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Source: Monkeypox Updates  Jul 04, 2022  1 month ago
Scientists Finds Monkeypox Virus In Semen Of Infected Men Even Weeks After First Symptom Appears! Doctors Warn Infected Can Have Eye Issues And Become Blind!
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Scientists Finds Monkeypox Virus In Semen Of Infected Men Even Weeks After First Symptom Appears! Doctors Warn Infected Can Have Eye Issues And Become Blind!
Source: Monkeypox Updates  Jul 04, 2022  1 month ago
Monkeypox Updates: It is become more apparently that gay men and bisexuals around the world should take more precautions for the time being and even abstain from physical contacts and sex for the time being in order to protect themselves as more evidence is emerging and validating that most of the transmissions so far has been through physical sexual contacts although we now have children and also women who might be contracting the disease via contaminated materials and surfaces.

Pic Credit: Metro UK
Doctors and scientists from the Spallanzani Hospital in Rome- Italy have in a new study involving 16 monkeypox infected male patients found monkeypox virus in the semen of 14 of these patients, in some cases up to three weeks after symptoms first manifested. https://www.thelocal.it/20220630/semen-a-vehicle-for-monkeypox-infection-say-italian-health-experts/
The study findings which will be published in coming days on a preprint server has numerous implications including the fact that oral sex and sex of any kind can help spread the monkeypox disease and that further validates the fact that the new monkeypox virus is also a sexually transmitted disease. (STI).
A previous German study also found the virus in semen of infected men. https://www.researchsquare.com/article/rs-1725831/v1
However, it should also be noted that people can also get infected via material and surface contamination and studies are already showing that hospital and even homes of the infected are simply full of contaminated articles and surfaces that can easily infect others.
In fact, in certain recent cases involving women and children, it has now come to light that certain bisexual men who have never had their sexual activities with other men made known to their families were actually responsible for the spread of the virus in their homes!
Monkeypox Updates: Doctors Issue Warning About Potential Eye Issues And Even Blindness
Doctors in the United Kingdom are warning that monkeypox virus can also cause issues with the eyes and also besides causing permanent damage, can also lead to irreversible blindness.
Eye damage and blindness has been reported in up to 30 percent of individuals infected with smallpox, a close relation of the monkeypox virus and belong to the same Orthopoxvirus family.
Studies have also shown that the monkeypox virus can cause eye issues as well as blindness. https://www.ijidonline.com/article/S1201-9712(14)01053-4/fulltext
Hence gay men who have a fetish of having semen spewed on their faces during sex or like emulating what they see on porn online should try to abstain from such practices from the time being! The same goes for straight guys who like contaminating the faces of their female companions! Men who masturbate should also wash their hands properly prior to touching their faces or eyes! Both gay men and also women who have a fetish for swallowing semen should also abstain from such practices…semen has no nutritional value besides being laden with a variety of pathogens including the various herpes viruses etc.

For an updated clinical perspective about Monkeypox, read the following article published in the Cureus Journal. https://www.cureus.com/articles/100707-monkeypox-a-comprehensive-review-of-transmission-pathogenesis-and-manifestation

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