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Source: South Korea Coronavirus News  Feb 26, 2020  3 years ago
SOUTH KOREA CORONAVIRUS EPIDEMIC : Whole Country Now Seized By Coronavirus, 1146 Infected , 12 Deaths , 13 Critical, 349,220 Suspected Cases
SOUTH KOREA CORONAVIRUS EPIDEMIC : Whole Country Now Seized By Coronavirus, 1146 Infected , 12 Deaths , 13 Critical, 349,220 Suspected Cases
Source: South Korea Coronavirus News  Feb 26, 2020  3 years ago
South Korea Coronavirus epidemic has taken a new turn as cases have now been reported in almost every province in the country. There were a total of 169 new confirmed coronavirus cases in the last few hours including one new death reported. Another death was also reported this morning.

The current death toll is now 12 and the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in South Korea is now 1146 with 13 patients in critical condition. There are more than 349,220 suspected cases including about 215,000 individuals that were linked to a Christian cult group in Daegu.
The 12th person that had died of the Covid-19 disease was a 76 year old male from Daegu who already had prior chronic disease problems, the Korea Centres for Disease Control and Prevention said.
Despite the gravity of the situation, the South Korean government has been managing the situation with full transparency and efficiency.
Most South Koreans are saying that medical supplies such as mask and basic medications are all easily available along with food supplies thanks to the efficient logistics systems of the government.
Despite an the increasing capacity to have diagnostic tests done each day as there are lots of identified suspected coronavirus cases all over  the country, South Korean health ministry has procured more PCR machines and test kits and the system of diagnostics is being carried out in a systematic order all over the country.
The only drawback so far has been criticisms on the Christian cult group that has been the catalysts behind the spread of the infections. Many South  Koreans are calling for more stringent actions against the group including disbanding it and putting criminal charges against the founders and senior pastors.
As the coronavirus epidemic in South Korea escalates,the Christian Cult Shincheonji came under intense scrutiny, as a woman that South Korean media are now calling a “super spreader” reportedly refused to be tested for COVID-19, despite having shown symptoms. The church has been a subject of lurid fascination in South Korea since at least 2007, when a major broadcaster ran a documentary on the group and its practices, including claims by Shincheonji’s leader, Lee Man-hee, to be immortal.
The added combination of the group’s opacity and custom of gathering for crowded, enthusiastic worship services, could make containing the coronavirus more difficult, experts have said.
 Ji-il Tark, a Professor of theology at Busan Presbyterian University told Thailand Medical News, “Shincheonji members hide who they are so that their friends and even their family members do not know they belong to the church. Now the government is unable to contact hundreds of Shincheonji members who attended the Daegu church. It might be painful and difficult to disclose they are Shincheonji members because that means they lied to their loved ones so that there is a possibility they could stay in danger of infection, which is the most frightful scenario.&am p;rdquo;
In Seoul, cases have also been sprouting up in companies and offices, forcing many companies to shut down operations till the condition stabilizes.
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