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Source: Oxygen Concentrators  Aug 04, 2021  4 months ago
Announcement-Oxygen Concentrators
Announcement-Oxygen Concentrators
Source: Oxygen Concentrators  Aug 04, 2021  4 months ago
Those wanting to purchase oxygen concentrators are advised to contact us via email at : tmnmedicalconcierge@gmail.com especially those seeking to re-export to other countries. However, for re-export, those wanting to buy must have local reps in Thailand to pick up the goods in person and have it re-exported themselves as we do not provide that service due to staff shortage and the COVID-19 situation in Thailand.

We have two shipsments of oxygen concentrators arriving in bangkok in a few days times. Cost for continuos 5 litre oxygen flow machines are US$2,800  each and cost for continuous 10 litre oxygen concentrators are US$4,700 each.

Stocks are limited.

Note: We do not entertain queries from non-official accounts like gmail or hotmail etc and also if no phones contacts are included. Thank You.

All commercial sales are via our Singapore incorporated company.



Feb 05, 2020  2 years ago
Source : Thailand Medical news