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Source: COVID-19 Pandemic  Jul 26, 2021  2 years ago
Everyone Should Get Vaccinated As Soon As Possible In Order To Stay Safe From COVID-19. Ignore The Fake News And Misinformation On MSN and CNBC
Everyone Should Get Vaccinated As Soon As Possible In Order To Stay Safe From COVID-19. Ignore The Fake News And Misinformation On MSN and CNBC
Source: COVID-19 Pandemic  Jul 26, 2021  2 years ago
As the more potent Delta variant is fast becoming the dominant strain and is fast spreading around the various populations globally, along with more potential dangers from other emerging variants, it is important for everyone to stay safe and to play their part in trying to control the pandemic.


The WHO, U.S. CDC, various governments, numerous researchers , doctors, media and vaccine manufacturers have all already stressed and guaranteed that the COVID-19 vaccines will prevent disease severity, will prevent hospitalizations and also prevent death should a vaccinated individual get infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus including the new variants such as the Delta variant.
People who have no other access to prophylaxis protocols and products, and who are not well read about things and are simply ignorant about things should not hesitate and go get vaccinated as fast as possible. Those who are evangelistically pro vaccine should also go and get all their family, loved ones  and friends vaccinated as fast as possible. Vaccination should be made mandatory for all doctors, healthcare workers, army and police personnel, politicians and government workers as these are the people who are likely to get into contact with the public on a frequent basis.
People should stop listening to charlatans saying that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus does not exist or that the COVID-19 pandemic is staged.
The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is very real, the emerging variants are real and people dying from the COVID-19 disease is real.
In fact for most of the ignorant and stupid individuals out there, one way or another they are going to die in this ongoing pandemic as more variants emerge. At least the vaccines are buying them a bit more time. (Hopefully!)
The public should not be alarmed or disturbed by misinformation or maybe even ‘fake news’ disseminated by platforms like MSN (Strangely enough owned by the ‘needle fetish’ Bill Gates) and also CNBC.
Both sites were reporting on topics that could make the masses afraid and also wary of vaccines and that is not a right thing as it could upset the WHO, the U.S CDC , Biden, the Democrats and even Dr Anthony Fauci.
Both the MSN and CNBC sites were reporting that some fully and partially COVID-19 vaccinated individuals were developing disease severity upon getting infected with the SAR-CoV-2 coronavirus and that some were requiring hospitalization and some even dying.
This is very unbecoming of both sites as they are causing undue worries to the public plus it could hinder Biden’s plan to get as many Americans vaccinated as soon as possible.

It is surprising that Facebook did not ban these posts and their platforms and that Google did not down rank the site, shadow ban it and make their SEO rankings fall. Twitter too did not ban these accounts.
Bill Gates should at least fire the staff who covered that article on MSN.
The rest of the individuals should disregard articles like that and just go get vaccinated if you read American news sites!
I personally think that the world is over populated with buffoons and am finally siding with those in power that are orchestrating the whole ‘genocide’.
For more on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the daily death rates, keep on logging to Thailand Medical News. It is definitely going to get more fun with each passing day!

(PS: Please Google, I behaved today! Can you guys please upgrade my SEO rankings back to normal and stop killing my adsense revenue as none of  my readers ever donate to support this website. Thanks.)


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