Contrary To Misinformation, COVID-19 Mortality And Hospitalization Has Been Rising In The Last 30 Days Globally. Please Take Precautions!

Source: COVID-19 Infections  Oct 23, 2020  2 years ago
GOOD NEWS! COVID-19 Infections Rising Exponentially, New Record High of 478,065 New Infections In Last 24 hours With Just A Mere 6,470 Deaths Globally
GOOD NEWS! COVID-19 Infections Rising Exponentially, New Record High of 478,065 New Infections In Last 24 hours With Just A Mere 6,470 Deaths Globally
Source: COVID-19 Infections  Oct 23, 2020  2 years ago
COVID-19 Infections: A new record high of 478,065 COVID-19 infections was recorded in the last 24 hours with just a mere 6,740 deaths. (Source: Worldometer)

However despite the mediocre death rates, the rising new COVID-19 infections are a good sign as it shows that the second wave is truly coming and more are expected to die.
Now some might wonder as to why a medical news site is saying things such record infections is a good thing or good news or even why increasing death rates are a good sign?
It is sad but we live in a world where many individuals are conceited and only focus on themselves. The COVID-19 despite being a real threat that is going to affect billions not just during the initial infection phase but also in long term health complications and in growing situations of reinfections or co-infections with rapid emerging new mutated strains of the SARS-CoV-2,  the crisis is still not being taken seriously enough by most people around the world.
This is a pandemic that is going to last a few years with the long term health implications that will last long into decades if they are lucky to live through the growing conditions in the next few years.
To date people are getting immune to the infection and death figures on the various COVID-19 dashboards, a global infection rate of more than 42 million individuals to date or more than 1.14 million people having died so far does not seem to have any impact on a majority of people. Some have this attitude as long as it does not affect them or the people close to them, they do not care. Hence we have the situation where many are still not taking precautionary measures or even bothering about how to help curtail the pandemic as a global community.
Its only when the figures really start rising exponentially, hopefully to a point where everyone has known someone in their family who has died from COVID-19 or someone in their close circle of friends then maybe people might start waking up.
In countries like the United States and Europe, we still have lots of stupid people in denial saying things that COVID-19 is not real etc and then we have those that do believe in COVID-19 but still believe in their own media, their own social media platforms and their own health agencies that has failed them and also their own researchers and doctors, most of whom have no clue but have misleading the masses.
For example we dealt with a stupid American female photographer who is misleading thousands of other stupid Americans in her facebook group for long haul COVID-19 who only believes in information from American sites and says that medical news sites from other countries are not trustworthy.( of course the same devious woman is making monies from her followers by selling their data and also thru media deals etc) And to just rebuke her, we in countries like Thailand etc believe in our  own therapies and herbal approaches etc that is why we have a low infection and death rates unlike in America and Europe  who despite claiming  to be far superior and better and smarter, have many that are dying on a daily basis like stupid cattle and more are getting infected and will suffer the long term consequences of COVID-19. Despite claiming to be far superior in terms of medical and scientific, the rates in these countries are continuing to grow and only deservingly.(we only respect those Americans and Europeans who are educated and have a broader outlook and respect advice and recommendations from other countries and other foreign healthcare professionals)
The COVID-19 pandemic might also be a blessing after all as perhaps more stubborn, arrogant and stupid individuals might be eliminated as they can be a danger to others. Our only wish however is that many of the greedy and conceited rich individuals around the world and their families, corrupted and greedy government authorities, billionaires and pharma owners who have been unethical and taking advantage of the COVID-19 situation to make monies for themselves will also perish eventually but painfully in this ongoing pandemic.
We were shocked to even know yesterday from an individual that even in these bad times, there are business people, investors and venture capitalist groups interested in only making returns of more than ten-fold during these current crisis by exploiting others. To such kinds of greedy people, we really do hope that you and your loved ones somehow suffer and hopefully die in this continuing pandemic. Praying or making merit is not going to help you!
We still have thousands of so called educated professionals on sites like LinkedIn oblivious of what is happening around them with regards to the COVID-19 crisis or who are focused on their economic problems instead of redeveloping and adapting to newer strategies while at the same time helping others.
We have lots of stupid hotel owners and hospitality staff merely complaining instead of adapting and developing newer directions that can help themselves and also others.
We at Thailand Medical News have been working on numerous research projects and even community projects without ever expecting anything in return as we believe that it’s the duty of everyone to help during this ongoing crisis. All of our projects have been self-funded except for few small donations from a few people who responded online and also a group who responded to help with our hosting services and on a project involving observational studies of ivermectin. Despite numerous appeals for help, we never got any response and we are also unfortunate to be based in a country like Thailand where the local politicians and the rich are simply filthy, greedy and corrupted and we get no help from any of them. Most of our projects are free for all and even for a very positive herbal based project that we are working on that has made tremendous headway in terms of COVId-19 research, we have basically been giving away thousands of these products to be used in observational studies in countries like Colombia, Peru, Brazil Argentina and India. We were even saddened when we were told that we should focus on the venture from business perspective to generate money to even cover our initial costs and make a profit to cover sustaining the project. That would entail us selling a therapeutic product at about at US$11 to US$12 instead of giving of it away free but the problem is that there are millions in countries like South America, India etc where even US$1 is a lot for them hence our frustrations. If the only the greedy and conceited rich individuals and companies could help, the world would be a different place.
Lets hope that the pandemic get far worse and more die and get infected and then may be more social unrest might start and the masses can also start targeting the corrupted politicians and the greedy conceited rich and their companies and families. Hopefully the COVID-19 might bring about a new social order.
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