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Source: China Medical News  Jun 13, 2020  3 years ago
BREAKING! China Medical News: Portions Of Beijing Goes Into Lock Down Due To New COVID-19 Outbreak
BREAKING! China Medical News: Portions Of Beijing Goes Into Lock Down Due To New COVID-19 Outbreak
Source: China Medical News  Jun 13, 2020  3 years ago
China Medical News: Certain Areas In Beijing, China’s capital have been placed under lockdown today as six new confirmed  domestic coronavirus cases were reported, fuelling fears of a resurgence in local transmission. Local hospitals are however saying that there are far more cases than authorities are reporting as hospitals are seeing a surge of patients manifesting symptoms.

Individuals were prevented from leaving their homes at 11 residential estates in south Beijing's Fengtai district after most of the six new domestic infections were linked to a nearby meat market, city officials said in a press briefing.
But another 45 asymptomatic cases which China counts separately  were detected after mass testing of nearly 2,000 workers at the market yesterday. They have been placed under medical observation.
Also worker tested positive at a farmers' market in the city's northwestern district of Haidian. They were a close contact of one of the confirmed cases
linked to Xinfadi.
Interestingly Beijing's first Covid-19 patient in two months, announced last Thursday, had visited Xinfadi meat market last week and had no recent travel history outside the city.
The outbreak in China had been brought largely under control through vast, strict lockdowns that were imposed after the disease was first detected in the central city of Wuhan last year.
However these measures had largely been lifted as the infection rate dropped, and the majority of cases reported in recent months were citizens living abroad who were tested as they returned home during the pandemic.
Of the six new domestic cases announced in Beijing today were three Xinfadi market workers, one market visitor and two employees at the China Meat Research Centre, seven kilometres away. One of the employees had visited the market last week.
Government authorities closed the market, along with another seafood market visited by one of the patients, for disinfection and sample collection yesterday.
Lots of of police officers and dozens of paramilitary police deployed at the closed markets. Workers were seen hauling several crates of seafood out of Jingshen seafood market, also in Fengtai district.
Local Fengtai district officials announced yesterday that the district has established a "wartime mechanism" and "field command center" to deal with the fresh wave.
Also nine nearby schools and kindergartens have been closed. Beijing officials delayed the return of students to primary schools across the city, and suspended all sporting events and group dining. 
There are also reports emerging but have yet to be confirmed that new clusters of infections are also being reported in Heilongjian, Xinjiang, Gansu and Qinghai provinces.
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