Source: World COVID-19 News  Jul 27, 2020  2 years ago
World COVID-19 News: China Reports Spike In New COVID-19 Cases, Australia and Florida Seeing New Record Cases, Younger Canadians Contracting Virus
World COVID-19 News: China Reports Spike In New COVID-19 Cases, Australia and Florida Seeing New Record Cases, Younger Canadians Contracting Virus
Source: World COVID-19 News  Jul 27, 2020  2 years ago
World COVID-19 News: China this morning reported its highest number of coronavirus cases in three months, part of a worrying swell of second and third-wave infections that are hitting Asia and Europe. China where the coronavirus was first reported in December last year recorded 61 cases on Monday, the highest daily figure since April.

The new second-wave surge was propelled by clusters in separate regions, and authorities have declared "wartime mode" lockdown measures to combat the spread of the deadly contagion.
Majority of the 57 new domestic cases were in the far northwestern Xinjiang region, where an outbreak in the regional capital Urumqi occurred in mid-July.

A second programme of mass testing was launched Sunday in the city of 3.5 million people to check residents who had previously tested negative, with 2.3 million people screened so far.
Chinese health authorities have also rolled out mass testing for hundreds of thousands in the northeast port city of Dalian where a fresh cluster broke out last week.
Meanwhile Australia on Sunday suffered its deadliest day since the pandemic began, with 10 fatalities and a rise in new infections despite an intense lockdown effort.
On Monday (today) the Australia recorded its highest number of daily cases of at least 549, more than last Wednesday's high of 501 with some states still to report their numbers.
Daniel Andrews, premier of Victoria state where the latest outbreak is centered, begged anyone sick to stay at home.
In America, Florida surpassed New York over the weekend as the state with the second-most coronavirus cases in the U.S., as more than 9,300 new cases were reported in the Sunshine State on Sunday, accompanied by an additional 78 new deaths.
Florida's total 423,855 coronavirus cases as of Sunday were surpassed only by California's 453,659 cases. With 39.5 million residents, California has almost double the population of Florida's 21.4 million inhabitants. California is the nation's most populous state, followed by Texas, Florida and New York.
The State of New York, once the epicenter of the virus in the U.S., had 411,736 coronavirus cases. The state has 19.4 million residents.
A total of 9,344 new cases reported in Florida on Sunday. The number of new cases was lower than other days last week, but caseloads released on Sundays tend to be smaller because of the lack of workers entering data or in labs testing samples.
Interestingly the statewide median age of coronavirus patients in Florida was 40. Almost 3.4 million Floridians have been tested for the virus. The new cases tested over the weekend had a positive rate of 11%, according to the Florida Department of Health.
The Florida state health department recorded 781 COVID-19 deaths over the past week for an average of 126 deaths per day on Sunday, down slightly from Saturday's weekly average of 127 deaths per day. Florida had 5,972 total deaths as of Sunday, according to the Florida Department of Health.

Florida also had 8,951 coronavirus-related hospitalizations as of Sunday.

Canadians under the age of 39 make up a clear majority of new cases of COVID-19 in Canada, health authorities said Sunday, warning young adults they are not "invincible" against the disease.
In Canada, its chief public health officer Theresa Tam said in a statement, "Recent national surveillance data show that young adults aged 20-39 years of age account for the highest incidence rates across all ages in Canada."
It was observed that for the week ending July 22, the incidence rate was highest among young men and women aged 20-29 (14.4 and 13.8 cases per 100,000 people respectively), followed by those aged 30-39.
Tam warned, "Younger Canadians are not invincible" to the disease, noting that it is not only the elderly who are at risk of serious health problems if infected.
Tam also pointed out that, of the cases of COVID-19 reported to public health last week, 63 percent involved people under 39 years of age, of whom roughly one-third were hospitalized.
Altogether, there was an average of 485 new cases reported daily across the country last week.
While Canada continues to lift lockdown restrictions, Tam called on fellow citizens to be cautious and to respect social distancing and hygiene measures.
She said, "In the absence of a vaccine, living with COVID-19 is not without risk."
Latest available figures show that Canada has so far recorded some 113,800 cases of the new coronavirus and 8,900 deaths.
Worryingly, Spain reported nearly 1,000 new cases on both Thursday and Friday.
Besides killing more than 28,000 people, the coronavirus has dealt a major blow to Spain's tourism industry, which normally accounts for 12 percent of GDP.
The total number of COVID-19 cases has tripled in two weeks, and the authorities are monitoring more than 280 outbreaks.
Most other European countries are now requiring visitors from Spain to undergo 14 days compulsory quarantine.
In India, Pakistan, Iran and most Middle East countries, infected rates and death rates from the COVID-19 disease are simply increasing on a daily basis and the situation is literally beyond control, but most governments are merely concealing figures or downplaying the situation.
For those dreaming that the COVID-19 crisis is going anytime soon, we have news for you. It expected to linger for the next 5 to 6 years and cause massive havoc and even the advent of vaccines will not be able to stop its destructive path.
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