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Source: COVID-19 Misinformation  May 22, 2020  2 years ago
COVID-19 Misinformation: Beware Of Ozone Water, Ozone Air Purifiers And Herbs For COVID-19
COVID-19 Misinformation: Beware Of Ozone Water, Ozone Air Purifiers And Herbs For COVID-19
Source: COVID-19 Misinformation  May 22, 2020  2 years ago
COVID-19 Misinformation:  Thailand Medical News would like to warn readers about online misinformation circulating around on a few subject matters.

First is about Ozone. While we featured an article about using Ozone to disinfect areas against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in February 2020,
we noticed that a few online websites used that article to propagate what is known as ozone water therapy and also ozone gas therapy with claims that it can treat COVID-19.

Ozone could be used to disinfect areas under the supervision of professionals and in areas when no one is around. Inhaling ozone can be dangerous and fatal. Ozone should never be used as treatments for humans to inhale, drink or get injected either by IV or IM protocols. These are not approved medical protocols and can be lethal.
Please note that there are no scientific studies or clinical trials that show either of these protocols work and worse they can be dangerous and even fatal to one’s health.
There is a variety of dangerous and fatal side effects that can arise from any of these so called protocols including pulmonary embolism, damage to tissue linings etc.
Some of these entities promoting ozone therapy either by IV protocols or by simply drinking the water have even created fictitious online sites to show that they are supported by various medical doctors (most are either fake identities and some are not real medical doctors.) and some even have fake medical research journals to purport that there has been medical studies endorsing the usage of ozone water or ozone gas therapy for eradicating various pathogens and also COVID-19. This is all simply faked materials to mislead the public.
These are not approved medical protocols and anyone promoting or offering these protocols should be immediately be reported to the police or local health authorities.
Then there are companies making ozone air purifiers. Note that ozone levels in the air when inhaled can damage the respiratory tract and lungs and can actually make one more vulnerable to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.Air purifiers should not emit ozone directly into the air.
Companies selling such air purifiers with claims that it can help in preventing COVID-19 disease should also be reported to the local health authorities and also the consumer boards. They are certain companies in Europe, China and South-East Asia making those ozone air purifiers without proper validation of the amount of ozone that is released in the air and the while making claims that it can prevent COVID-19.
Then comes claims of using natural herbs and also certain traditional medicines. Till there are validated scientific studies, one should not merely try to either self-treat or have a sense of false security by taking these unproven remedies as the consequences can be disastrous. We were surprised that even health authorities and doctors in certain countries were promoting some of these herbal remedies without any supporting studies.
When anyone suspects that they might have COVID-19, imme diately report to local health authorities or to the nearest hospital, do not procrastinate nor should anyone try to self-treat.
For more  COVID-19 misinformation, simply turn to the daily White House Briefings in the US.  
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