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Source: World COVID-19 News  Dec 13, 2020  2 years, 9 months, 1 week, 6 days, 13 hours, 45 minutes ago

World COVID-19 News: Global Deaths Crosses 1.6 Million Milestone, Infections Pass 71.8 Million. Why Are Authorities Downplaying Viral Persistence?

World COVID-19 News: Global Deaths Crosses 1.6 Million Milestone, Infections Pass 71.8 Million. Why Are Authorities Downplaying Viral Persistence?
Source: World COVID-19 News  Dec 13, 2020  2 years, 9 months, 1 week, 6 days, 13 hours, 45 minutes ago
World COVID-19 News: The COVID-19 crisis is escalating exponentially with the total COVID-19 deaths now crossing the 1.6 million milestone and reaching more than 1,607,900 as of Sunday (1700hrs Bangkok).

The total number of global COVID-19 infections has now reached more than 71.8 million.
The projections for total deaths and infections by the 31st Of December 2020 is that we will have more than 1.8 million deaths by then and also the total number of official infections should reach more than 82 million. The projections for the end of January 2021 is far more depressing as it is projected that the total global COVID-19 deaths will by then exceed 2 million and that official total global COVID-19 infections will cross the 100 million mark.
However if we were to consider the CDC and also the WHO comments a few months back that more than 10 percent of Americans and the world population could have already been infected with the SARS-CoV-2, then the world is really in a mess and it is is unlikely even with the vaccines than we will be able to control the pandemic.
Yes the vaccines will provide the benefits of protection but the problem is that it is most probably be short-term protection. And what happens thereafter and also if reinfections can occur and if could be more severe and if there is a possibility of antibody resistant strains of the SARS-CoV-22 becoming more prevalent are all unanswered questions.
In fact we are still not even sure if the vaccines will work or if they are just placebos? Some are even wondering if the emergence of the vaccines are a means to control social unrest that will shortly erupt if the infection rates and death rates keep on accelerating exponentially and more location shut downs appear.
But then, it should not deter Americans, the British, Middle-Easterns and Indians from taking the vaccines and in fact it should be made mandatory for all citizens of all these countries to have the vaccines while the rest of the world can at least wait and watch the effects and reactions first the next 6 months. After all the their governments and researchers and experts and even media and social media platforms have all assured all that it safe and effective.
In fact it is so puzzling when they have already confirmed that these vaccines are even up to almost 100 percent effective in some cases, why are they asking those vaccinated to still wear masks and practice social distancing etc?
In fact when the mass vaccinations underway, it would only make sense to remove all lockdowns and resume economic activity as per normal.
It will also be interesting the next six months to see the dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic ie the total numbers vaccinated before the anticipated protection weans off and the spread of the virus and the possible emergence of prevailing anti-body resistant strains. (Americans, Indians and British need not worry as most of the researchers in their countries have claimed that such a scenario will never happen!)
However what is more concerning at the moment is the issue of viral persistence.
With more than 50 million people claimed to have been ‘recovered ‘based on two negative nasal Swab PCR test which many experts are now claiming are not only inaccurate but also not able to detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus once it has infected other organs and tissues in the body and also appeared  in the bloodstream.
However many countries are still conforming to that standard of terming patients as having recovered and worse we also have millions more of asymptomatic individuals who have not even been tested yet and are not even aware that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus are having a ‘fun time’ in their bodies, gradually wreaking havoc silently.
One study showed that about 3 percent of recovered patients still had live and infectious SARS-CoV-2 in their nasal swabs while there are many more showing that the virus can be found in the organs of the gastrointestinal tract and also in the testis of recovered males etc.
There are already so many studies supporting that fact of viral persistence.,-the-sars-cov-2-manipulates-human-host-immune-system-to-facilitate-its-long-term-stay,-challenging-current-misconceptions
Long COVID or Long Haulers ie the term used to describe so called recovered COVID-19 patients experiencing a variety of conditions ranging from fatigue, delirium  and a host of other neurological conditions, myocarditis, other kinds of heart issues, strokes, gastrointestinal complications, liver and kidney issues and even infertility issues in males, all of which are worrying signs.
The growing incidence of excessive deaths from strokes alone is a worrying sign in many countries.
However we have yet to develop more effective diagnostic protocols to make sure that recovered individuals are totally free from the virus and also to have antivirals or drugs that can help eradicate the virus completely in the body.

When contacted, the WHO and US CDC refused to comment much about the issue of viral persistence.
Why we are not sure, perhaps that is another scary dimension of the COVID-19 pandemic that no one truly wishes to explore or maybe it is just something the people in control do not want the masses to know about.
We at Thailand Medical News will be covering more article and studies on viral persistence in the next few weeks and also on a new emerging area that no one has covered yet…the epigenetic effects of the SARS-CoV-2 virus on human genes and also the issue about cancers that can be triggered by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus! (new studies)
Please help share our articles and website as there is now a concerted effort by certain entities including social media platforms like twitter and even certain search engines to prevent websites that reveal too much studies about the various aspects of the COVID-19 disease to the masses as they prefer the masses to remain ignorant and to accept whatever they tell you or have directed to you! They rather you not know anything about viral persistence, about COVID-19 research etc
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