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Source: COVID-19 Editorial  Apr 25, 2020  2 years ago
COVID-19 Global Crisis: Almost 3 Million Confirmed Infected And About 200,000 Dead And Yet People Are Still Living In Denial!
COVID-19 Global Crisis: Almost 3 Million Confirmed Infected And About 200,000 Dead And Yet People Are Still Living In Denial!
Source: COVID-19 Editorial  Apr 25, 2020  2 years ago
COVID-19 Editorial : I might sound politically incorrect,  but maybe the COVID-19 pandemic is call for man-kind to straighten out priorities. Perhaps humans really need to wake up and start facing a lot of realities. Of course, I am saddened and sympathize with those that have lost their loved ones and those who are suffering economic hardships. I, too, was infected with the disease and my 91 year old mother and younger brother were also infected with the disease in another country. But after recovering and travelling to various states in America to talk to various researchers and medical experts, I am dismayed by the degree of ignorance and stupidity emerging from the so-called educated classes.

There is a lot that I want to touch on here, but let me be a bit selfish first and focus on my own agenda as a top priority.

First, let’s talk about medical news sites. To date, there are only about 14 credible news sites including: Stat news, Medscape, WebMD, MedLInx,  Univadis, Medical News Today, News-Medical, Healthline, and, of course, Thailand Medical News.  I think that it is time that all medical news sites form an association and start collectively setting  standards, including making access to all medical information and news online, via paid access only.

The general public has been spoiled by free content.  While sites in the US and UK are fortunate to get government grants and support, sites likes ours in countries that are filled with corruption, nepotism, ignorance, incompetent agencies, and greedy monopolistic corporations do not get any funding or help to survive. Our site has garnered millions of viewers and despite begging for donations, we have received to date, help from only 28 kind individuals. We can barely survive and will be forced to consider a paid membership/access model to keep surviving if we don’t get more financial assistance. The valuable research we provide has a cost. Our hosting has a cost. We cannot continue to bring you honest, well-researched thoughful content without donations.

Online studies are showing that porn sites are generating more revenues during lockdowns amidst the COVID-19 crisis and even alcohol sales are increasing despite the lockdowns and health warnings. It is a reflection that shows people generally have their priorities wrong. 
A research tracking company showed that people were still ordering unhealthy food supplies from supermarket delivery companies and that the consumption of fats and sugars has not decreased nor stopped despite diabetes, hypertension and other co-morbidities existing in Covid-19 deaths at a rate of over 50%. It is imperative that people start taking their health seriously and heed the warnings of the international medical community.

Second, laws should be imposed that prevent the general news media and social media platforms from reporting on medical or health issues unless the reporter or writer is suitably qualified with a medical or relevant science degree. I have seen many journalists with no medical training spewing misinformation in their tabloids or online portals, and yet, they get away with the misinformation that they are disseminating.

Third, government authorities or even public figures with no medical training should not be allowed to make public co mments about medical and health issues or be involved in developing policies that involve these subjects.

Fourth, ignorant public citizens who do not want to adhere to rules or laws about the COVID-19 lockdowns and preventive measures should be denied medical treatments if they ever get sick. Forget about medical ethics and the Hippocratic oath, if people are stupid enough to engage in risky behaviors that increase the chance to get infected and also put others at risk, it’s akin to a criminal action, Perhaps the right punishment for them would be their own ‘death sentence’ by denying them medical treatments as they are the ones aggravating the whole situation and putting stress on the healthcare system.

The medical community needs to step and demand a change.  Why should we ask them to continue to risk their lives when we don’t respect the rules?

Finally, the general public should also stop believing the various government agencies and health organizations as it has been demonstrated there have been many lies, cover ups, and misinformation generated by them including the latest, ie, injecting oneself with disinfectants to treat COVID-19!

Many countries are either claiming that the COVID-19 crisis is either peaking or slowing! I mean with the total new infections and death counts increasing everyday, are we really slowing??? Do not forget that all ‘recovered’ and asymptomatic carriers are simply shedding the virus which is itself evolving in their bodies and getting more potent. Countries like Germany are already preparing for a second wave, and there could be even more waves of outbreaks that are not dependent on seasonal changes but rather the evolving nature of the SAR-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Despite so much misinformation about vaccine candidates being in trials or starting soon, an effective vaccine will not even materialize in the next 12 to 18 months and maybe even never considering the nature of the virus. The only solution would be drugs that can suppress symptoms, just like way HIV is being managed, but we will not be able to eradicate it just yet.

Many ignorant people like to send us emails and contact us through live chat and complain as to why our site only has negative news and very little positive news…well the fact of the matter is, there is nothing positive just yet and all the emerging research is showing the fact that even for the last few months, certain Pharma giants and authorities were simply peddling things like drug cures and potential treatment protocols merely to pacify those in denial.

We at Thailand Medical News have no time to paint a rosy picture but rather we hope to uncover as much truth as possible even if it is all negative. That truth could help us eventually find real solutions and cures and also save lives.  Right now, there is one plausible remedy and that is social distancing. And for readers who are not happy with our comments, please simply stop visiting the site....(we are not concerned about web traffic etc unlike other sites!).  We are truth-tellers and if that is not what you are in search of, there are more sites to visit.

If we sound frustrated, it is because we are.  We are victims. Our loved ones are victims, and we want the nightmare to end. However, it will take a global effort.  Each of us doing our part and each of us dedicating our personal time and financial support to causes that are determined to bring truth and light to the people concerning our current situation.

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