Source: COVID Scams  Dec 03, 2020  2 years ago
COVID Scams: COVID-19 Vaccine Studies Did Not Account For Hand Hygiene, Masks & Social Distancing. Were Results Skewed? Was There Biasness?
COVID Scams: COVID-19 Vaccine Studies Did Not Account For Hand Hygiene, Masks & Social Distancing. Were Results Skewed? Was There Biasness?
Source: COVID Scams  Dec 03, 2020  2 years ago
COVID-19 Scams: The purpose of the COVID-19 vaccines trials were to determine the safety of the vaccines, whether they elicited relevant and effective antibodies and T-cells and whether they offered protection to the recipients of the vaccines against the various SARS-CoV-2 strains in circulation. (Please also note that having antibodies and T cells elicited does not mean that one is protected as some of these will not work with certain circulating strains of the SARS-CoV-2 virus)

Have these issues been addressed in full? We doubt so. If fact looking at the findings, it seems that the results were deliberately skewed.
There is so much to write about but for this article we will first only focus on the issue of trial participants behavior in these vaccine trials from mask wearing, social distancing and also hand hygiene.
Numerous reports are now emerging that almost all of the COVID-19 vaccine trials did not monitor whether participants took other steps to prevent infection like wearing masks and social distancing etc.
Worse it was found that in certain trials areas around the world, participants were given masks supplies and even hand sanitizers and in certain countries like Brazil, some of the participants were even on prophylatics like hydrocholoroquine (We are not sure if that still works) and even ivermectin.
A vaccine participant in Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine trials told media that the firm did not monitor the participant’s behavior if they didn't feel sick.
In Moderna case, the company did not specify to participants how to behave or track data on the participants' actions during its trial  
Basically it was left up to individuals to wear masks or socially distance or to wash hands behaviors that are estimated to reduce the risk of spreading or catching COVID-19. It coming to light that almost 95 percent or more of the participants were all wearing mask and taking safety precautions.
If this is the case, how can be really be sure of the effectiveness of the vaccines and maybe the vaccines could just be placebos and it was the mask wearing, hand hygiene and social distancing that was contributing to the effectiveness as published in these results.
The COVID-19 vaccine makers tightly controlled who was enrolled to their trials, their vaccine dosages, the timing of those doses and much more  but failed to monitor participants' other behaviors, like mask-wearing, hand washing and social distancing  that affect infection risks and neither were these taken in to account in the results!
In some cases the trial participants were left to decide for themselves where and how often to wear masks and how to practice social distancing, one more participant told media.
And in some cases even shocking were participants were given mask supplies and hand sanitizers!
These differences in how COVID-19 vaccine trial participants behaved could have drastic effects on how likely people who got the vaccine, versus those who got a placebo, were to get infected. 
Moderna, Pfizer and Astrazeneca did not give trial participants instruct ions on how to behave to try to reduce their infection risks (or not), and didn't log this behaviors either, unless they suspected someone had caught coronavirus. 
This does not  necessarily mean that the vaccines don't live up to the claimed efficacy found by their trials, but it does leave a gap in what we know about how much protection is offered by a shot versus by masking and social distancing. 
In order for these vaccine developers to get a clear picture of how their vaccines would work in the wild, they needed to have a large group of trial participants with high odds of catching coronavirus. 
However the so-called 'challenge trials' which are now planned in the Netherlands are ethically dicey because they involve intentionally infecting individuals with a virus after inoculating them against it but at least it will truly demonstrate the efficacy of these vaccines.
We do hope that these vaccine developers, researchers and health authorities advocating these vaccines would volunteer to take part in these trials themselves.
Another alternative is a slower method of vaccinating half of a group, giving the other half a placebo, and returning them to their daily routines and waiting until some predetermined number of them get infected in the wild, so to speak. 
However in an effort to speed this process and ensure that infections did happen, Moderna and Pfizer recruited people like health care workers or other essential workers who would come into contact with many random people through their jobs or public transit. 
But the problem was that most of these healthcare workers were even practicing fastidious precautionary measures ie wearing masks always in most cases specialized mask like the N95 masks and gloves and PPEs, frequent hand  washing etc
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that masks can block up to 80 percent of infectious droplets. 
Also mask-wearing in general is thought to reduce the spread by about 30 percent, and some scientists think that universal mask-wearing could practically eliminate transmissions. 
Hence all that can skew the vaccine trial results.
When asked on this issues, executives from all three companies refused any answers.
For all we know the vaccines could be nothing more than placebos.
A better way to monitor the efficacy of these vaccines is if in all communities that receive the vaccines, lock downs are lifted and it is mandatory for people who have been vaccinated to not wear mask, no need for them to practice stringent hand hygiene and also for them to stop socially distancing. Maybe this is what can be done in UK that is starting the vaccination programmes soon. Then only we can know how truly effective these vaccines really are or are they just some more COVID-19 scams.
With vaccines claims of having 95 percent efficacy and above, there is no need for lockdowns, mask wearing and social distancing anymore!
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