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Source: Indian Researchers  Jul 18, 2021  2 years, 7 months, 2 days, 20 hours, 23 minutes ago

Example Of Why Most COVID-19 Studies From Indian Researchers Should Not be Trusted! They Will Do Anything For Money!

Example Of Why Most COVID-19 Studies From Indian Researchers Should Not be Trusted! They Will Do Anything For Money!
Source: Indian Researchers  Jul 18, 2021  2 years, 7 months, 2 days, 20 hours, 23 minutes ago
From day one of the COVID-19 crisis, we have been flooded with stories of studies getting retracted from various journals as a result of inaccuracies and garbage being thrown at our faces by many Indian researchers.

Off course nothing beats it all like the Surgispheres scandal that involved a Indian porn star and  non-existent lists of participants involved in a couple of COVID-19 drug studies that helped shaped public health policies. of many countries!
There are so many research firms in India in which so called researchers will not even hesitate to even sell their own souls for the right price! Tell them what type of end results you want and they can adulterate it. A typical randomized trial in a developed country like America, Canada, Australia etc will cost millions of dollars. In India for as low as US$50,000, a randomized clinical trial can be conducted with unscrupulous doctors and so called researchers. Indian medical journals can also be classed in the same pool of garbage.
Some Indian researchers simply come up with stupid studies just to gain some recognition for themselves. One study in August 2020 by some so called ‘experts’ said that the SARS-CoV-32 coronavirus was weakening and that the virus will become extinct in India!  We are not sure if they are still alive after all the surges with newer potent variants like the Alpha and Delta variants!
There are some doctors working in both private and public hospitals in India  that basically freelance for so called research firms and you will be surprised for instance to see one doctor handling the research of more than 6 or 8 different pharmaceutical products  for different medical maladies in a year!
These days as a result of America not employing too many Indian IT professionals from India, many are turning to the medical sector as well and coming up with algorithms and machine learning platforms for the medical industry. While that it commendable…some are over crossing the line and trying to substitute real medical professionals and medical researchers and coming up with the most stupid medical research conclusions.
One of the most stupid studies that have appeared in MedRxiv preprint server and was quickly lapped by stupid mainstream American media (Part of the groups that are being paid to advance the vaccine agenda) was one that claimed that the unvaccinated was propagating the emergence of new SARS-CoV-2 variants! This is the most stupid non-scientific statement that I have ever come across! Science shows that as a result of vaccines producing antibodies in an inoculated person, when the virus gets into that person, its starts to mutate to find ways around the antibodies already caused by the vaccines in that person. (This is just a simple explanation for layman.)
There are lots of studies out there already showing that the vaccines and antibody therapeutics are what that are driving the emergence of variants. Read this: https://www.t,-more-antibody-resistant-sars-cov-2-virus-strains-would-emerge
Thailand Medical News is not for nor against the COVID-19 vaccines. We are all for vaccines but when it comes to the COVID-10 vaccines, we ourselves would rather wait and see as it is too early to us to make any conclusions just yet. Yes we do encourage that all Westerners especially those from America and the United Kingdom and  those from the African continent, all Indians in India, all Chinese from China, Muslims etc to get their vaccines as soon as possible. Elsewhere in South East Asia, politicians, healthcare workers especially doctors, army personnel, police and government servants should get the vaccines as soon as possible too. In fact it should be made mandatory for them to get as many shots of different COVID-19 vaccines as often as possible as they need to be safeguarded for the ‘selfless public service’!
But seriously can the mainstream media and stupid researchers stop making unproven claims that it’s the unvaccinated that are causing the emergence of variants. In reality it is the vaccinated that are passing the emerging variants to the unvaccinated.
There should be laws that segregate those tainted with the vaccines from those that have not been vaccinated till nature takes its course.
Already we are receiving reports that a large percentage of those vaccinated that are dying fast from the new variants in UK fortunately.
In Israel, reports have emerged that many vaccinated are getting infected with the Delta variant.
However it is not clearly mentioned how many who were vaccinated died. in Israel. In fact most of the mainstream media that are part of the vaccine agenda group are merely saying that the vaccines prevent disease severity and mortality!

Lets wait and see in a few months! They should not even talk about third or booster shots if they are so confident.
Reuters did published a fact check report on the subject that many social media platforms and news outlets were making claims that most vaccinated were dying (Just to get a two sided view but note that their fact checkers have no medical backgrounds and also note that it is an entity that is also paid to promote the vaccine agenda)
Anyway turning back to this garbage spewed by this most probably ‘paid for’ Indian researchers, the corresponding author background though impressive in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, genetics etc, has no prior immunology or infectious disease training and is someone I am sure that Jeff Stryker would have loved to have as a co-star unlike the Indian porn star from Surgispheres!
We are indeed very interested to find out which organization is behind the funding of this study although we know that Mayo Clinic is also involved in the study and that Mayo clinic has been on the vaccine agenda and even on remdesivir agenda and other non-effective COVID-19 therapeutics promoted by big Pharma etc for a long time.
Instead of going into details to dispel the study findings, we provide you with a link to a controversial individual who has a science background and a scientific approach of rebutting the study findings.
In the meanwhile, whenever one comes across any Indian studies, simple take it with a pinch of salt and do not even consider it till proper standards are put in place in the country for medical and health research and studies.

(PS: The author of this article is of ethnic Indian background himself, hence there is no issue of racism meant here! He is however a bipolar bigot who is in the midst of resolving identity issues! lol!)


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