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Source: Acutus Medical  May 01, 2019  4 years ago
AcQMap Heart Mapping Technology Receives EU and US FDA Approvals
AcQMap Heart Mapping Technology Receives EU and US FDA Approvals
Source: Acutus Medical  May 01, 2019  4 years ago
Acutus Medical, a California based company, won European clearance for its AcQMap contact mapping software. The company also won FDA approval for its second generation AcQMap platform .

The technology, used during cardiac ablation procedures, creates volumetric images of the atrial anatomy using ultrasound At the same time, contact-free charge density is used to generate high-definition 3D electrical maps of the heart. Physicians get a full-chamber, live, and beat-by-beat look at the conductive activity that generates arrhythmias. With this information, one can make informed decisions on what tissue to ablate, perform the ablation, then redo the mapping, and ablate again as necessary.
“The contact mapping speed with the new Acutus system was extremely fast, which made it very easy to use,” said Dr. Christian Meyer, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany, in a published statement. “Clinically, having this capability available on one system that also does non-contact mapping allows me to do exactly what makes sense case-by-case. For routine cases, my treatment strategy can be confirmed using conventional mapping catheters. In more complex cases, such as atrial fibrillation, I can gather more comprehensive data about each patient’s anatomy and arrhythmia in real time with the non-contact charge density catheter, making AcQMap the complete atrial mapping solution.
The current version of AcQMap software works on the first and second generation of the AcQMap platform.

For more product info : https://www.acutusmedical.com/us/publications/acutus-medicals-new-contact-mapping-software-receives-ce-mark/


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