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Source: Thailand Medical  Apr 01, 2022  1 year, 8 months, 4 days, 16 hours, 44 minutes ago

Most Who Have Been Exposed To The Proteins Of The SARS-CoV-2 Virus Will Have Shortened Lifespans! Stop Using Fluvoxamine For BA.2 Infections!

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Most Who Have Been Exposed To The Proteins Of The SARS-CoV-2 Virus Will Have Shortened Lifespans! Stop Using Fluvoxamine For BA.2 Infections!
Source: Thailand Medical  Apr 01, 2022  1 year, 8 months, 4 days, 16 hours, 44 minutes ago
No this is not some April Day prank nor it is some fear porn to get everyone anxious, rather this is stark warning that everyone who has been exposed to the proteins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus through whichever means need to take it upon themselves to do frequent medical checkups and also to take necessary precautions and also to seek out treatment protocols to self-treat  themselves as even the medical professionals are lacking the understanding of what the SARS-CoV-2 and its proteins are capable of doing to the human host especially in the long term.

Due to limited existing data that Thailand Medical News possess as to how the various human cellular pathways are being disrupted and damaged by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and how the various human host genes and proteases are being upregulated, downregulated and dysregulated along with existing data from studies as to how the virus affects the various cells, tissues and organs, we envisage that most humans who have been exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its spike and nucleocapsid proteins through whichever means be it natural infections or via therapeutics, will only have about 5 to 8 years left before they eventually succumb to any one of the possible multitude of fatal outcomes be it heart failures, strokes, CVST, organ failures especially liver or kidney, accelerated neurodegenerative damage, sepsis, secondary opportunistic pathogenic infections due to immunodeficiency and also accelerated aggressive cancers.
However due to the change of the kinetics of the COVID-19 pandemic ie more emerging and varied BA.2 subvariants and also recombinant variants that are able to cause breakthrough infections and reinfections, each time depleting, dysregulating and  damaging the proper health functions of the human host along with change of plans by those controlling the COVID-19 narratives and vaccine agenda ie their new plans of introducing more booster doses etc, we think that our predictions of only 5 to 8 years of survival might be wrong and that this time span might be drastically shortened.
Already we are seeing excess death rates in many countries rising over the last three months and hopefully, the BA.2 variant and emerging its sub-variants which the WHO, British health authorities and the US. CDC has claimed to be mild, will perform to the best of its ability to what it was made to do as a bioweapon, ie only cause asymptomatic or mild symptomatic infections initially by disrupting the human host immune system, paving the way for viral persistence, while it damages the various aspects of the human host over time and cause deaths that will not be attributed to COVID-19 directly but rather due to things such as heart failures, organ failures, strokes, a dysregulated immune systems that assist in cancer proliferation or secondary infections etc.
If one was to look into detail the numerous past studies that reflect as to what kind of damages that the SARS-Cov-2 is able to do to the human host and if one was to work out the typical time spans for the onset of some of these critical conditions to appear and the typical survival times for patients experiencing some of these conditions and potential fatal outcomes, it will be very easy to extrapolate and speculate the life spans of all those who have been exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
Although for the current pandemic, the best solution is to find ways to prevent exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its viral proteins, many people are unaware of the current prophylactics that are available and how to take them. There are even bioactive molecules that can rectify the situation of those who received mRNA therapeutics and they are lots of repurposed drugs and bioactive molecules that can help eradicate viral persistence and also repair damages caused to the human host. (We at Thailand Medical News will however not be covering these in our sites anymore as we do not want others benefitting from it financially and in this article, we have not attached any sources etc as we will be publishing a paper by ourselves on this for publication as we do not wish any unscrupulous  American, British, Indian, German or Thai  individuals or entities gaining from our works and hypothesis. We have in fact been holding back lots of critical data and even study findings for the last 8 months as we are kinda tired of how others are exploiting the situation.
However, from those that are lucky enough to read this article, we are also releasing bits of another paper we are working on with regards to COVID-19 therapeutics.
Many stupids still do not understand that every emerging variant has different pathogenesis modes and also not only changes to their genome ie the mutations in the spike and nucleocapsid proteins but also differences in term of conformational structures and also the protease activity (Including that of the Mpro protease).
