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Source: Vaccine News  Jan 16, 2021  3 years, 1 month, 6 days, 7 hours, 15 minutes ago

Vaccine News: 23 Deaths From Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine In Norway, Chinese Urges Halt To mRNA Vaccines, Legal Suits For Those Saying Vaccines Are Safe!

Vaccine News: 23 Deaths From Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine In Norway, Chinese Urges Halt To mRNA Vaccines, Legal Suits For Those Saying Vaccines Are Safe!
Source: Vaccine News  Jan 16, 2021  3 years, 1 month, 6 days, 7 hours, 15 minutes ago
Vaccine News: A new breaking development has emerged with a total of 23 deaths being reported by the Norwegian Medicines Agency in connection with the Pfizer’s /BioNTech vaccines. To date 13 of these cases have been assessed so far and confirmed as linked to the vaccines.

Norway Reports 23 Deaths and 29 Serious Adverse Effects From Pfizer
It was reported that four days before New Year's Eve, inoculation with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine began in Norway. Since Svein Andersen (67) at the Ellingsrudhjemmet elderly home became the first Norwegian to take the jab, over 33,000 Norwegians have received the vaccine in the subsequent weeks.
Although it was announced in advance that the vaccine may cause side effects of varying severity, the Norwegian Medicines Agency has mapped which ones have occurred in the country. A total of 29 side effects were reported along with the alarming share of deaths and more cases are also emerging of adverse side effects and deaths.
Medical director of the Norwegian Medicines Agency Dr Steinar Madsen told Thailand Medical News, “Of these confirmed, there are 13 deaths, nine serious side effects and seven less serious side effects, we are still investigating the ret of the deaths and adverse effects.”
The agency said that those reported to have died were all elderly and frail. The Norwegian Medicines Agency urged, therefore, that it should be reconsidered whether to vaccinate the very weakest, despite claiming that the vaccine has "very little risk".
So far all the surveyed deaths have occurred among frail, elderly patients in nursing homes.
Dr Madsen added, “It seems that some of these patients get such severe side effects in the form of fever and malaise that it can lead to a very serious illness even, an more serious one, which may lead to death.”
Dr Madsen tried to defend himself by saying that these cases are rare and that many thousands of frail people have been vaccinated without a fatal outcome.
According to him, “Frail” means patients with advanced heart conditions, dementia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other serious diseases.
Dr Madsen insisted that his agency his authority is not worried about the extent of side effects confirmed so far.
Dr Madsen said “We are not alarmed by this. It is quite clear that these vaccines have very little risk, with a small exception for the most frail patients.”
Of the the nine patients who have had serious side effects complained of allergic reactions, strong malaise and severe fever. The seven less serious side effects included severe pain at the injection site.
Dr Madsen said, “Doctors must now carefully consider who should be vaccinated. Those who are very frail and at the very end of life can be vaccinated after an individual assessment.&rdq uo;
Sadly, this is in line with the recommendations released by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health earlier this week.
It was reported that, six people died during the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine trials, but only two of them were actually given the vaccine. The other four were given a safe placebo solution of salt and water. This was never made public initially even during the initial release of trial results.
It was also reported that Pfizer and the U.S.Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are looking into the death of a doctor who died after taking the jab. The 56-year-old doctor at Miami's Mount Sinai Medical Centre died 16 days after receiving the vaccine, developing a rare blood disorder.
The WHO or World Health Organization is aware that 23 people in Norway died after being vaccinated with the Pfizer/BioNTech jab against coronavirus and it will follow the investigation closely, the organization's representative told media on Friday.
The WHO spokesman added, "We are in contact with the Norwegian health authorities, and will closely follow the investigation into the cause and circumstances of all 23 deaths.”
Finland Reports 32 Cases Of Adverse Reactions From Pfizer’s COVId-19 Vaccines
Meanwhile the Finland medicines agency Fimea reported  on Friday 32 cases of serious adverse side effects from the Pfizer Vaccines. These effects included anaphylactic reactions, in people who received a COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer/BioNTech.
Fimea added, "There have been 32 reports of adverse reactions to the first Comirnaty vaccine (the vaccine from Pfizer/BioNTech). The reports mentioned, for example, allergic reactions (including anaphylactic reactions), limb pain, muscle pain, swollen lymph nodes, nausea, malaise, urticaria, fatigue, headache and chills."
Medical Scientists From China Call To Halt mRNA Vaccines.
Numerous Chinese medical specialists are calling for a suspension of COVID-19 vaccination campaigns that use mRNA-based vaccines, such as the one produced by Pfizer and BioNTech, especially among senior citizens, various Chinese media reported on Friday, following reports on vaccination-related deaths in Norway.
Wuhan University virologist Professor Dr Yang Zhanqiu said that if the deaths were indeed caused by the Pfizer vaccine, it would indicate that the mRNA vaccines are not as good as was previously thought.
Another an immunologist from Beijing told local Chinese media that the world should stop using the American Pfizer vaccine that was promoted by the Trump administration, as the mRNA technology was not proved to be safe enough for large scale immunization.
The vaccine expert went on to speak against people over 80 receiving any COVID-19 vaccines, citing their weakened immune systems.
Many Chinese experts say the deaths should be studied to learn if they were caused by the vaccine or some antecedent conditions.

The new so-called messenger RNA vaccines trick cells into producing a viral protein that in turn triggers an immune response. This is a new method of immunization that has been used by various companies to produce their vaccines against the new coronavirus disease. However, some are voicing concerns about the method being too novel to be used safely.
New Global Initiative Being Set Up Involving Hundreds of Law Firms To Start Legal Suits Against Those Claiming Publicly COVID-19 Vaccines Are Safe.
It was reported that a new global initiative is being set up by law firms in New York and involving other law firms from around the world to not only start supporting individuals and families affected by the COVID-19 vaccines but also to start suing individuals and media that make public claims that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe. A spokeswoman for the initiative said that in reality nothing is really known about the COVID-19 vaccines that are being used and the public is being hoodwinked via various forms of communication messages designed to make things vague for them. Vaccines are meant to prevent a person from being infected from a certain disease period. We are getting mixed and twisted communications from researchers, health authorities and the media and its time to start doing something against them. Waivers that vaccine developers have against legal action can be challenged she said.
Thailand Medical news is strongly supporting this new initiative and will be releasing more news and details and the list of law firms that the public can approach for help soon. Volunteers interested in helping in this new initiative that is being set up in 42 countries can drop us an email in the site’s contact form.
Please help share these articles as certain American social media platforms like Twitter and also certain American search engines are trying to curtail any news dissemination of any adverse reactions or deaths from the COVID-19 vaccines. We at Thailand Medical News support vaccines but provided that proper studies and clinical trials have been conducted and that they are truly safe and effective and we believe in reporting from a neutral perspective on both negative and positive aspects.
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