Source: Thailand Medical News  Feb 07, 2020  2 years ago
Coronavirus Infected Cases Continue To Rise On A Daily Basis In Singapore But It Citizens Are Not Fazed As They Have Confidence In Their Efficient Government
Coronavirus Infected Cases Continue To Rise On A Daily Basis In Singapore But It Citizens Are Not Fazed As They Have Confidence In Their Efficient Government
Source: Thailand Medical News  Feb 07, 2020  2 years ago
More and more cases of individuals being infected with the coronavirus are emerging in Singapore over the last few days with more of them now being local human to human transmissions.

Free mask being handed out In Singapore by the Singapore Government, Pic Credit; Straits Times 

Two more new cases were reported yesterday including a Singaporean who contracted it while attending a business conference at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in downtown Orchard road, bringing the total to 30 individuals infected with the coronavirus in the country while its estimated that another 500 plus are under quarantine and being observed for any developments.

However despite the daily increases, it has not been of much concern to both local and also foreigners as the Singapore government is extremely efficient and meticulous in the handling of the situation. Not only has the Singapore government and health authorities set up an early detection system and a protocol of detailed follow ups once coronavirus infected cases are detected, such as isolating people who have been in contact with those infected and having locations immediately closed for disinfection, there are numerous other platforms in place including emergency medical services and protocols on how to deal with potential contaminated biohazards.

The Singapore government should also be credited for being totally transparent as its one of the few governments in Asia that have been very forthcoming with the media with regards  to any developments or cases of coronavirus infections emerging as a result of the coronavirus epidemic.

It is also the only country in South-East Asia with a properly designated quarantine facility and also the only place in South-east asia where the authorities are constantly checking hotels, malls, residences etc to ensure that proper hygiene standards are maintained especially to ensure the safety of its citizens and foreign tourists.

The Singapore government is also the only government to date that has taken the initiative of distributing free mask to its citizens and foreign residents to ensure their safety from the coronavirus whereas in Thailand, it was reported that as a result of many locals complaining that there are no mask available to buy at retail outlets, the Thai government has set up outlets to sell mask to its citizens via the GPO and also blue flag outlets.

Many Singaporeans are also rallying forward, following in the footsteps of its government to assist fellow neighbours and friends and even foreign travellers. Many were seen volunteering their services to distribute the free mask while others were helping to keep an eye on elderly neighbors or young children.

A senior citizen, Mrs Algooram Ragwantee aged 81 who stays her son at the Ang Moh Kio HBD estate commented, “ Despite reading about the daily devastating effects of the coronavirus and also about the dangers it poses to the elderly, I am most fortunate to be  a Singaporean citizen as I have a caring government supplying me free masks, the hospitals arranging to have my heart and diabetes medications delivered to me, neighbours cooking and sending food to me and caring neighbourhood officials keeping a lookout. What more can I ask for. With such a government in place, the coronavirus is really of no threat.”

Senior Citizen Mrs Algoram Ragwantee 

Many are saying that the impact on Singapore’s tourism industry and business is only for a short while, as it will bounce back due to confidence in the country especially in the way that it handles any crisis.

The only sad thing to date has been the news of a six month Singaporean baby having contracted the coronavirus.

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