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Source: Israel And Pfizer  Jul 19, 2021  2 years ago
HELP! Can Any Fact Checkers Verify This??? Disease Severity And Hospitalizations Rates Are Higher In Israel Among Those Who Got The Jabs!
HELP! Can Any Fact Checkers Verify This??? Disease Severity And Hospitalizations Rates Are Higher In Israel Among Those Who Got The Jabs!
Source: Israel And Pfizer  Jul 19, 2021  2 years ago
WTF! For all these months we were brainwashed that the inoculations developed and being used to control this current pandemic were at least effective in preventing  progression of disease severity and also prevent mortality even though they fail to prevent infections and the spread of the virus!

Israel was showcased by 'bastard journalists' from Western media that the vaccination programs were effective and many other stupid media elsewhere with the help of wire agencies run by 'garbage' British, American and Indian journalists that are being paid to promote the vaccine agenda, also said that the vaccines were effective and that Israel was the showcase for the rest of the world to see how effective especially the American Pfizer mRNA vaccines were.
Now emerging data is not only showing that most of the vaccinated were getting infected with the delta variant compared to those that were not vaccinated but worse, this morning my inbox was flooded with data from various sources indicating that more individuals in Israel who had been vaccinated are developing disease severity and are being hospitalized compared those who were not vaccinated.
Some of the data are from sources at twitter and some are directly from the Israeli Health Ministry leaked by concerned doctors there.
This is a graph from that some doctors found on the Israeli Health Ministry Site.

This is the COVID-19 admission and severe cases for this month. Upper graph represents admissions. Lower graph represents severe patients. Green are fully vaccinated individuals. Orange are those that only received one shot and Red are the unvaccinated pariahs like myself! The trend that the vaccinated are the ones more susceptible to disease severity is clear and concerning!
The Israeli data for infection breakthrough among vaccinated with 2 shots of Pfizer shows that the efficacy of the vaccines are literally zero!

There is no statistical difference in cases between vaccinated and unvaccinated. But and it's a big but, over double the hospitalisations in vaccinated versus unvaccinated!

For those interested to keep updated with whats happenning in Israel, keep on following the tweets of Dr Rafeak Zioni, a concerned medical doctor from Israel.

In Europe, aready numerous data is showing that countries that are most vaccinated are having more infections that those that are least vaccinated.

& lt;br /> Maybe some experts out there can really help us and tell us what is really going on or some of these trash fact checkers out there who are being paid to further the vaccine agenda can do some spin and at least make us confused to still believe in the vaccines. 

In America, do not expect to get any real data as the Biden administration and the Democrats lead by Obama, the U.S.military, DARPA, the CIA, The NIH and Dr Anthony Fauci are firmly controlling all news and data and the common American people are not aware of the truth. Fake and manipulated research are constantly emerging claiming the vaccine efficacy against the newly emerging variants and the media like CNN  and the various American social media platforms are being paid to dessimnate these garbage news to the unsuspecting American masses.

Form day one, we have been told that all the inoculations developed as a result of Operation Warp  Speed by the Americans, with key input by the Italian Jew Dr Anthony Fauci (We are all paying a price today as a result on an oversight by the Führer!) including those by Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson etc will be able to prevent at least disease severity and mortality but these emerging data if really is true and is going to shatter the last remaining hopes in many of us as the pandemic worsens and more catastrophic surges arise due to emerging potent variants caused the usage of these vaccines and antibody based therapeutics in the first place!

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