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Source: Medical News - Monkeypox Updates  Aug 23, 2022  10 months ago
LATEST! WHO Warns Of Several Breakthrough Monkeypox Cases And Now States That Current Monkeypox Vaccines Are Not 100 Percent Effective!
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LATEST! WHO Warns Of Several Breakthrough Monkeypox Cases And Now States That Current Monkeypox Vaccines Are Not 100 Percent Effective!
Source: Medical News - Monkeypox Updates  Aug 23, 2022  10 months ago
The World Health Organization or WHO has reported that here has been several documented cases of breakthrough monkeypox infections and warned that people should assume that the current monkeypox vaccines are a totally effective prophylaxis!

WHO officials stressed that while the monkeypox vaccine is not 100% effective, individuals should also use preventive measures to decrease the risk of transmission including avoiding sexual and intimate contacts and also stay from crowds and high-risk areas.
Thailand Medical News had already warned about the efficacy of the current monkeypox vaccines in July 2022.,-blood,-urine,-semen,-feces,-nasal-and-anal-swabs-of-those-infected
During a media briefing last week, Dr Rosamund Lewis, WHO's technical lead for monkeypox reported that there has been several documented cases of breakthrough monkeypox cases in individuals who had received a prophylaxis vaccine following exposure to the virus. There has also been cases of individuals who had first received the vaccine and subsequently contracted the disease after being expose to the virus.
Dr Lewis stressed, "We have known from the beginning that this vaccine would not be a silver bullet, that it would not meet all the expectations that are being put on it and that we don't have firm efficacy data or effectiveness data in this context.”
She further added, "The fact that we're beginning to see some breakthrough cases is also really important information because it tells us that the vaccine is not 100% effective in any given circumstance, whether preventive or post-exposure. We cannot expect 100% effectiveness at the moment based on this emerging information."
The U.S. CDC had made claims that Monkeypox can be prevented with the Jynneos smallpox vaccine, which can also be effective after a person is infected.
Many doctors and medical researchers said that the latest WHO’s revelation on the efficacy data on the vaccine is not surprising because a study from the 1980s found that these shots could provide roughly about 85% protection against monkeypox viruses of the initial strains.
Dr Lewis added, "What we're seeing are breakthrough cases, which are not really surprises, but it reminds us that vaccine is not a silver bullet, that every individual who feels that they are a risk, and appreciates their own level of risk, and wishes to lower their own level of risk have many interventions at their disposal, which includes vaccination where available but also protection from activities where they may be at risk.”
According to the WHO, the current Monkeypox strains spreads primarily through skin-to-skin contact, direct contact with bodily fluids or lesions, and can also be transmitted by respiratory droplets.
They stressed that although the respiratory transmission may sound similar to COVID-19, monkeypox does not spread nearly as easily as the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.
Additional suggested preventive measures include avoiding skin-to-skin contact with individuals who have a rash that looks like monkeypox, avoiding contact with objects and materials that a person with monkeypox has used, and washing hands often.
Most importantly, avoid having sex or intimate contact with any strangers or individuals with a promiscuous behavior. (In simple terms, stay away from male or female sluts!)
As of the last one hour, there has been more than 43, 728 confirmed monkeypox cases with America leading the race with more than 15,437 cases. There have been a mere 14 deaths from Monkeypox so far in this current outbreak but hopefully these figures will rise in coming weeks. Almost 97 percent of those infected were gay men or bisexuals.
Another interesting fact that has seldom been addressed by the mainstream media is that a high proportion of these gay men who were infected were found to also have one or more STIs including HIV, Syphilis and/or Gonorrhea!
Despite many living in denial or trying to be hypocritically politically correct, the current monkey outbreak was propelled by a sub-group in the gay population who were totally irresponsible and were indulging in public group sex at gay saunas, gay dungeons, gay cruising joints and at gay chemsex parties especially during the gay pride events in Europe. No health or government authorities have taken any measures to shut down such places temporarily and business is as usual in many of such venues in the United States and in Europe.
Worse still, many of these gay ‘bimbos’ are now assuming that after getting a monkeypox vaccine, they are totally protected and are back at indulging in public group sex and we can expect to see vaccine resistant strains developing soon. The current monkeypox outbreak was actually spread in a context of a gay STI but unfortunately due to closeted gays and bisexuals who have never disclosed their sexuality to their wives, partners or even sex workers that they are frequenting have helped spread the disease to mainstream population with women also being infected and also children who have contracted the disease via contaminated materials either in the same household or in other locations that were also frequented by the infected.
There is also more preliminary emerging data that the current monkeypox virus is still mutating and hopefully in coming weeks, we can expect to see more fun.
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