathogenesis patterns exhibited by the new variants and also some of the effects from infections in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic will start to bear fruition. For example we will see a wide variety of cancers appearing especially carcinomas or malignancies of the epithelial tissues.
Despite whatever that is fed to us via the media by governments, big pharma and also so called experts, the COVID-19 pandemic is not going to be better for 2022 and in fact various modeling platforms are indicating a catastrophic period coming.  
Some so called virologist are claiming that the virus will weaken while some are experts are claiming that we will achieve herd immunity and yet others are saying that COVID-19 will becoming endemic and resemble flu. Some are living in an illusion that COVID-19 will end sometime next year and that things will go back to normal
The reality is none of these is going to ever materialize. COVID-19 2022 will continue to see surges, each with more devastating effects and the COVID-19 is going to last for a few more years until effective combinations of antiviral therapeutics are identified and adopted. (Many have are already been identified but certain ‘elites’ and ‘big pharma’ are trying to find ways to have them hidden away through whatever means.)
As a result of economic fallouts from the ongoing escalating pandemic, we can expect to see more social unrest around the world.
Baseball bats will be the next must have commodity for 2022 as the masses will not be forgiving to those who have been feeding them misleading information or fake news especially the ‘experts’ and authorities concerned as they are responsible for the deaths of many. Neither should the owners, the families and staff of various American social media platforms, certain search engines and certain mainstream media, big pharma and billionaires who have been trying to control the whole COVID-19 narratives be allowed to escape.
Thailand Medical News will be talking a light break for the next few days with only a few articles to be uploaded as I am are busy at the moment with the personal coaching programs that have been extremely successful in terms of response and also because I am starting some new initiatives here in Sydney and soon in Europe as well concerning cancer.
I also like to thank the Indian government, Indian Media and global sponsors and various religious intuitions in India for backing our therapeutic tea project there.
The tea project should be appearing in more than 68 different mainstream media in India in coming days.
I am expanding the program shortly to Australia, Spain and Brazil with the support of the Opus Die order and their respective country representatives.
In the meanwhile, keep on reading Thailand Medical News especially the older articles if you wish to survive the COVID-19 pandemic as there is a wealth of information there on various COVID-19 prophylaxis and therapeutics.


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