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Source: Europe Coronavirus News  Feb 27, 2020  3 years ago
Europe Coronavirus Updates: 17 of 44 European Countries Now Affected. Total Infected In Europe 558, Deaths 15, Critical 41, Thousands Of Suspected Cases
Europe Coronavirus Updates: 17 of 44 European Countries Now Affected. Total Infected In Europe 558, Deaths 15, Critical 41, Thousands Of Suspected Cases
Source: Europe Coronavirus News  Feb 27, 2020  3 years ago
Europe's Coronavirus crisis is now entering a new phase after Spain’s decision to go public about the coronavirus outbreak in Tenerife despite the EU and ECDC objections based on technicalities involving the definitions and classifications of coronavirus infections.  What followed suit was many other European governments started to also announce cases in the last 24 hours and despite the low figures of confirmed cases, there is in reality a huge number of suspected cases that are being ‘investigated’ or are pending testing or tracing. Some of these countries are refusing to give details about these figures concerning suspected cases.

Breakdown Of Infected Coronavirus Cases In Europe
Country Infected Cases Deaths CriticalCondition
Italy 470 12 35
Germany 27 - 02
France 18 02 01
Spain 13 - 02
UK 13 - -
Croatia 03 - -
Austria 02 - -
Finland 02 - -
Sweden 02 - -
Belgium 01 - -
Demark 01 01 -
Estonia 01 - -
Greece 01 - -
North Macedonia 01 - -
Norway 01 - -
Romania 01 - -
Switzerland 01 - -

 Italy has the most number of confirmed ca ses with almost of all 20 administrative regions having coronavirus infected cases. Lombardy and Venetto remains the regions with the most cases, with Piedmont is now seeing huge increases.
Provincial authorities in Lombardy have now gone into self-quarantine after one member was tested positive for the coronavirus.  Attilio Fontana, president of Lombardia Region, was reported  as having gone into self-quarantine after one of his staff tested positive.
The head of the Italian Civil Protection agency, Angelo Borrelli reported that a 12th person has died in Lombardy, in northern Italy of the coronavirus, while the number of confirmed cases are rising. He told reporters that the dead man was 69. All those who have died so far in the outbreak in Italy have been elderly and most had underlying health problems.

The current death toll in Italy is 12 with 470 confirmed infected cases and 35 in critical condition.

In Germany, eight more people were found to be infected with the coronavirus across three German states, in addition to the two diagnosed cases on previous, the authorities have confirmed.

The new caseload includes one in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, three in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and four in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The German armed forces Bundeswehr said late on Wednesday that a soldier was diagnosed with the coronavirus and is being treated at Bundeswehr's central hospital in Koblenz while a huge number of soldiers in the camp are being checked and tested.

The new cases brings the total number of coronavirus cases in Germany to 27 with two in critical conditions.

A second person suffering from coronavirus has died in France, and a Frenchman who travelled to Italy's Lombardy region also tested positive, the country's health authorities said.

The death was one of three new cases in France this week, said Dr Jerome Salomon, the country's director-general of health, and an infectious disease specialist.

There are now 18 confirmed cases in France with 2 deaths so far.

In Spain, the number of infected coronavirus cases has increased to 13 with another group of ten tourists in Madrid testing positive for the coronavirus while in Tenerife more than 772 tourists and 285 staff from a huge hotel and resort complex in Tenerife are under lock down at the complex as part of quarantine measures.

Britain has 13 cases so far with at least another 27 suspected cases being investigated, a bulk from London city itself.

Meanwhile countries like Norway, Estonia, Denmark, North Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Switzerland  and Belgium announced their first single cases while Croatia announced 3 cases and Austria two. Most of the cases were either Italians or individuals who had travelled to Italy in the last two weeks.

Epidemiologists are predicting that  figures will start multiplying exponentially over the next 3 weeks as there are lots of ‘silent human vectors’ among the mass populations , discreetly spreading the coronavirus.

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