Contrary To Misinformation, COVID-19 Mortality And Hospitalization Has Been Rising In The Last 30 Days Globally. Please Take Precautions!

Source: Thailand Medical News  Feb 05, 2020  3 years ago
China Coronavirus Death Toll At 492, Infected 24,395, All 34 Provincial Divisions In China Now Have Thousands Of Suspected Cases
China Coronavirus Death Toll At 492, Infected 24,395, All 34 Provincial Divisions In China Now Have Thousands Of Suspected Cases
Source: Thailand Medical News  Feb 05, 2020  3 years ago
China coronavirus death toll as of 7.15am Beijing time stood at 492 with the number of individuals  infected at 24,395 and more than 2,720 in critical condition. (Note that this are figures released by Chinese health officials with their standard reporting protocol of only adding in deaths and  those infected after people have had the diagnostic test done to confirm that they afflicted with the coronavirus. However test kits are scarce and most are not tested unless conditions are severe. Also should a patient dies but has not been tested, the death is deemed as due to other causes and not due to the

An Overcrowded Provincial Hospital In China
Off late, (the last 5 days) China health officials are employing a tactic of only divulging figures with adds ons to only of developments from Hubei to past nationwide figures.
However, Chinese doctors and healthcare professionals are reporting that deaths and numbers infected as a result of the coronavirus in other provinces are also greatly increasing but not being reported.
Lockdowns have now been extended to most cities in Zhejiang province yesterday while lockdowns are expected tonight for Chongqing, and Henan and Hebei provinces, where the infection rates are also fast escalating.
These lockdowns in total will now affect almost 140 million people or about 10 percent of China’s population.
Speculations and rumors are also emerging about the province of Jilin, where the famed city of Harbin is located. Accordingly, the number of infected and deaths in that province is now almost equal to that of Hubei but China authorities are not divulging the details of the situation there. Authorities have closed all access to the province but it has not been listed  officially as a city of province under lockdown. Thailand Medical News is not able to confirm or verify anything about this development as our ground staff in China have no access to that province yet.
It must be noted that as of now, no foreign observers or media are allowed in China unless with permission and that all reporting currently is via China State authorities.
Meanwhile, The European Union is now planning to impose complete travel bans to and from China, following in the footsteps of the US in order to protect its citizens there from the risk of the coronavirus ng> spread.
WHO which had warned against countries against imposing travel band and border closures has lost its credibility and many are just regarding it as a’ paper tiger.’ More than 42 countries have defied its warnings and have imposed their own travel bans or restrictions, flight stoppages and border closures.
Many are also questioning WHO’S motives especially under the leadership of Ethiopian national, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesusas, as it seems to be constantly praising China’s efforts despite the apparent mess and failure and it always constantly talking about funding or resources  for poorer nations during this coronavirus epidemic crisis but by itself have yet to come up with any concrete strategies of their own to curtail the coronavirus spread globally and also control the situation in China.  
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