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Source: Japan Coronavirus News  Feb 27, 2020  3 years ago
Japan CoronavirusUpdates: Third Death Reported, Cool Hokkaido Becoming Hotbed For The Virus. Infected 182, Dead 3, Critical 13
Japan CoronavirusUpdates: Third Death Reported, Cool Hokkaido Becoming Hotbed For The Virus. Infected 182, Dead 3, Critical 13
Source: Japan Coronavirus News  Feb 27, 2020  3 years ago
Japan health authorities reported another death from the coronavirus today, an elderly man in his 80s from Tokyo. This would mark the third death in Japan (excluding those from the Diamond Princess cruise ship.)

There were also 17 new confirmed coronavirus infected cases in the last twelve hours bringing the total number of infected cases to 182, of which 13 are in critical conditions.
The coronavirus has now spread to 18 of 45 prefectures in Japan. Hokkaido is merging as the hotbed for the coronavirus with total of 51 cases while Tokyo comes next with 39 cases. Aichi comes third with 22 cases.
Prefecures In Japan With Coronavirus Infections
Hokkaido    51
Tokyo    39
Aichi    22
Kanagawa    17
Wakayama    13
Chiba    12
Saitama    05
Kumamoto    05
Ishikawa    04
Okinawa    03
Kyoto    02
Fukuoka    02
Tochigi    01
Nagano     01
Mie    01
Osaka    01
Nara    01
Tokushima    01
TOTAL    182

The snowy prefecture of Hokkaido has become a hotbed for the coronavirus with 48 confirmed cases of coronavirus infections and one death so far.
However it has the most number of children infected with the coronavirus in Japan, below the age of 12 years of age numbering at 8 cases as of now.
It was reported that the board of education in Japan's northern Hokkaido prefecture will close all public elementary and junior high schools for a few days starting Thursday.
Most of the cases in Hokkaido have been discovered in people who have links to schools, including students, teachers, school bus drivers, and cafeteria workers.
Sapporo, a tourism city in Hokkaido is due to hold marathons and walking races during the 2020 Summer Olympics, but the outbreak has raised questions about whether they will go ahead.
The manager of Sapporo's tourism department, Ms Mei Isikawa said 130,000 foreigners had cancelled trips to Sapporo in February and March so far.
Meanwhile, Nagoya the city in Aichi prefecture which has the third most coronavirus infected cases and is a steel and manufacturing city has reported that a few of its new cases originated from huge factories with a large workforce and there are now fears of mass spreading and infections.

There is also a huge number of suspected cases of coronavirus all over the Japan with close to about 17,830 cases now being investigated or waiting to be tested.
Unlike South Korea, whose  government has done all preparations proactively and has been managing the epidemic efficiently, many Japanese are disappointed with the Japanese government that seems to be moving slowly and indecisively.
Japanese residents are complaining about shortages of mask, medical supplies and even food stocks.
Doctors are also complaining about lack of protocols and guidelines and also shortage of test kits and medical supplies.
The government of Japan had also been criticized for its handling of coronavirus outbreak onboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship that lead to an increase of infections and even deaths.
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