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Source: Global Covid-19 Pandemic  Mar 16, 2020  3 years ago
Global Covid-19 Pandemic: People Need Discipline To Fight The China Virus By Self Isolation, Social Distancing, Personal Hygiene And No Fear.Countries Need To Work Together.Infected 169372,Dead 6507
Global Covid-19 Pandemic: People Need Discipline To Fight The China Virus By Self Isolation, Social Distancing, Personal Hygiene And No Fear.Countries Need To Work Together.Infected 169372,Dead 6507
Source: Global Covid-19 Pandemic  Mar 16, 2020  3 years ago
The Global Covid-19 pandemic is entering a new phase in which we will see increases in daily infected and death figures, this is going to be a sad but inevitable daily occurrence as we are paying for the price of the incompetency and lack of responsibility of China and the Chinese people that had help spread the disease to every part of the world when its people were leaving the country in droves and heading out to various countries. This is a fact and not a blame game.

But what other countries and socially responsible citizens need to do is to first stop all travel. There are now irresponsible Italians travelling and causing the spread in other parts of the world and also Iranians.

It is key to stop all travel, internationally and domestically and for people to learn to isolate themselves. Social distancing is critical and with technology from mobile phones and online communications platforms that can help from video conferencing, to virtual meetings etc...there is no excuse that preventive measures cannot be taken to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

People have heard it enough of times-wear a mask if you need to go out to get supplies and also protective goggles or at least some kind of eyewear. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizers as much as possible and stay away from people as much as possible by keeping a distance, even plan routines involving daily travelling at off peak periods to avoid contact.

Stock up on enough necessities, essential medications if you have any underlying diseases and also keep your contacts of your doctors and nurses and healthcare facilities at hand and also if you have infants, stock up on supplies.

Though some countries have imposed 2 weeks to I month city lock downs, the pandemic can go on for as long as 12 to 18 months or more until vaccines and drugs are found and that is going to take time as the coronavirus itself is evolving and despite whatever reports that government or medical entities are stating, it is doubted if anything can be found that is effective in such a short time.

Despite that, supply chains will eventually adapt in the next few weeks and people will have to also adapt to a new way of living and social activities.

While you and your loved ones are in isolation, eat simple but nutritiously and consume relevant dietary supplements if you can and also exercise and sleep well to maintain your body’s optimum immunity. Keep your stress levels down and stop having a sense of fear or anxiety. Learn to meditate. Research studies have shown that meditation can help balance out your endocrine system, help in your body repair and also your immune system.

Meanwhile, countries, government and healthcare researchers need to unite and share as much data in order to find solutions and not be deceitful like the Chinese who we have discovered have been conspiring with a lot of their researchers to feed the world with fake and wrong information of medical and science researches. We just uncovered certain discrepancies in their claims of sharing information with the world on some of their TCM or traditional Chinese medicine protocols that were used in their treatment to help fight the Covid-19 disease. This is not being sincere. ( We will be covering this in another coming article.)

Testing and frequent testing should by all available means, be key for all governments and health care authorities as it is the only way that those infected can be detected early and isolated and treated. Stupid protocols or criteria like those imposed by the incompetent US CDC in the initial days will only help spread the disease more. Governments and healthcare authorities cannot think about saving monies at these levels as the damages can be more expensive.

More testing labs and facilities with easy and cheap access for all should be in place without stigmatizing those infected as social outcastes. Friendly and easy detection, isolation and treatment platforms need to be created. One does need to follow the savage manners of the Chinese authorities and one does not need to believe anything they say about the epidemic being over in their country as the worst is yet to come for them.

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