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FUJIFILM USA  Jul 06, 2018  4 years ago
Fujifilm Releases New Minimally Invasive Imaging System
Fujifilm Releases New Minimally Invasive Imaging System
FUJIFILM USA  Jul 06, 2018  4 years ago
FUJIFILM is releasing a couple surgical visualization systems that were designed to improve minimally invasive procedures.
Imaging System
The FUJIFILM EL-580FN Ultra-Slim Video Laparoscope System uses the firm’s own Super-Honeycomb CCD sensor to produce high quality images that are sharp and reproduce colors accurately. So-called “Chip on the Tip” high definition digital image processing helps improve quality and anti-fogging features allow for a quality image to appear in the first place. The imaging device is autoclaveable, is light, and features a 3.8 mm distal end diameter, nearly half that of most of the competition. The EPX-4440FN Digital Video Processor System that it works with generates 1080i HD imaging. Automated lighting and anti-blur capabilities work together to maintain a high fidelity image.
Fujifilm Releases 

The FUJIFILM Full High Definition Surgical Visualization System comes with a choice of rigid scopes, cameras, and processing options, depending on the specialty and application. If features algorithmic edge enhancement, selective color enhancement, automatic gain, and dynamic contrast, helping to maintain a well seen image during varying procedures. There are smoke reduction features as well. Strong illumination makes sure the scene is well lit, but the surgeon can adjust the level of the LED light anywhere from 5% to 100% power.
“Fujifilm’s innovation combines exceptional image quality with a durable, low profile, easy to use scope. Ithas the potential to move us forward into the realm of Reduced Port Surgery and ultimately improve how minimally invasive surgeries are performed in the future,” in a statement said Paul G. Curcillo, II, MD, FACS, Chief of Minimally Invasive Surgery and Director of Minimally Invasive Surgical Initiatives and Development at Fox Chase Cancer Center based in Philadelphia, PA and pioneer in Single Port Access surgery.


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