Hence certain therapeutics that were developed or identified during the time predominance of the wildtype Wuhan variant or Alpha variant might not be effective against the Delta variant. The same goes for therapeutics that were tested and clinical trials conducted during the Delta wave might not work against the Omicron variant or the newer BA.2 variants.
Even in the case of those approved drugs by the US FDA and the ECDC, they work differently on the various variants. For example…
We were deliberately waiting for a while before even wanting people to know as some “Smart western arses” and even some Thai charlatans think that there are smart without having a detailed micro and macro perspective of the whole SARS-CoV-2 scenario or even about basic pharmacokinetics.
Hence it was fun watching certain ‘smart arses’ advocating people to take Fluvoxamine the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) to treat COVID-19 based on earlier preliminary studies (A total 6 studies only) that claimed it prevented disease progression and reduced risk of hospitalization in those infected with the earlier alpha and delta variants, where cytokine storms and severe inflammatory conditions frequently arose. (Fluvoxamine main mechanistic action was at modulating and reducing the cytokine storms and severe inflammation and its effectiveness as an antiviral was never established)
Two charlatans, one a stupid arrogant female American ‘virologist’ now in Canada and a Muslim male gastroenterologists working in America have been trying to further the agenda of promoting Fluvoxamine and other SSRIs to treat COVID-19 data despite the mounting data that it does not really work and that is no better than a placebo. (Though the new data shows that it is more of a nocebo!)
Even then, some of these studies did not reflect the deaths among the research participants due to heart failure triggered by arrythmia. In one meta-analysis of comparing the three drugs – Fluvoxamine, Paxlovid and Molnupiravir, only Fluvoxamine reflected the most cases of deaths (and in all cases heart failures!)
In fact a study in December 2021 already highlighted that Fluvoxamine is not effective in preventing disease severity.
(I actually do not want to put any links here to source data but did however put these few links)
The Omicron and worst the BA.2 variant and emerging subvariants are found to be able to suppress many interferon releases and functions and also disable the human host immune responses hence accounting for its mild or asymptomatic manifestations during the initial stages of infection.
However, it has come to light that the BA.2 and its emerging variants are adapt at replicating very fast in the other parts of the human host including the lower respiratory tract and also building up huge reservoirs in the heart, liver, kidneys, CNS system, gastrointestinal and male reproductive organs. These indirectly affects the heart in a multitude of ways and with stupid individuals taking Fluvoxamine that is already known to cause arrythmia, they are actually increasing the risk of heart failure!
Worse for those with SCN5A mutations and suffer from Brugada syndrome, they will have a high risk of death if they have COVID and are also given Fluvoxamine.
Worse if combined with certain supplements, the risk of arrythmia and heart failure is greatly increased!
Fluvoxamine despite having two pathways to work as an antiviral against certain other viruses, does not work that way with the SARS-CoV-2 virus
Also, it does not serve in any way as a prophylactic against SARS-CoV-2 infection despite a lot of stupids taking it.
We have also uncovered other dangers ie hyponatremia etc associated with taking fluvoxamine in the current BA.2 prevalence but these will be published a separate appear in medrxiv with supporting studies and data that link to these inferences.
Furthermore, we also uncovered that the BA.2 variant and also subvariants due to their nature of also binding with other host receptors besides the ACE2 receptors are indirectly able to affect and dysregulate a gene called MAPRE2 that plays a very critical role in the heart muscles. Treating people already with a BA.2 infection with fluvoxamine can actually literally trigger a heart failure!
We decided to release this information about fluvoxamine in simple abstract from here despite our reluctance to do so as we had already seen some stupids experience heart failures with fatal outcomes!
We also advice people to stay away from Invermectin, Famotidine, Niclosamide, Colchicine and any kinds of antihistamines etc to treat BA.2 variant or subvariants infections as not only are they ineffective in any way but they can also give rise to more complications. It is not just repurposed drugs that can cause issues with the BA.2 variant but also herbs like andrographis panniculata and also licorice roots (glycyrrhizin).
We are seeking help from readers who can come up with ideas as to how we can release lots of data especially on prophylactics and also therapeutics for COVID-19 and also Long COVID so that we can also gain financially from it as we are not funded by any organizations nor by our readers. We also do not want these data being commercialized by other groups, individuals or sites.
For more on how to survive the COVID-19 pandemic, do not log in to Thailand Medical News as we are not here to provide you with free advice. Go pay your stupid doctors! Lol!


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