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Source: Coronavirus News  Mar 08, 2020  2 years ago
When Is China Going To Kneel Down and Apologize To The World For The Havoc The Wuhan Coronavirus Is Causing Globally. When Is WHO And UN Declaring A Pandemic?
When Is China Going To Kneel Down and Apologize To The World For The Havoc The Wuhan Coronavirus Is Causing Globally. When Is WHO And UN Declaring A Pandemic?
Source: Coronavirus News  Mar 08, 2020  2 years ago
It has already been demonstrated that due to incompetence by the Chinese Government  and its strict censorship laws, that when even initial whistle blowers in December had sounded alarms about the new coronavirus emergence, the incompetent Chinese authorities  instead addressing the issue, tried to charge the doctors that were raising the awereness.  And in January, even when they already knew about the existence of the coronavirus, they did nothing to stop millions of Chinese human vectors from going forth to the outside world to spread the Wuhan virus to every part of the world, showing total irresponsibility. Even after the lockdowns on the 24th Of January, the Chinese government to this very day is letting it Chinese citizens who are the main vectors in the spread of this disease globally, to still travel out. This is not a blame game, a racial discrimination issue or being politically incorrect, it is a documented fact! Why is the WHO (who has China as a main funder), the American social media platforms and even some of the major media like CNN, BBC, Aljazeera etc not accepting the fact but trying to be politically correct? (Curious to know why Facebook, Twitter, BBC, CNN, AlJazzera  etc who are not allowed in China but are still trying be politically correct. Not sure if they are owned by China indirectly? Americans and citizens elsewhere should take note) We are not here to initiate a hate game but rather for China to publicly acknowledge the mess that it has got the world and even its own people into.

When US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo publicly referred to COVID-19 as the "Wuhan virus" or "Wuhan coronavirus," a reference to the central Chinese metropolis that is hardest hit, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, protested against the terms "Wuhan virus" or "China virus," saying that it was "highly irresponsible" for media to use them. The fact is that the virus did originate from Wuhan and from China not from India or United States or Africa. Enough of being politically correct.  (Asked in a CNBC interview about the success of Beijing's response to the outbreak, Pompeo said, "I'm happy you complimented the Chinese Communist Party today, but remember this is the Wuhan coronavirus that's caused this.”)
The spokesman from the Chinese Foreign Ministry should see how many people in its own country has died or has been infected and whose lives have been messed up.
To date the China virus has now manifested itself in over 102 countries globally with more than 106,000 infected and more than 3600 people dead.
Cases of confirmed infections and deaths are rising by the hour, it is estimated that by a geometric progression factor, infected cases are expected to rise exponentially to a million in a few weeks and a million deaths is expected in a few months unless drug or vaccines are found quickly which is most unlikely. It is already anticipated that the virus will remain causing global havoc for at least another 18 months. (https://www.thailandmedical.news/news/coronavirus-might-be-affecting-the-world-for-the-next-18-months-or-more-while-who-says-the-virus-will-most-likely-not-retreat-for-summer )
The China virus is wreaking the global economy, stock marke ts and individuals are being affected especially the middle-classes and poor everywhere. People are losing jobs everywhere and families are worried.
In Thailand, we have almost on a daily basis, microbusiness and SME owners committing suicides and in some cases, whole families are committing suicides together because of the economic impact from the China coronavirus. The middle classes and poor are suffering while the rich Thais, large Thai corporations and certain banks, corrupted officials are only interested to see how they can gain from the plight of the others by buying up more properties and businesses from distressed sales etc.
To date however, the same Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, who protested about Mike Spence usage of the word Wuhan virus nor the other Chinese officials stationed worldwide have suggested that their President kneel down and publicly apologize to the world for the mess that it has unleashed on the world and people worldwide including its own citizens to appease the growing hatred against China and the Chinese.
Only such a public apology along with being more transparent data and information sharing, along with other governments also doing the same in terms of information sharing and truly working together, can a real solution emerge to solve this global crisis.
Meanwhile, the World Health Organization or WHO has on the so far resisted describing the crisis as such, saying the word "pandemic" might spook the world further and lead some countries to lose hope of containing the virus.
"Unless we're convinced it's uncontrollable, why (would) we call it a pandemic?" WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said this week.

The same Ethiopian national, who heads the WHO has yet to come up with any concrete measures to control the spread since the start of the outbreak. And from then to now, the China coronavirus has spread globally. He has only been so far busy praising the Chinese and many are now also questioning his competency along with his team. There are already  many online petitions asking for his resignation along with core members of his team. (.https://www.change.org/p/united-nations-call-for-the-resignation-of-tedros-adhanom-ghebreyesus-who-director-general)

The WHO or the UN health agency has previously described a pandemic as a situation in which a new virus is causing "sustained community-level outbreaks" in at least two world regions.

Epidemiologist and medical experts say that threshold has long been met as the coronavirus that was first identified in China is now spreading freely in four regions, it has reached every continent but Antarctica, and its advance seems unavoidable.

The disease has managed to gain a foothold and multiply quickly even in countries with relatively strong public health systems.

On Sunday, the virus hit a new milestone, infecting more than 106,000 people worldwide, far more than those sickened by SARS, MERS or Ebola in recent years.

Dr Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota told Thailand Medical News, "I think it's pretty clear we're in a pandemic and I don't know why WHO is resisting that."

Some acknowledge that declaring a pandemic is politically fraught because it can rattle markets, lead to more drastic travel and trade restrictions and stigmatize people coming from affected regions. WHO was previously criticized for labeling the 2009 swine flu outbreak a pandemic.

However, experts said calling this crisis a pandemic could also spur countries to prepare for the virus's eventual arrival.

The World Health Organization has only declared the virus a "global health emergency' in late January, putting countries and humanitarian organizations on notice and issuing a broad set of recommendations to curb its spread.

Countries that moved quickly to shut down their links to China, has found that that the COVID-19 has managed to sneak in. Within a matter of weeks, officials in Italy, Iran and South Korea went from reporting single new cases to hundreds and in some cases thousands.
Dr  Massimo Galli, an Infectious-Diseases Professor at the University of Milan. "We were the first country to stop flights to China and we were completely surprised by this disease. It's dangerous for the entire world that the virus is able to spread underground like this."

With more than 6,000 cases, Italy is the epicenter of Europe's outbreak and has shut down schools, closed sports stadiums to fans and urged the elderly not to go outside unless absolutely necessary. But it has still exported cases of the virus to at least 18 countries, including Austria, the Czech Republic, Spain, South Africa and Nigeria.

Dr Devi Sridhar, a professor of global public health at the University of Edinburgh who co-chaired a review of WHO's response to the 2014-16 Ebola outbreak in West Africa, said a pandemic declaration is long overdue.

She added, "This outbreak meets all the definitions for a pandemic that we had pre-coronavirus."

Surprisingly at a news conference last month, Dr. Mike Ryan, WHO's emergencies chief, said a pandemic is "a unique situation in which we believe that all citizens on the planet" will likely be exposed to a virus "within a defined period of time."

Many health experts said they hadn't heard that definition. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for its part, defines a pandemic as "an epidemic that has spread over several countries or continents, usually affecting a large number of people."

However it is clearly emerging that WHO and all its officials have been totally incompetent in managing the coronavirus outbreak, from late December to now, as the situation has escalated and spread globally but they have yet to come up with even one solid concrete measure and have only been busy, (to put it rather  crudely and we apologize to readers) rimming the Chinese!

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